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Lone Star Baby Bombshell

REVIEW é Lone Star Baby Bombshell Her baby's father isn't the cowboy he claimed to be he's a Hollywood hotshot in hiding Kelly Michaels was fooled once when a sexy stranger seduced the socks off her It wasn't until the ranche 35 StarsWhen Kelly Michaels met the handsome visiting ranch hand a year ago she fell fast When his time was up and he had to head back home she found she was pregnant and got the shock of her life when trying to contact him He was really Jace Compton gorgeous Hollywood heartthrob His manager stood in the way of putting her call through and his cell phone s answering service was fullHe buys a home in the town she lives in for respite When he shows up at his new home he finds Kelly there She has just finished cleaning it not knowing it was her baby s father s newly built home She s furious that she s run into him thinking he had ignored all of her calls for a year When he discovers what his manager has kept from him he is furiousThis was a good read however I was not happy that the hero went all that time without contacting her Sure he was out of the countryI guess he never heard of international calls That was a thorn in my side throughout the book as well as a heroine who was very difficult to like times than not Her attitude at times repulsed me and that isn t easy to put aside when rating a bookSafety Gang This is a safe read Both celibate during one year separation Only a little other woman drama but was uickly resolved


REVIEW é Lone Star Baby Bombshell O escape the rat race But when he runs into Kelly and finds out she's had his child that settles it He's ready to make Kelly his no matter how many demons from the past are standing in his wa This book is a slow read and it is boringNot much romance in itI do not like this book

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REVIEW é Lone Star Baby Bombshell R left her Texas town that she discovered he was Hollywood heartthrob Jace Compton and she was pregnant with his baby Now he's back and Kelly won't be fooled twice Jace bought a local ranch t Lone Star Baby Bombshell by Lauren Canan Kelly Michaels had a month long affair with Jace Compton At the time Jace said his name was something else Jace is a sexy Hollywood star He use to be a star football player until an injury made him stop and he became a movie star Kelly didn t know who he was They never talked for a year When Jace bought a ranch in Kelly s home town When Jace goes to Kelly s house he learns that he is the father of a three month old baby boy Women are still after Jace Kelly doesn t want to get involved with a playboy she says A lot goes on in this book A must read

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  • 14 February 2017
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