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read Paramedico Paramedico review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Benjamin Gilmour ½ 9 review Likely to be raising an eyebrow at some ridiculous trivial complaint their patient has considered life threatening enough to call them for’ Paramedico is a heart stopping white knuckle ride about a paramedic at work in an ambulance attending emergencies in far flung places such as England Iceland Macedonia Mexico Pakistan The Philippines South Af. I had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Gilmour although briefly at a booth at the EMS World Expo 2013 in Las Vegas I bought his book and he signed it for me Sadly I did not get to attend the viewing of his film Paramedico that was also shown one evening during this conference I will purchase it online soonTold in non linear multiple chapters each showcasing a particular location this book was very interesting in the different ways EMS is established ran and supported or not supported in different parts of the world I had never really taken the time to ponder how every service is so varied including whether or not the people staffing the ambulances are even medically trained or simply ambulance drivers I was also shocked at how cultural differences dictate the wearing or not wearing of safety euipment including gloves how in some places of the world bodies body parts and salvageable patients are all loaded into the same ambulance and delivered to the hospital and how some workers consider emergency response as a great responsibility to humanity while others just see it as a job for money The reverence and enthusiasm shown by the ambulance staff in Pakistan in particular was a powerful lesson as was how some cultures call an ambulance for frivolous complaints while others know the value of help in an emergency and only call for serious problemsIf you are in the EMS business this a great book to read Not heavy on the heroics or drama it s an open view of the EMS world from different perspectives All medics I know should read this book if for nothing else than to gain a reverence for the job we do for our fellow man and an appreciation of the proper tools that we have to do our jobs even when we have tool envy of other services

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read Paramedico Paramedico review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Benjamin Gilmour ½ 9 review Rica and Thailand – at the time of the 2004 tsunami This is also a brilliantly written collection of wild tales of wild people whose lives are so different from our own that it’s hard to believe they really exist Gilmour is able to make us stop and think not only of how to live a life but how precious life is and how important it is to protect i. If you think you know what paramedics do read this book The author has worked as a paramedic in varios countries including Mongolia Mexico ItalyVenice and teaches you things about how medical care is viewed from a different perspective

Benjamin Gilmour ½ 9 review

read Paramedico Paramedico review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Benjamin Gilmour ½ 9 review ‘As you read this than a hundred thousand ambulance medics across the planet are responding to emergencies They are scrambling under crashed cars carrying the sick down flights of stairs resuscitating near dead husbands at the feet of hysterical wives and stemming the blood flow of gunshot victims in seedy back alleys A good number too are just as. An interesting and at times affecting read about pre hospital care across continents but it carries the vibe of a Contiki coach tour by the time Gilmour scraped the surface of a culture or country we were carted off to the next

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