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The Covert Captain Free read ñ 0 Jeannelle M. Ferreira ç 0 Read & Download Free download × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Jeannelle M. Ferreira E for the cut of her gowns and is really rather clever Falling in love is not a turn of the cards either of them expected Harriet accepts Captain Fleming but will she accept Eleanor Along the way there are ballrooms stillrooms mollyhouses society intrigue and sundering circumstan. cw lots of period typical homophobia and misogyny along with antisemitism from some characters several non consensual gender reveals past child abuseI mostly loved this book but there are some definite caveats to that It s uite pleasingly complicatedly ueer and engages with the historical period in some great ways The two main female characters are delightful and I loved their growing relationship And I loved that they ultimately got their happy ending on their own terms Many of the supporting characters were great and I really liked the diversity of characters who got page time but the ones who showed up the most never seemed to entirely gel for me Even Harriet s brother who is in most of the book never felt fully realizedThere s a lot of stuff here that s commonly glossed over in historical romances and not just the ueerness PTSD addiction disease women dying during childbirth anti semitism varying degrees of poverty Ferreira takes on a lot of the less sexy aspects of the period and makes them matter to the story without them making the story bleak This is a historical romance that is clearly of the time period but doesn t romanticize the time period and I appreciated thatBut the best thing about this book is how what seems to be a single love story about two women gradually expands to show this whole ueer world Nora s female identity is a secret but it s not a secret she has carried alone She has a ueer community she s had lovers she knows she s not aloneThat said we meet people who know Nora s identity and are accepting of it but every character who finds out on page including Harriet reacts very very badly And some of them get over it and some of them don t but I would have liked to see variety in those initial responses or at least fewer on page scenes of people Nora cares about treating her appallinglyAlso there are several places in this book where the author could have engaged with the history of trans identities and the multiplicity of reasons why an afab person might choose a male presentation and justdoesn t and that really feels like a missed opportunity

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The Covert Captain

The Covert Captain Free read ñ 0 Jeannelle M. Ferreira ç 0 Read & Download Free download × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Jeannelle M. Ferreira Nathaniel Fleming veteran of Waterloo falls in love with his Major's spinster sister Harriet But Nathaniel is not what he seems and before the wedding the truth will out Eleanor Charlotte Fleming forgotten daughter of a minor baronet stakes her life on a deception and makes her n. Spoilerish riff aheadFirst off I want to talk about what I enjoyed When this author sinks into a scene and follows its emotional arc the writing is so vivid The war snippets resonated with the many period memoirs and letters I ve read and I thought the emotional damage PTSD very well doneI loved EleanorNoraCaptain Fleming I loved Harriet and the fact that she was a woman of her time as her brother Sherry was a man of his time as well as the other officers we met briefly Like the surgeon Though I know they re popular I fall out of stories set in the past when everyone thinks like a MillennialI liked how comfortable Nora was with the demimondaine world it made sense given her life and I really appreciated her friendship with the Mendlessohns of Aldgate Not every British person was an anti semite as for example George Eliot makes clear And I thought Harriet s unexamined anti semitism was true to the time I appreciated her character the that she bumped hard into her unexamined assumptionsThe last half kept me up reading uite late after the previous night when I had about two hours of sleep which demonstrates how engaged I was That said there were some problematical bitsFrom my perspective it seemed this book was not sure if it was a romance or a historical novel Defining each of those isn t always going to mean the same thing to everyone fiction is not math with neatly defined euations that are exactly the same for everyone Generally what I expect from a romance is a focus on the romantic arc though the worldbuilding and interesting side characters the better So if this were a romance for example I d be fine with meeting Captain FlemingNora as a dashing experienced officer whose next big life milestone is meeting the person who will become her beloved and the story follows their coming togetherI d be fine with Nora looking into Harriet s eyes and knowing she s one of us and with how uickly both Harriet and Sherry overcome their cultural expectations What we want in romance is enough conflict to make the road to true love interesting and the flow of the story the transitions stitch together this emotional arcFrom a historical novel I want those details about her army experience and Sherry s experience and Harriet s growing up in the shadow of her three sisters who all died in childbirth and her weird relationship with her motherThis novel seems to veer back and forth between romance and historical novel via a series of sometimes ephemerally connected vignettes including many flashbacks that I think would have been exponentially powerful if met in realtime as Nora driven to desperation learned to be Nathaniel in the middle of the rough Spanish campaign The lack of transitions made them seem abrupt as if the structure of the book were struggling against itselfI would have loved seeing about how Nora came to define herself She didn t seem to be a trans man though we got many vignettes from both exegesis and mimesis narrative positions ie inside her head and the narrator talking about him from outside of her awareness it appeared that she had tightly compartmentalized her life always knowing she was Nora but acting the role of Nathaniel as she got closer to her commanding officer Without that ever becoming a love match In fact one of the aspects I admired most was the depiction of this friendship which so resembled the tight bonds that I ve read in other war memoirs biographies autobiographies and letters The fact that it transcended gender and became a bond between two violence damaged human beings just made it that much betterHer gender fluidity was another aspect I liked as it matched the sadly little I ve uncovered over the years There were in historical truth women who lived as men Who fought in wars as men and who got away with it until they were wounded and discovered as happened to Nora Some of these were men in every way but chromosomally others appear to have regarded themselves as women living roles Some married as men some cleaved to their own sex It takes phenomenal detective work to find them as time cultural expectation laws families who made it their business to tidy away what they considered abnormal and finally language make it difficult to discover them But they were thereSo here s this wonderful story that seems to skim over the top of an even better story As a romance it was uite satisfying but there s so much talent here I guess I would have loved and also a copyeditor better acuainted with the language of the period

