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Pulse by Felix Francis

CHARACTERS Pulse by Felix Francis READ Pulse by Felix Francis 100 Felix Francis ´ 0 READ New York Times bestselling author Felix Francis is back in the newest thrilling adventure in the Dick Francis tradition A smartly dressed man has been found unconscious at the local racecourse and is rushed to the hospital where he subseuently dies But who is he Where does he come from. What Worked1 I m pretty sure that this is the first Francis book with a female protagonist certainly in Felix s books and probably in his fathers books It was a change and not a bad one but it wasn t well done on that below Still it was a nice change and it would be good to see female protagonists in future Francis books2 The plot was something new to me at least Not the fiddling with races but the execution and the death of the mystery man mentioned in the blurb Although there s no series to the Francis books they are all set at or connected to horse racing and somehow the Francis men keep coming up with new angles and new stories3 Francis tackled some serious issues drug use anxiety anorexia It s heavy duty stuff and while the execution is iffy I commend him for the effort Again these are different for the Francis books and it s good to see real life being tackled4 The story was engaging despite some flaws and a slowish start It slowly reeled me in until I didn t want to out it down and had to keep reading until the end While I figured out parts of the mystery other parts had me scratching my head trying to figure it out And near the end when Chris s life was in danger I was practically holding my breath to see how she d escapeWhat Didn t Work1 The author has a lot to learn about writing from a woman s POV He d have been better off doing third person instead of first person It was clearly a woman as written by a man I mean she thinks to herself that her breasts used to be fulsome Seriously I rolled my eyes so hard at that they almost fell out And when I shared that snippet on Twitter many agreed with me I know there are women authors who do a poor job of writing men they need to improve also I honestly thought the character whose head we were in was a male right up until the page where they started thinking about their difficulties getting pregnant Despite those problems and her anorexia Chris never felt like a woman She was interesting and she has potential but improvement is needed if she s to be a recurring character or if Francis plans to do female protagonists I d actually like to see provided they re well written2 Related to the above I have mixed feelings about her health problems in some respects they were traditional Francis depression anxiety suicidal thoughts while in other respects they felt pasted in as if because the protagonist was female she had to have these health issues Because she was a female she had to had issues around children and getting pregnant anorexia making her husband happy Honestly the story would have worked without them They didn t add to her character or to the story but felt grafted on Also her constant worrying and fussing and anxiety issues got to be annoying and they slowed the pace of the story The story started out fast with the mystery man s death then slowed down when Chris s health took priority then finally the mystery took priority and the pace picked up again The VerdictPulse was a mixed bag The story had a lot of potential and it did end up grabbing my attention but it s flawed and the pace was erratic Not a must read

CHARACTERS Pulse by Felix Francis

CHARACTERS Pulse by Felix Francis READ Pulse by Felix Francis 100 Felix Francis ´ 0 READ Ns answered and will go to any lengths to prevent it including an attempted murder But when no one will believe that someone tried to kill Chris the doctor is left with no option but to discover who the nameless man was and why he died preferably before following him into an early grave. I do enjoy the horse racing theme of the Francis books but this one has a doctor as a protagonist and she has several irritating personal ualities as well as the whole book is filled with medical inaccuracies that it was really hard to read I suspect if I was in law enforcement I would find many murder mysteries irritating but as I am not I can overlook the problems Not so with this book

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CHARACTERS Pulse by Felix Francis READ Pulse by Felix Francis 100 Felix Francis ´ 0 READ He had no form of identification on him and no one claims the body Doctor Chris Rankin a specialist who treated the deceased and who struggles with mental health issues is intrigued by the nameless dead man obsessed even and starts asking uestions However someone doesn't want the uestio. I enjoy having the Francis style continued by Dick s son Felix He has been true to his father s legacy but this one was rather annoying to read The plot line was interesting and I understand that Felix had a protagonist that was dealing with serious issues causing her poor behavior but I got tired of her and felt that her obsessions were exhausting and continually putting herself and her family in danger I liked the fact that Felix gave his readers a woman protagonist instead of the men in racing that have been featured in the past I think I would have liked her better if he had written to her strengths and had her less manic Maybe she can be featured again when she is in a better place because she is a great heroine with her medical background and her interest in working the races as a doc I understand that all his heroes get themselves into difficult situations but they usually do so inadvertently They usually lead from strength not because they are continuously making stupid choices I look forward to the next book so nice to have a favorite author s work continued by his talented son

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