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  • 05 December 2019
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Tired of Being Tired

Read ¿ Tired of Being Tired 102 A breakthrough individualised programme for maximising health vitality and wellbeing by a leading anti ageing doctor Loss of energy weight gain and decreases in health and vitality are not inevitable facts of lif. This book is challenging particularly to someone who ualifies by all her metrics as a Driven Perfectionist However it s what I needed to read right nowSome of the reviewers have said that this book is basic common sense but I beg to differ These small changes are not small at all they re enormous and difficult shifts in thinking for me I m adrenaline addicted I could have told you this before the book and LOVE pressure I set up projects specifically anticipating the time crunch late nights caffeine and exhilaration of making it by deadline I started reading this book at the same time I decided to do a huge project NaNoWriMo and realized I was doing it again despite my lip service to cutting back on stress I ve got to acknowledge I m in recoveryThe 10 Simple Solutions aren t simple especially for someone who has reached the Burned Out stage The authors understand what they re asking is going against the very nature of the people they re writing to thankfully The book encourages us to implement what we can In the past two weeks I ve been eating like crazy while cutting out coffee and anything else stimulating I ve slept in when I could and gone to bed by 1030 most nights I have been taking naps or at least spending 30 minutes meditating every day This may sound relaxing and enjoyable to some but to me it s TORTURE On top of all that I need to chillax about the fact that it s torturous and just relax and enjoy it I suspect the same is true of anyone who truly needs this book It s than changing diet and activity It s examining your very way of life It HURTS to read that with all of your efforts to be the best you possible you re actually tearing yourself down Just be prepared for that sting when you look at yourself from this perspectiveThe supplement chapter is especially complicated and it is partly outdated already Also I m supposed to cut back on work hours but somehow find the for all of this Sure okay Some of the suggestions aren t readily available The book is fairly repetitive and talks down to the reader sometimes I wasn t fond of the pronunciation guides especially but these are minor uibbles On the whole a needful book for me

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Read ¿ Tired of Being Tired 102 E Dr Jesse Hanley's 'Ten Simple Solutions' make it easy to rejuvenate a tired system showing you how to get life back on the right track and Sleep better by restructuring eating habits Improve mood through a nutr. Not bad It s a well rounded and informative book if you haven t already dug into this topic If you have then a lot of the information would be repetitive If you haven t use this as a starting point

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Read ¿ Tired of Being Tired 102 Ition and natural supplement program Achieve a balanced weight by eating Increase energy without resorting to stimulants Stop accelerated aging Restore immunity Prevent illness and LIVE A HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER LI. Lots of information clearly laid out Honestly a bit overwhelmed by the lists but that s not because they are confusing Appreciate that suggestions are made for different levels of adrenal fatigue as someone at the worst level it s good to have a plan for how to adjust as I improve Makes me feel hopeful Lots of references There s a fair bit on breathing and meditation I m working the breathing practices into my day I sometimes use the Breathe2Relax app which is free Meditation is a harder sell for me it tends to trigger PTSD However I just started Happiness Essential Mindfulness Practices by Thich Nhat Hanh and some of his meditations have phrases to coincide with the breath and that might work better