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  • 03 January 2018
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              Dani's Story

characters ÜDani's Story Ure horses goats chickens and Great Pyrenees dogs Kay West is a veteran journalist and the author of three books A very interesting true account of what this couple went through to enable them to adopt Dani The patience they showed in dealing with someone with such a terrible start in life is remarkable The book also covers a child s development stages and how they can be hindered or not allowed to progress at all I had never really looked in depth into that side of things despite having brought up two children of my own and it make you realise just how much input normal children receive from those around them and the importance of positive surroundings for their well being

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characters ÜDani's Story Ulitzer Prize for the St Petersburg Times and was featured on Oprah They live on a farm in Tennessee with miniat Nothing but the highest respect can be given to the Lierow s Their love commitment and devotion to Dani as well as to the rest of their family is totally unconditional Dani s story had me laughing and crying all the way You can t help but share the anguish disappointment heartache and of course the highs of love and joy as Diane tells her story This is truly inspirational and a story I recommend others to read with out a doubt

summary Dani's Story

characters ÜDani's Story Diane and Bernie Lierow are parents to six children including Dani as well as foster parents Their story won a P Excellent well worth reading Very well written Difficult and disturbing content around the early life of Dani and the abuse and neglect she endured horrific before her adoption The impact of that neglect and understanding what pervasive neglect does to the brain resulting in developmental delay and ensuing problems It is an emotional read and very educating Thank you for this book I recommend to all professionals working with children in the field of child protection abuse and neglect