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Lord of the Abyss Read & Download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rs Now they must return and save Eldenand time is running outAs the dark Lord who condemns souls to damnation in the Abyss Micah is nothing but a feared monster He has no idea he is the last heir of Elden Only one w This book is fabulous I loved everything about it I wish it was longer Micah and Liliana were both wonderful

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Lord of the Abyss Read & Download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Oman knowsthe daughter of his enemy Liliana sees past his impenetrable black armor to the prince inside To help Micah remember she must brave his dark dangerous lair Because they only have until midnight to save Eld I have no idea why I waited so long to read this book After all I love Ms Singh she s my favorite author and I have a surprisingly large number of her books on my favorites shelf True I didn t like the first 2 books in the series much but still Ms Singh I m terribly sorry for doubting you I promise it won t happen again Anyway back to the book I really really love itMicah is a great hero all grumpy and arrogantpowerful as hell but he s just a marshmallow inside For all him being the Lord of the Black Castle AKA The Boogeyman of all magical creatures he s not evil In fact he s the polar opposite of evil He can t even understand it completely True he has his rages but even then he behaves like an animal no true menace in his actionsHis life changes dramatically when Liliana appearsShe makes him remember things better left forgotten But at the same time she brings joy to himLiliana has an important mission to carry out make sure that Micah remembers his past so that he could save Elden from a dreadful fate her father So she comes to Black Castle hoping to save the worldHer childhood was a nightmare she was tortured repeatedly by her father simply for being of his blood As a result she s willing to do whatever it takes to stop him And then she meets MicahHe s not what she expected not at all He sees beneath the surface of an ugly woman to her heart he sees a beautiful womanI love how they are together the teasing the conversations no hiding behind walls or from their feelings They see each other with no rose tinted glassesCastle of EldenThe only tiny thing that might have bothered me if everything else wasn t so perfect is the ending The whole big battle thing was a bit anticlimactic for me But since I never really cared about the other royals the prophecy and all that stuff it was truly minor view spoilerAnd why did she have to become pretty in the end it wasn t necessary But Micah reaction is perfect Arms wrapped around him she kissed him halting the flow of his words He decided he would allow the kiss but since he couldn t make her naked here he had to stop it Why did you change your face Lily Liliana lifted her hands to her face at that uizzical uestion terrified her father had cast a final vengeful spell Is it very bad she whispered to the man who held her in arms of steel I suppose I ll get used to it he muttered then kissed her again using his tongue and sueezing her bottom as if his brothers and sister and other people weren t standing right thereAn instant later she decided she didn t care hide spoiler

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Lord of the Abyss Read & Download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Once upon a timethe Blood Sorcerer vanuished the kingdom of Elden To save their children the ueen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance Only a magical timepiece connects the four royal hei I was very reluctant to start Lord of the Abyss to be perfectly honest I was simply tired of the disappointment frustration and rage that I felt during the whole experience of reading the Royal House of Shadows series I absolutely hated the first book and disliked the second one And after skimming the first ten pages of the third book I got bored out of my wits and shelved it I was at the point of giving up on the series altogether when I remembered my friend Erika s praise for this book and because her suggestions have never failed me before I decided to give it a shotAnd boy was I glad to have given this a try I absolutely loved it This was my first Nalini Singh and her writing suits me perfectly succinct without being overly simple impactful without overdoing things I am definitely going to read of her works because she is absolutely fantastic Granted there wasn t really much in the way of character development but it suited me fine I loved Prince Micah and Lily the way they were Okay so Prince Micah was spoiled and a tad selfish but he was also very sweet He was of a child really than a selfish asshole The difference here is that whereas a child may act selfishly at times it s normally because he doesn t know any better there are no ill intentions On the other hand an asshole acts selfishly despite being aware of his actions You see Micah was only five when he was cursed and he remained a child inside He was actually very adorablePlus he prioritised Lily s welfare above everything else He wouldn t hurt Lily Even when he was very angry with her he wouldn t hurt her Maybe he d growl at her a little but she seemed not to mind that very muchHe also loved her despite her ugly appearance seeing her true beauty within Sure he was over confident but if you analyse their relationship closely you d understand that he was confident for the both of them Lily needed him to be like that If it were up to her they would never have gotten together She was too insecure which was understandable given the circumstances to have let their relationship progress further Thinking herself unworthy of happiness she would never have had the courage to reach for the love she so clearly deserved There s no doubt in my mind that Micah and Lily deserved each otherOverall this was amazing It was definitely worth the pain I had to go through reading about Nicolai and Breena

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