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This Kind of War A Study in Unpreparedness Read ´ 104 Igate loss of American lives in Korea The author TR Fehrenbach an officer in the conflict provides us with accounts of the combat situation that could only have been written by an eyewitness in the thick of the action But what truly sets this book apart from other military memoirs is the piercing analysis of the global political maneuverings behind the brutal ground w. TR Fehrenbach who died just two years ago was an American historian and journalist who served in the Korean War and published this history of that war in 1963 It is an interesting work that provides an historical overview of the conflict The 50th anniversary edition includes very helpful maps without which a reader unfamiliar with events might easily be lost The period covered is from 1950 1953 from the initial attacks from northern Korea into the south until the ceasefire and armistice Fehrenbach follows particular individuals at length and that gives a sense of coherence to the narrative He also addresses political issues on the peninsula than in the United States back home and while he does not provide detailed information about every battle that occurred he does give enough detail about individual battles to enable the reader to derive a vivid impression of the nature of the events and of the ebb and flow of the conflict He includes information about POWs and their treatment on both sidesFehrenbach does have a particular agenda in writing his book He speaks as a member of the military and from that perspective and he emphasizes the tensions between the civilian goals and values of a liberal democratic society and the necessarily different goals and values of the military He deplores the unpreparedness of the US and the UN and he emphasizes how untrained and ineffective US soldiers were particularly during the conflict s first year There are many long discussions as well as countless editorial asides addressing these issues and while Fehrenbach s views may not be entirely consistent with views now than sixty years later they do provide a compelling window into ideas prevalent during the Cold War eraFehrenbach s journalistic style will not be to every reader s taste and the flavor of the book is decidedly non academic There are no footnote or endnotes providing references or sources from which the author derived his information or conclusions Rather than viewing this work as a definitive history of the conflict the wise and careful reader will view it as an interesting perspective by one participant and an insight into thinking about that conflict from someone writing just one decade after the events described

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This Kind of War A Study in Unpreparedness Read ´ 104 Arfare that marked this bloody period of history one which has been all but forgotten Hailed as a must for all soldiers and former soldiers by an com reviewer THIS KIND OF WAR restores the Korean War to its rightful place in American history as a touchstone for United States foreign engagement and a lesson for politicians ready to shed American blood on far away soil?. There s lots of sentimental bullshit about lions and legions and stoic defense of the frontiers and the necessity of harsh just professional men to do unspeakable things in the service of polite gentle folk which is unfortunate because on balance it s a good book This stuff is partially redeemed by truly incisive analysis of the war effort and a ground level perspective Fehrenbach freuently summarizes entire operations not by a bloodless detached narration of bold arrows moving over topo maps but by description drawn from personal accounts of artillery barrages supply drops finding bayoneted prisoners in trenches and this is a popular one the smell of human feces The author does this because he himself was a participant in many of the operations he describes and his perspective saves this book from the maw of mediocrity If you re at all interested in Korea and what it was like for the men that fought there then this is the place to start And if you re looking for some hilarious lion metaphors you can check here too I guess

Read & Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â T.R. Fehrenbach

This Kind of War A Study in Unpreparedness Read ´ 104 THIS KIND OF WAR is the most comprehensive single volume history of the Korean American conflict that began in 1950 and is still affecting United States' foreign policy Fifty years later not only does this enlightening account give details of the tactics infantrymen and euipment but also chronicles the story of military and political unpreparedness that led to a profl. TR Fehrenbach served in the Korean War as an officer in the US Army His experiences shaped this book This Kind Of War is an account of the military aspects of the Korean War 1950 1953 with a fair amount of social commentary to go along with it Fehrenbach addresses the conflict in American society between the social liberalism that the civilian world values and the Spartan totalitarian world that the military prefers Fehrenbach comes down on the side of the military but he makes a good case as to why armies can t engage in the easy going existence of the civilian world War isn t a game and it sure isn t easy going The book was first published in 1963 It s about a war that had ended well at least the shooting stopped ten years earlier It s still relevant in 2012 I first read it in 1991 when I was going through the Armor Officer Basic Course at Fort Knox Kentucky At that time we were focused on Ira Though the Communist threat had faded by then Fehrenbach is concerned about how the Communists are serious than the West I still felt like it had many lessons to teach I would argue it still does For while one s enemies might change war doesn t However the tone of the book isn t militaristic or warlike The book takes a professional military viewpoint and that s significant Those who are unfamiliar with how the US military works might not understand how important that difference is but it matters The book itself very readable Dramatic and suspenseful it moves along at a brisk pace While long with over six hundred pages it never drags If I can find any fault it would be the lack of a bibliography footnotes andor end notes There is an acknowledgement at the beginning of the book in which Fehrenbach states that the book was compiled from many sources That s all well and good but it would have been better to have listed those various sources Nevertheless it s a well written book I ve held onto my copy for the past twenty one years and while I long ago stopped serving in the US Army I have no intention of getting rid of it

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