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Where Echoes Live Characters ´ 9 Private eye Sharon McCone's twelfth mystery now in paperback Responding to a former colleague's reuest for help Sharon McCone tra. When it comes to my tastes in detective fiction I am clearly stuck in the 90s when women detectives were strong independent principled completely unlike the whining shopaholic man centred women that seem to be so commonly written now anyone who knows any notable exceptions please feel free to recommend them in the comments Also I like that 90s women detectives had love lives that were complicated and messy but chose men who respected them deeply and didn t erode their self esteem and sense of self or try to take over It was a calmer nicer masculinity still very strong that was portrayed again open to reading something recent that proves me wrongMaybe this wasn t a flawless piece of writing though Muller does string a sentence together well and her dialogues flow smoothly and readably but it was so damn ENJOYABLE There was some moral ambiguity between different types of environmentalists levels of militancy and economic rationalism people s motivations and emotional lives were complex hard to unpick and believable but not overly cynical or only self interested Conflict between McCone and her mother was realistic but not soul destroying and pointed to love underneath the lack of understanding McCone struggles to some extent to relate to everyone in the book her boyfriend her co workers her allies but she manages to blend her over independence with a warmth full of good intention that ultimately guides her right There were several bad guys woven together with enough complexity and the hard boiled side of things meant guns and explosions but not too much machismo It was nice to get McCone out of the latte sipping gentility of the collective at least it is a collective and into the word of desert rats and dive barsfor all that the portrayal of class was problematicI wonder if the portrayal of Chinese business men had a touch of mild racism about itdifficult balance and as a character Ong was fairly well rounded just the suggestion of they are all like that was not idealAll in all an enjoyable page turner of a book with McCone a likeable and not too pretentious detective that is capable courageous to the point of stupidity but not a Mary Sue independent to a fault and pleasingly flawedRecommended

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Where Echoes Live Characters ´ 9 Vels to the high desert town of Tufa Lake California to track down a commercial mining operation that could seriously damage the. I m reading the McCone series in order and this one seems tangibly better than it s predecessors The plot holds together better and moves along pretty well with some interesting twists I agree with other readers in finding the concept of the plot a bit less engaging than I would have preferred but it is distinctive and held my attention well enoughThere does seem to be a formula to the McCone episodes and many of the characters especially her co workers are fairly standard The office stuff also adds a whole set of relationships to keep track of and in this book we have the added burden of family relationships and two at least somewhat romantic interests I continue to be puzzled by what attracts McCone to the guys she picks but I m a guy so what do I knowThe upshot is a pretty good read entertaining enough but in no sense memorable within the PI genre

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Where Echoes Live Characters ´ 9 Ecosystem and a killer bent on even deadlier destruction Fans of Sara Paretsky and Sue Grafton are in for a treat Kansas City Sta. I have just completed reading books 6 11 in this series but have not written a review on any til now I wanted to see how the character was developing Previously I had read the first book of the series but not books 2 5 which I will have to find I am not going to recap the stories as the stock reviews do a good job of thatSharon McCone is absolutely a hard boiled private eye as the reviews state The stories are solid with lots of clues and turns without revealing too much too soon One of the things that I really like is that the settings and crimes are so different so various Sharon gets so involved with her cases and with the other characters to the extent that we also get to know them I was warned that as the series moved forward the books got a little darker in nature I do not know if I would say darker but they do become complex which is good as the writer matured On top of which we do see some pretty evil criminal elements I saw this in Sue Grafton s books as well to whom Marcia Muller is often compared The second half of her series were definitely complex There are still a number of books in the McCone series left to read I will have to reserve final judgement until I get to the end I do see that as time goes on we see Sharon examining her own selfsoul trying to make sense of the life she has chosen We start to see under the surface and we start to really get to know her both good and bad So maybe it is this bad and sometimes ugly undercurrent of her personality that rears its head occasionally that darkens the stories More human perhaps than we want to admit Good books Highly recommend

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