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Prima che tu dica «Pronto»

Read & Download Prima che tu dica «Pronto» ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free For the first time in paperback a volume of thirty seven diabolically inventive stories fables and impossible interviews from one of the great fantasists of. If you re looking to read some Calvino for the first time do not buy this book May I instead highly recommend the magnificent The Complete Cosmicomics it will not disappoint Numbers in the Dark an interesting and creative collection of short stories Not all of them are good this coming from a hardcore Calvino fan but arguably the collection is the interesting for it His earlier stories are either delightfully simple yet engaging parables or long winded forays into philosophy like If On a Winter s Night a Traveler but far less skillful In the latter category we have The Man Who Shouted Teresa a charming story about community Conscience is an engaging parable about the supposed difference between killing in war and murder The Black Sheep is a funny yet thought provoking creation myth for ineuality an egalitarian society of thieves collapses into injustice because of the arrival of an honest man Good for Nothing is also interesting dealing with issues of paranoia and strangers knowing than they should The General in the Library is also an engaging read as is A Beatiful March Day one of my favourites it looks at Caesar s assassination through the eyes of one of the senators who kills himNot so impressive to my mind are some of the lengthy and postmodern stories Dry River for instance may be a metaphor for some event of postwar Italian politics but it doesn t excuse the lack of plot character development anything The great thing about Calvino is how he deals with fascinating concepts and metafiction without seeming at all prentious but you get the feeling in this story as well as in Love Far From Home and to a lesser extent Wind In A City that he is almost taking his thoughts too seriously without either the slightly playful and irreverent style which makes him so readable but also without the literary chops to say what he really means Still there are also signs of emerging skill Numbers in the Dark is an elegant and intriguing story of an office at night seen through the eyes of a boy Nocturnal Solilouy of a Scottish Nobleman is also worth a read even if you don t know about Italian political parties and their power struggles and nor do I it is a fine allegory for how the lesser of two evils can end up being dangerous and how your enemy s enemy when your enemy is gone will turn on youThe second section of the book is even better in my opinion World Memory is a great story with an imaginative concept rising tension and a spine chilling twist at the end Beheading the Heads an unfinished concept for a novel imagines a nation where all leaders and politicians inevitably have their heads chopped off after a certain amount of time An interesting idea And yet it really does work Calvino gives us a fascinating insight into the heart of an alternative October Revolution The Burning of the Abominable House and Before You Say Hello fit well into the existing anthology The former a postmodernist murder mystery with a twist reminds me of The Chase a classic found in Complete Cosmicomics Before reminds me of If on a winter s night a traveller in fact one of the stories also involves looking at the mechanisms of phones and phone calls in obsessive detail Calvino is on form when pondering whether phones are a or less personal mode of communication his conclusion may surprise you The final three works of particular note the others include some fwf stories and a surprisingly relevant tale of technology The Last Channel are the interviews These are really remarkable imaginative and thought provoking The interview with Montezuma last emperor of the Aztecs is particularly worth reading It challenges the common knowledge version of events and especially motivations involved in the collapse of that great western civilization and the Aztecs too The interviews with Ford and Neanderthal Man are also clever and well written with Calvino giving the industrialist some interesting arguments to counter his detractors and the Neanderthal humourously dealing with his patronising interviewerSo should you read this book or not It depends how much of this author you have read before I stand by my recommendation of Complete Cosmicomics as the ideal introduction to Calvino this collection might benefit those who already have an idea of the great man s uniue style and who would appreciate an insight into how Calvino evolved over his career

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Read & Download Prima che tu dica «Pronto» ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Umbers in the Dark display all of Calvino's dazzling gifts whimsy and horror exuberance of style and a cheerful grasp of the absurdities of the human conditi. Spoiler This review will not match up with the ratingSelf Disclosure Italo Calvino is one of my favorite writers I think of him as my uncle even though we re not related Not even closely He s just so great that I ve adopted him into my family in my head I haven t told the rest of the family about this yet I vastly prefer his novels to his short fiction We yes the royal one interrupt this review to recommend If on a Winter s Night a Traveler The Baron in the Trees Invisible Cities and Marcovaldo The Review ish Part Somehow I found this book such a struggle to get through It s not even that big of a book but by the last 70 pages I started reading the stories from the end of the book going forwards so I wouldn t keep counting how many storiespages I had left And yet I liked 11 of these 37 stories immensely And even the ones I thought were just good carry his trademark enthusiasm for life and all its mysteries Montezuma gets interviewed by a contemporary journalist incidentally he seems to think we hindsight stone throwers have a lot of blood on our hands too Henry Ford defends his vision of America the oft used celestial presence of fwf gives us a window into the beginning of the universe etc etc But too many felt like failed experiments More literary exploration than final pieces And despite many of the stories being very short the sheer number of them felt like a hurdle Of the two sections the book consists of Fables Stories 1943 1958 and Tales Dialogues 1968 1984 I preferred the former but found the latter stirred thinkingideas of my own And yet I fear my own impatience colored some of the lesser storiesBut why dwell on the lesser Of the standouts my favorites were The Flash a story not even two pages long of a man who suddenly understands nothing Beheading the Heads a tale about a town where every politician s time in office knowingly ends with their own beheading the timing of this is decided upon by the populace and The Burning of the Abominable House a mystery of sorts that wraps the narrator up in an insurance investigation into the deaths of four victims and the list of heinous deeds they left behind These gems alone would probably make the book a worthwhile readConclusion Don t stretch a short book out over 5 months Don t let your own impatience with life or with wanting to move on to the next book because you want to read almost everything you see distract you from what s in front of you Get enough sleep it has a hugely positive impact Sample some Calvino short fiction but dive into those novels

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Read & Download Prima che tu dica «Pronto» ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The 20th century displaying the full breadth of his vision and wit  Written between 1943 and 1984 and masterfully translated by Tim Parks the fictions in N. I agree with other reviewers that it shouldn t be the first Calvino book you read but readers who are already Calvino fans will find plenty of gems in this collection There are 37 widely varied stories vignettes fables imagined interviews and fantasies arranged chronologically and representing work from 1943 to 1985 Of the earlier work I most enjoyed the fables such as The Black Sheep in which a smoothly running village of thieves is thrown into chaos when an honest man moves in Standouts for me in the second half include World Memory about a company tasked with documenting well everything and The Burning of Abominable House in which the narrator tries to reconstruct the events leading to a burned house containing four bodies and a list of abominable deeds committed thereAt its best Calvino s writing engages me on two levels simultaneously the front of my brain relishes the precise language and the cultural commentary while another part of the writing bypasses the reasonable part of my mind and goes straight to the brain stem connecting with something primal and ancient These are the stories I dog eared to read again in the future Conscience The Black Sheep Wind in a City The Lost Regiment A General in the Library A Beautiful March Day World Memory The Burning of Abominable House Henry Ford