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  • The Tantalising Taste Of Water (Elemental Awakening, #4)
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  • 27 July 2018
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The Tantalising Taste Of Water (Elemental Awakening, #4) review È E-book, or Kindle E-pub summary Å E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Nicola Claire read The Tantalising Taste Of Water (Elemental Awakening, #4) “Oh sweet agony How does it strike with such ease So ruthlessly Pain destroys Just like me It was what I was good at; hurting things I hurt Theo with my rejection I hurt the Nero with my rage I hurt the world with my inaction But most of all I hurt me”The past few months have been hell on earth for Casey Eden If it wasn’t for her Thisavros Theo Peters she’d have given up a long time. This book went in an entirely different direction than I was expecting While the first three focused on the relationship between Casey and Theo this one focused on Casey and her personal growth That s not to say that there is absolutely none of the Thisavros relationship that we all know and love It was great to see Casey finally grow up into herself and stop asking Why me but instead What can I doTo be entirely fair there were a few places where I felt like the plot was a little rushed for the sake of getting through the book but not enough to completely kill the story All in all it s a great ending to the Elemental series or is it chuckles We ll just have to wait and see

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The Tantalising Taste Of Water (Elemental Awakening, #4) review È E-book, or Kindle E-pub summary Å E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Nicola Claire read The Tantalising Taste Of Water (Elemental Awakening, #4) Than anything she’s ever faced before Casey must find the strength to battle not only the imbalance in the Elements but her own dark demons inside But was the shaman right Is Casey destined to fight on her own Or can she repair the broken parts of her world and not lose those she loves in the battle Casey soon begins to realise though that being alone is in fact the only place she should b. The final book in the Elemental Awakenings series The Tantalizing Taste of Water blew me away Nicola Claire couldn t have done a better job closing out the series Casey s journey comes to an end in an explosion of stars and power that sweeps us up right along with it SummarySince her time in the dirt Casey Eden s life has been hell but she s never given up Being the chosen one of an Elemental God isn t exactly conducive to giving up Through fear of the unknown falling in love losing that love betrayal torture and loneliness Casey has been changed but never has she refused her role That is in big part due to her Thisavros Theo Peters He grounds her calms her and gives her exactly what she needs no matter what Unfortunately Casey s beloved Thisavros has no sway over anything than her own heart and mind and Casey s world is not the only one that s been left broken When she awakens to the damaged caste of people that have chosen to cut themselves off to numb the pain Casey will be lost on a journey darker than she s ever encountered before With the fate of not only the Elementals but also the human sect hinging on balancing the Elements as well as her own fears to battle Casey will need to find the hope and strength to carry on finding a solution But what of the prophesies Is she destined to fight alone How does she keep those she loves safe and fix what s broken in her world Casey will soon be enlightened to what is meant for her but will she be able to handle the sacrifice demandedWow I can t believe it s the end I have truly enjoyed sliding into this magical world again and again and seeing the eternal love between Theo and Casey Casey has been through so much since awaking in a pit of dirt She s learned she s a powerful being she s fallen in love she s had her heart broken she s been betrayed she s been studied and so much in between The ups and downs and the emotional turmoil has all led up to this Casey has been so strong and that doesn t change in TTTOW We really get to see her growth in this book It feels like she s accepting of her role as the chosen one than she ever has been before Even when the outcomes have looked bleak she digs deep and soldiers on bringing her new family with her I really adored Casey Theo and their Thisavros connection It was essential and you could feel that through the writing The connection made them stronger magically emotionally mentally and physically It was beautiful to witness The family Casey has made for herself is a diverse one but the support and encouragement they offer is unparalleled Isadora continues to be my least favorite but I also feel we would be missing something without her personality thrown into the mix In fact if any one of them were missing the story would suffer for it We even get to meet a range of new characters that are just as alluring as we ve come to expect from Nicola s characters Overall I adored every moment of my time spent with the Ekmetalleftis I m in awe of the things Nicola has executed in this complex world When starting this book I was a little worried how everything would be wrapped up I needn t have been Nicola s writing is very detailed and creative engaging you wholeheartedly At times though I found myself really having to concentrate in order to keep the different aspects straight but that was my wanting to make sure I wasn t confusing the elements or those wielding them My only criticism and it s a small one is that I wish the epilogue was a bit expanded to show a little farther in the future That said we aren t left in any doubt of where our Elementals end up I just love my epilogues and I m always a little greedy for Lol This has been yet another fantastic ending to a wonderful series If you re in the market for a paranormal romance packed full of action and emotion look no further You ve done an extraordinary job Nicola

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The Tantalising Taste Of Water (Elemental Awakening, #4) review È E-book, or Kindle E-pub summary Å E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Nicola Claire read The Tantalising Taste Of Water (Elemental Awakening, #4) Ago But when you’ve been chosen by an Elemental God to put things back together you don’t have the luxury of giving up In fact you don’t have much of a say in anythingBut it’s not just Casey’s world that’s been torn asunderA lost islandA damaged caste of peopleAnd a connection to Fire even the tantalising taste of Water can’t breakSet adrift on a journey colder and unforgiving. Oh how I have loved reading this series and this last book The Tantalising Taste of Water was just wonderful I have loved all Nicola Claire s books she is a superb writer but has out done herself with this series Well done Miss Claire