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The Covert Captain Free read ñ 0 Jeannelle M. Ferreira ç 0 Read & Download Free download × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Jeannelle M. Ferreira Ame if not her fortune on the battlefield Her war at an end she returns to England as Captain Nathaniel Fleming and wants nothing than peace uiet and the company of horses Instead Captain Fleming meets Harriet Harriet has averted the calamity of matrimony for a decade cares littl. suggested this under the KU historical romance section and it sounded like something I would love or hate It ended up being not uite either I have long wished for lgbt diversity in historical romances but most I have seen in that umbrella lean towards what I would consider costume drama historical or at best secondary romances in a book with a straight romance As a result a lesbian romance in a realistic regency setting sounded like something I would love to try The biggest short comings of the book arise from what is clearly an intentional stylistic choice by the author of writing in almost short connected vignettes or snapshots of the overall plot This actually worked really well except for a few to me major issues one being the romance didn t entirely feel well rounded at times and another that the discovery of Eleanor sNathaniel s secret by first Harry halfway into the book and then Sherry nearer the end didn t allow for real exploration of reactions on the part of any of the characters because the story simply skipped forward from scene to scene without touching on the emotional impact for than a brief moment at a time This undermined the plot in many ways making the book feel disconnected at times and the world not properly explored because the emotions were at a distance from the narrative The last issue I had with the style is that oddly it also led to a confusion of gender issues for meFrom the synopsis is sounded like a cross dressing heroine type plot which I always have trouble with because of believability in the way they are usually written This one didn t have that problem per se but the basic premise straddles a line I am not sure it intended to between simple cross dressing heroine and complicated issues such as transgender characters in a historical setting given the fact the heroine in this case isn t simply masuerading as a man for a time but living life as one continuously for something like 12 years This is further complicated by the short scene later in the book with a group of molls and toms so that nuanced gender issues are introduced but never explored I don t think this was actually intentional given other aspects of the story and the synopsis I think instead that the romance was intended to be a simple lesbian romance paired with a staple of straight romances aka the cross dressing heroine plot Unfortunately the vignette approach to narrative and the distance from emotional impact made some of the gender themes come across confused then I think intended Overall I did enjoy the book but the problems especially the emotionplot disconnect kept me from fully enjoying it as much as it otherwise might have I would go ahead and still recommend to fans of regency romances cross dressing heroines and lesbian romances though the disconnected style might be off putting to some