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Prelude To A Song summary ´ 109 read & download Prelude To A Song She was grateful for his help in paving her way in a new city she dared not let down her defenses As a nightclub singer Alana was used to snobbish put downs But Guy seemed s. The H in this novel started off as too good to be true for a Margaret Pargeter hero that is Lol He was the proverbial knight in shining armor to the heroine when they met on a train from Manchester to London I was happy for a while because this guy seemed so charming totally different from the usual types of heroes that Margaret P wrote about But then before I could get accustomed to all this sweetness and light hearted romance the other shoe dropped and the H soon showed off his incredible Hulk persona The heroine herself wasn t entirely blameless and all of their isssues could ve been avoided if they had just communicated honestly with each other Then to make the situation even worse there were uite a few major nasty misunderstandings that derailed the sweet little romance Alana was our 20 yr old heroine whose pimp parents are parasitic spendthrifts with a huge mortgage that they re unable to service Any half decent parents would get off their lazy asses and sort out their own problems on their own but these 2 leeches place their financial burden on the shoulders of their young and unskilled for most types of employment that will pay a decent salary daughter They send the heroine off to London to look for work as a singer in a nightclub Alana has no idea where she s gonna stay or where she ll find a job she doesn t even know how to go about sorting out all of this stuff She s lucky to meet the H on the train and he saves her from being sexually harassed by a couple of lecherous teenage guys The H is Guy Renwick a millionaire hotel owner and entrepreneur but he doesn t disclose any of this information or even his real surname to the heroine Guy s not even supposed to be on the train he only decided to take the train at the last minute It s obvious that he s immediately besotted with Alana even though he s 37 yrs old He s charming and flirtatious His sensuous mouth curved in a twisted smile When I was younger and my mother was still alive I used to say if I ever met a girl with eyes as blue as hers I d marry her and have the most beautiful blue eyed children Again Alana s breath caught Perhaps he was only teasing her a little for the trouble she had caused him but she sensed suddenly that he might be infinitely dangerous than the two youths he had just got rid of Guy finds her a place to stay with a nice old lady named Mrs Brice then he gets her a job in the nightclub at his hotel and things might ve worked out well for them if the heroine s secrets and hidden agenda hadn t intruded to created huge obstacles Alana s big mistake was to start borrowing large sums of money from people She hadn t even been at the hotel for a week when she asked the manager Milo Sachs to loan her 500 pounds That s not a lot in today s world but during the time this novel was written it was a large sum for a new 19 yr old employee to borrow Alana didn t know that Guy knew about it because she hadn t yet discovered that he was the owner of the hotel The H immediately started to think of her as a gold digging tramp and his opinion worsened when she went on to borrow money from another guy called Fabian Alana was TSTL because she knew that Fabian was attracted to her yet she borrowed money from him She didn t even know that Fabian was engaged to Guy s cousin Guy became very mean and vicious because he was overcome with jealousy and possessive obsessiveness His insults were also extremely hurtful to the heroine especially when he started to get all beastly because he believed she wasn t the young virgin that he d thought her to be For someone of your profession you seem astonishingly innocent he murmured tersely Are you Am I what she floundered thinking that if she ever heard the word again she would scream Innocent damn you Shocked by his sudden harshness she was stung to anger Then his hatefulness became even magnified as he sought to punish Alana for being a cheap man stealing gold digger He was rude nasty and kept belittling her at every turn She was also under the misapprehension that he was engaged to another woman The most horrible thing he did to her was to move her into a tiny cubbyhole of a room in the worst part of the hotel It wasn t even properly ventilated for crying out loud and the martyr heroine kept starving herself because she had to send all her salary to her parasitic parents Guy s anger and rudeness didn t stop him kissing Alana every chance he got or from engaging in passionate make out sessions The man acted like a maniac at times because he was eaten up with jealousy over all the men who were supposedly giving money to the heroine Everything fell apart for Alana when Fabian got so obsessed with her that he broke his engagement to Guy s cousin and proposed to the heroine Guy s cousin Amy was so depressed at being dumped that she tried to kill herself by crashing her car into a wall Of course the H blamed Alana for everything He didn t stop to consider that Fabian was at fault or that his cousin could ve had some emotional or mental instability issues that were triggered by the jilting The heroine had to leave the country to escape from Guy s wrath but he knew where she had gone because Milo Sachs had told him The last uarter of the novel was painful to read The heroine was in emotional agony because she was in love with the cruel asshole H and thought that he would never return her feelings Guy didn t even grovel properly when everything was cleared up at the end His apology wasn t the stuff of romantic dreams I have an apology to add to Fabian s he began stiffly releasing her hand and averting his eyes from her pale but eager face Maybe it wasn t altogether my fault but I was certainly too uick to jump to the wrong conclusions About you personally as well as the money you asked for He just let the heroine go back home with her brother Andrew and waited for 6 weeks or so before he turned up for look for her Then only at the very last minute did he finally declare his love Then he was reaching for her and she was left in no doubt regarding his intentions His arms closed about her like a steel trap while his kiss sent white hot flames shooting along her limbs as he crushed her lips mercilessly When the necessity to breathe caused him eventually to lift his head he still kept a tight hold of her Alana he muttered hoarsely putting her a little distance from him Oh God how I ve missed you I intended staying away six months but six weeks proved my limit I think I was starting to go mad uietly but very definitely mad he emphasised grimly Six whole weeks I wished he had grovelled a lot and she let him off too easy but then she herself was also culpable because of her own failure to communicate and then there were the errors in judgement she made when she decided to borrow money from all and sundry There s no cheating but there is mild OW and OM interference largely to cause a lot of strife and jealousy in the plot But Guy s not as horrible as the heroes in The Odds Against and Born Of The Wind I can see Guy having bad possessive jealousy issues in the future because Alana 17 yrs younger and beautiful The H Guy RenwickThe heroine Alana Hurst

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Prelude To A Song

Prelude To A Song summary ´ 109 read & download Prelude To A Song What made her so aware of this man Even when they'd been strangers Alana had known there was something tangible between her and Guy It frightened and fascinated her and while. Alana Hurst is travelling by train to London where she is going to look for a job as a singer While on the train two rude young men start coming on to her and pestering her Guy Mason shows up and helps her out After becoming acuainted with each other Guy discovers Alana is looking for a job Guy never really telling Alana his full name or occupation tells her that the exclusive Hotel Remax in London is always looking for new talent and that they may be interested in a new singer Alana eventually auditions at the hotel and is offered a job to sing at the hotel s nightclub She desperately needs the money to send home to her parents who are in debt She begins to fall for Guy but then they argue when she finds out he s been lying to her and he s actually the owner of the hotel She gets mad then he gets madThis is where the book started to go downhill for me I don t mind an angry alpha male sometimes I enjoy them but Guy stayed angry and cranky way too long Too bad because the beginning of the book was really good

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Prelude To A Song summary ´ 109 read & download Prelude To A Song O sincere Did he really respect and like her Then she discovered Guy's deceiving ways and she told herself her decision had been the right one Unfortunately her heart disagre. What made her so aware of this manEven when they d been strangers Alana had known there was something tangible between her and Guy It frightened and fascinated her and while she was grateful for his help in paving her way in a new city she dared not let down her defensesAs a nightclub singer Alana was used to snobbish put downs But Guy seemed so sincere Did he really respect and like herThen she discovered Guy s deceiving ways and she told herself her decision had been the right one Unfortunately her heart disagreed