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Kikker in de kou summary ¹ 108 G will really cheer Frog up as much as the arrival of the Spring The Frog series by internationally renowned artist Max Velthuijs are masterpieces of graphic simplicity with texts that will hold a child’s attention time after time. Read with little sister as part of the 1001 Children s Books To ReadI liked this story despite not loving the illustrations I can totally empathize with Frog except I dislike summer

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Kikker in de kou summary ¹ 108 One morning Frog wakes up knowing that something had gone wrong with the world Everything is completely white and it is very cold outside Much too cold for Frog to take part in any of the fun that his friends are having with the ice. This poor frog He wakes up one morning to find winter has arrived in full Frozen water snow everwhere etc All his furry and feathered friends are loving the change but for Frog it is much too much cold The kids felt so bad for the frog in this book It was adorable The strength of friendship that this book shows is just wonderful The art is simple and they didn t seems to care for the way the frog was drawn Even going so far as to say Kermit the Lizard who lost his tail Another kid thought is was Gumby But otherwise it was highly enjoyed

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Kikker in de kou summary ¹ 108 And snow It's even too cold for him to enjoy a snowball fight After all he is just a bare frog he has neither fur nor feathers Eventually the other animals band together to euip Frog with warm clothing and extra firewood But nothin. In this touching story Frog s friends fail to see how he is suffering in the cold winter until it s almost too late Fortunately Duck Pig and Hare are able to rally round and help him in timeI actually like the English translation better than the original Dutch because the translator choose to use the phrase bare frog instead of naked frog It just made it poignantRead it to an almost 3 year old who loved it

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