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  • 20 February 2018
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CHARACTERS Kill 'Em and Leave 100 Riate in England who co created the James Brown sound visits the trusted right hand manager who worked with Brown for forty one years and interviews Brown’s most influential nonmusical creation his “adopted son” the Reverend Al Sharpton He describes the stirring visit of Michael Jackson to the Augusta Georgia funeral home where the King of Pop sat up all night with the body of his musical godfather spends hours talking with Brown’s first wife and lays bare the Dickensian legal contest over James Brown’s estate a fight that has consumed careers; prevented any money from reaching the poor schoolchildren in Georgia and South Carolina as instructed in his will; cost Brown’s estate millions in legal fees; and left James Brown’s body to lie for than eight years in a gilded coffin in his daughter’s yard in South Carolina   James McBride is one of the most distinctive and electric literary voices in America today and part of the pleasure of his narrative is being in his presence coming to understand Brown. First things first James McBride wrote an excellent excellent memoir called The Color of Water Go read itSecond don t expect a traditional biography when you open Kill Em and Leave Authors of biographies concern themselves with facts typically in chronological order That s not to say McBride isn t interested in the truth about James Brown this book features input from many people involved in Brown s inner circle and some on the fringes musicians money men friends and family How McBride presents what truth he finds happens in a narrative that s personal and evokes an almost spiritual journeyExplaining James Brown euates one could argue to trying to explain what Jesus actually looked like Different versions of the Brown storylegend exist because as we see in McBride s book it s how Brown wanted it For a man who enjoyed the spotlight he craved

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CHARACTERS Kill 'Em and Leave 100 Through McBride’s own insights as a black musician with Southern roots  Kill ’Em and Leave is a song unearthing and celebrating James Brown’s great legacy the cultural landscape of America todayPraise for Kill ’Em and Leave “The definitive look at one of the greatest most important entertainers The Godfather Da Number One Soul Brother Mr Please Please Himself JAMES BROWN” Spike Lee “ Please please please Can anybody tell us who and what was James Brown At last the real deal James McBride on James Brown is the matchup we’ve been waiting for a musician who came up hard in Brooklyn with JB hooks lodged in his brain a monster ear for the truth and the chops to write it This is no celeb bio but a compelling personal uest so very timely angry hilarious and as irresistible as any James Brown beat” Gerri Hirshey author of Nowhere to Run The Story of Soul Music “An unconventional and fascinating portrait of Soul Brother No 1 and the significance of his rise and fall in American culture” Kirkus Reviews. National Book Award winner James McBride goes on a Citizen Kane like search for the real James Brown and muses about race identity music the northsouth divide and whether one can ever TRULY know someone With interviews with distant cousins ex wives life long childhood best friends former managers and accountants and former band members KILL EM AND LEAVE is a non chronological journey into James Brown that bears a strong similarity to David and Joe Henry s FURIOUS COOL RICHARD PRYOR AND THE WORLD THAT MADE HIMAn utterly fascinating read

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CHARACTERS Kill 'Em and Leave 100 National Book Award winner James McBride goes in search of the “real” James Brown after receiving a tip that promises to uncover the man behind the myth His surprising journey illuminates not only our understanding of this immensely troubled misunderstood and complicated soul genius but the ways in which our cultural heritage has been shaped by Brown’s legacy   Kill ’Em and Leave is than a book about James Brown Brown’s rough and tumble life through McBride’s lens is an unsettling metaphor for American life the tension between North and South black and white rich and poor McBride’s travels take him to forgotten corners of Brown’s never before revealed history the country town where Brown’s family and thousands of others were displaced by America’s largest nuclear power bomb making facility; a South Carolina field where a long forgotten cousin recounts in the dead of night a fuller history of Brown’s sharecropping childhood which until now has been a mystery McBride seeks out the American expat. Kill Em and Leave Searching for James Brown and the American Soul by James McBride is a 2016 Spiegel Grau publication I always liked James Brown His music his showmanship and the way he often found himself stepping in to keep the peace and his promotion of education While I know the same facts about James that anyone else knows I ve never read any books or watched any movies based on his life So when this book was recommended to me I was very eager to learn something comprehensive about The Godfather of Soul Musical biographies often walk on a fine line with too much of one thing but not enough of another It depends on the author as to which approach to take and while I was in the mood for a very detailed portrait of James Brown the author took a different tack but it was in its way kind of refreshing The author didn t attempt to