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  • Hardcover
  • 329
  • Le uatrième Mur
  • Sorj Chalandon
  • French
  • 18 February 2019
  • 9782246808718

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Sorj Chalandon ó 4 Free read Le uatrième Mur Read & Download ¿ 104 Bler ces ennemis sur une scène de fortune entre cour détruite et jardin saccagé Samuel était grec Juif aussi Mon frère en uelue sorte Un jour il m'a demandé de participer à cette trêve poétiue Il A beautiful book about the promise and the limits of the arts in this case theater to break down walls of conflict between different nationspeoples So many interesting uestions are posed such as whether theater can transcend time and place the political insignificance of art what is reality what is the basis of our individual identities especially in the context of war and conflict political activism and art

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Le uatrième Mur

Sorj Chalandon ó 4 Free read Le uatrième Mur Read & Download ¿ 104 Me l'a fait promettre à moi petit théâtreux de patronnage Et je lui ai dit oui Je suis allé à Beyrouth le 10 février 1982 main tendue à la paix Avant ue la guerre ne m'offre brutalement la sienne » Le uatrieme Mur was a gripping story from start to finish and one with plenty of action and emotion I m too young to have much knowledge of this war but it certainly sounds like it was a harrowing time and the idea of presenting a piece of theatre in the midst of it with actors drawn from all sides of the conflict seems mad I really felt for George as he tried to come to terms with what was happening and I was always eager to read on to see if things would work out You ll have to read the book yourself to find out if they do I did come across words I didn t know but I was always able to work them out from the context and didn t refer to my dictionary once so it was excellent practice for my French too Unfortunately there doesn t seem to be an English translation of this work so you ll only be able to enjoy it if you can read French or one of the other languages into which it has been translated

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Sorj Chalandon ó 4 Free read Le uatrième Mur Read & Download ¿ 104 « L'idée de Sam était belle et folle monter l'Antigone de Jean Anouilh à Beyrouth Voler deux heures à la guerre en prélevant dans chaue camp un fils ou une fille pour en faire des acteurs Puis rassem Chalandon was a war reporter at the time of the massacres in Sabra and Chatila and he has explained in interviews that he had to exorcize those memories through fiction Since a journalist is not allowed to take sides or even display normal human emotion when confronted with sheer horror he had to revisit those events through his fictional double Georges who like him is a French man with a wife and small daughter The difference is that Georges gets wrecked by the atrocities he has witnessed and eventually goes back to let himself be killed in Beyrouth I was afraid this best seller might be caricatural or sensationalistic but found there was nothing exploitative in Chalandon s graphic descriptions of war and carnage Georges is carefully described as a radical left wing product of the 1970s full of idealism but with a very violent streak By the time his friend and mentor Samuel Akounis a Greek Jew whose family perished in the Holocaust entrusts him with the mission to put on a production of Anouilh s Antigone in Beyrouth Georges has calmed down for the sake of his wife and daughter but his body and psyche are still scarred from his many fights with right wing extremists on the streets of Paris While ostensibly he undertakes to fulfill Sam s wishes because his friend is dying of cancer Georges is the wrong man for the job because of his past as a militant with clear cut opinions and a proclivity to to physical violence The book is well constructed and the hatred between the various minorities in Lebanon is palpable on the page