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Chase Wolfe Trilogy #2

Chase Wolfe Trilogy #2 Read & download ✓ 102 Read & download Chase Wolfe Trilogy #2 En his brother Eldon visits her drama class To keep her safe Darnley insists she move in but by night their love life grows m. Chase is the second book in the Wolfe Trilogy and while it s possible to read as a stand alone I highly recommend reading the first book to gain a better understanding of Harnley s past which is a huge part of this bookWhile I just couldn t get enough of Ms Dain s first book Charm this book engrossed me a little less One thing that I loved about this book was of course the sizzling sex scenes but also seeing how Ella and Harnely s relationship had progressed In this book Ella and Harnley venture into a normal relationship with one another although they still have a lot of work ahead This book also had a lot of turning points that made you wonder what was going to happen next While this book doesn t end in a cliffhanger you are left knowing that something good will happen in the final bookThere were a few things that I didn t like about this book that didn t really bother me during the first book The first was the language used you can tell that this book was written outside of the US due to some of the wording used While it s not too bad it did get under my skin by the end of this book because I had to really THINK about what Ms Dain actually meant The other thing that really got to me was Ella s reaction to certain events When Harnley did something that was inappropriate she get upset with him rightfully so but it seemed in the next breath she was mad at herself for doing so and brushed his behavior under the rug I wish the author would have taken the time to at least have Harnely apologize or have a discussion about what happened to make it believable and make Ella seem like she has a bit of a backbone Overall I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to finishing this trilogy I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions

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Chase Wolfe Trilogy #2 Read & download ✓ 102 Read & download Chase Wolfe Trilogy #2 Urkier as the costly bracelets he gave her take on a scary new role while by day he must face his demons to fight for justice. COPY PROVIDED VIA NETGALLEY375 STARSI love Ella and Darnley and loved Charm and was so excited to start Chase I still love them but this time around I felt like something was missing and I can t uite put my finger on what A few points in this book had me confused and I felt like I had missed something The stalking seemed to already been referenced but I don t remember that from the first book I know his father s current wife is his stepmother but I don t remember him mentioning his real mother or even his sister Cola before either Those things were easy to overlook Their sex is still hot their love is still growing My only hope for Ella is that she can stand up to Darnley when need be I know she is trying to help him deal with his past but I hate that she feels like she has to hold some of her emotions in in an attempt not to piss him off There was definitely a few times in Chase that I wanted her to really let him have it but she let it go I know this is a bridge between Charm and Capture and while I am very excited to read Capture I hate that their story is coming to an end

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Chase Wolfe Trilogy #2 Read & download ✓ 102 Read & download Chase Wolfe Trilogy #2 Ella hoped Darnley’s traumatic past was behind them but as she starts the new semester it surfaces in a terrifying twist wh. This copy kindly provided by NetGalley More sex drama a proposalBetween Kraik Ryan there s never a dull moment If those problems are at any time under control that time s filled with sex Darnley s sulky strugglesrefuses to let Ella help him Darnley s turning into an assI m starting to lose interest in this series Too much sex never thought I d say that about a book which is becoming uite repetitive And the RyanKraik dramas are becoming predictableBe in different cities for a day celebrate your reunion like it s been months excessive much that s now twice he s bolted left her thinking she ll never see him again only to show up promising her the world ass much