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Life? or Theatre? Free download ✓ 105 Tte to paint a dramatized autobiography in an extensive series of gouaches In this autobiography all the people that were important to her are brought to life in a special way her father her stepmother Paul. I bought this book based on the review in The New York Review of Books and because the images within the review intrigued me I had never heard of Charlotte Salomon before this I was blown away by her paintings and her story This is the most incredible work I ve ever seen Not to be missed

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Life? or Theatre? Free download ✓ 105 A Lindberg the singing teacher Alfred Wolfsohn her fellow students and teachers at the Arts Academy her grandparents The original paintings are in the possession of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. An early great graphic memoirart comics

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Life? or Theatre? Free download ✓ 105 Charlotte Salomon 1917 1943 was a painter from Berlin who fled Nazi Germany in 1939 and spent the last years of her life at her grandparents' home in the south of France Her grandmother's suicide led Charlo. I thought I had already read this book after I saw the exhibit at the Jewish Contemporary Museum in San Francisco on August 30 2011 I hadn t added it to Goodreads though and I was already a member Perhaps I was able to read only portions of the book at the time so I rereadreskimmed it so that I could rate and review it now I just noticed I shelved it as to read on 83011 I think that I read much of the book while at the exhibit There were copies available We spent hours there but most of that time was looking at the art and the captions at the pieces and I am now assuming I wouldn t have had time to read the entire book For me this is a full 5 stars worthy book I d remembered mostly the art and Charlotte s story but the text play is just as compelling and wonderful as the art I love this book I admire how Charlotte was able to take pain and turn it into art I love this artist s art I am interested in her story I was happy to revisit both It s a really heavy book so I was able to read it only when home I was not willing to carry it around with me It s a paperback but heavier than most hardcover books The uality of the art as shown on the book s pages is excellent The art content and their captions tell a fascinating and complete story The art alone does a lot There are also sections at the start of the book that are also fascinating and educational They re are text heavy but include some lovely and helpful and interesting photos and also some of Charlotte s art From the inside front cover of the book that precedes the Contents page The work that Charlotte Salomon entitled Life Or Theater figures among the 1325 gouaches and transparencies owned by the Jewish Historical Museum This publication includes reproductions of 769 gouaches thirteen printed pages of text and one transparency Only the unnumbered programme booklet JHM no 4155 and three unnumbered gouaches have been added At Gary Schwartz s recommendation the seuence of gouaches JHM no 4404 has been switched in contrast to the previous edition The numbering of these gouaches conflicts with the story s continuity All texts accompanying the gouaches are by Charlotte Salomon Everything about this book is 5 star worthy The art Charlotte s writing the biography written about her and her time which spanned from 1917 WWI to the middle of WWII 1943 It s just as chilling as it s ever been to read about what happened in the years 1933 1943 in this case how it affected Charlotte and her family and those she knew She was German Jewish but was living in France when she was captured by the Nazis As far as her biography what most impressed me was how suicide and depression were rampant in her family members including her closest women relatives and ancestors and she suffered from depression and contemplated suicide and she was obsessed with the family suicides but she chose life When she was sent to Auschwitz at 26 she was 5 months pregnant She was gassed upon arrival If she d not been pregnant choosing life she might have survived She chose life and then was murdered It s so sad Tragic Her father stepmother did survive and it was them being given her artplaywritings work that reminded me of Otto Frank being given Anne Frank s diary Her play autobiographical play personal and family and what was going on in Nazi occupied Germanysociallyhistorically takes place from 1913 1940 and is supposed to be set to music I d love to hear the music Some of the music in the directions is known to me and I could hear some of it in my head as I read When I decided to readreread this book I had planned to make a list of my very favorite art pieces in the book but I just couldn t do that Yes I love some than other want to view some longer than others but I d adored too many to list maybe about half of them I will say that overall I liked the art earlier in the play than the art later in the play I was a tad frustrated that I couldn t read the German words included in some of the art I was able to translate some of the words though not nearly enough to understand what she was trying to convey with her words She was already an accomplished artist before she wrote this long piece I am interested in seeing all of her art and maybe in reading an in depth biography of her her family her contemporaries and their places in history