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review Purr Kitten 103 New what I'd feel when I did My mate was a monster and he would never let me go nowYou're going to be their Luna You're going to be my Luna You will surrender and submit to me I will make sure of it he declared right next to my ear You're going to please me. Didn t finish

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review Purr Kitten 103 And carry my pups if I have to force you to And you will stay by my side ruling besides me You'll make us stronger than we already are And most importantly you will never ever leave His grip around my waist and throat tightened and I let out an uneven brea. I don t remember when I first started reading this on wattpad but I must say this This is actually one of my favorite all time werewolf books Gotta say that I really love this story it s so captivating You ll know it when you start reading it Lila and Alex short story Lila #21 ruling besides me You'll make us stronger than we already are And most importantly you will never ever leave His grip around my waist and throat tightened and I let out an uneven brea. I don t Burning Attraction remember when I first started The Numbers Game Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics reading this on wattpad but I must say this This is actually one of my favorite all time werewolf books Gotta say that I Tall Man Riding really love this story it s so captivating You ll know it when you start The 7 Components of Transformative Organizing Theory reading it

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review Purr Kitten 103 I finally met his eyes The grey eyes instantly gave me a feeling of ecstasy and I knew I could imagine my unrealistic future with him how our children run around us and he is chasing them I could imagine my hands touching his body as he did the same and I k. Two Stars A Below Average Novel A Good Idea Ruined Due to Shoddy ExecutionI picked this up based on the good reviews and I am regretting it dearly This was a DNF something I never do I went to the 85% mark of the book and couldn t go beyond that I am amazed I hanged on for so long hoping that things get better It s ironic that I had to stop so close to the climax where events are supposed to crescendo I don t like writing negative reviews devaluing another fellow human s time and attention even if it may be deserved according to others so I will be as fair as possible Idea The summary itself is not very enticing even though it contains an excellent line uoted from the book working around some too used typicalities of werewolf novels Nothing is unadulteratedly original in the world no idea that is completely and utterly uniue What makes things uniue is your perspective That is why there are so many retellings of time worn tales legends myths and even history While the plot isn t all that bad nice even it s almost entirely a seen and done thing Merciful Luna comes and turns the merciless Alpha over a new leaf Title Purr Kitten despite being uite a cringe worthy title for a werewolf novel is one of the two sole things that perked my interest the other being the uote in the description so I won t be a hypocrite and criticise it Point of View The story shifts POVs often writing in third person The POV shifts are at least properly done using paragraph breaks a point that is missed out by many inexperienced writers CharactersThe character arc of the male MC Liam is shoddily executed far too rushed and sudden a 180 degree turn in just over three four chapters It would have been understandable had it been done with some justification But the only justification we get is boo hoo the mate bond s tightening effects after marking and mating I was glad the Alpha didn t become a puppy dog like I have seen in many Wattpad novels since that s where this one was originally written and even other published booksThe female MC Kathryn is a better character in terms of being consistent but other than a few moments she is rather dull unfortunately Liam for all the bluster and inconsistency is at least interesting Pace There are no ups and downs in the pace and for a werewolf novel where the characters are half animals extremely tame Considering how violent even we humans can get that was disappointing Threats float around and even they are mangy nothing is done in truth The aimlessness of it all gets exhausting In short monotonous Plot and Scenes Even though this is a well worn trope bad guy turns good and makes changes to the pack properly executed this can be an excellent idea for a story I have seen a few examples that don t have rolling your eyes some of them on Wattpad itself a mostly non profit venture for most authors and a few examples that have you genuinely amazed at the brilliant execution However The motion of the story is predictable So called twists can be seen miles ahead The only place I couldn t and this may be limited to me only was when Kathryn found out who her brother is and that s not due to clever writing but rather due to no foreshadowing No guys she realises who her brother is in an epiphany of sorts where we get no hint beforehand But still it can be considered slightly realistic and it could happen It s easily excusable But the rest far too predictable unfortunately I am so disappointed because there was such great potential in some scenes and either the author never realised it or didn t bother to tap into it either being extremely irksome This is what hurts me most the complete lack of ample thought Such a contradiction for books are supposed to be thoughtful and thought provoking This provokes thought but only along the lines of why didn t the author think this through Laziness is not a good writer trait I am sorry to say See there was this extremely interesting scene around the middle of this book Chapter 12 precisely where Liam and Kathryn have their most intense confrontation not intense by the usual standard of good werewolf novels though A few extracts from this scene to show you the sheer potential of this scene I ve been taught to make these stupid doors my entire life I willbuild new ones and I will paint them bright red if necessary for mychildren and you to see them he snapped back and hit his palm againstthe table Below me Kathryn I m the Alpha Everyone is below me hesaid and rolled his eyes He leaned back in his chair cold eyes and waitingfor her answer I have no idea what you father has taught you about mates orwomen overall but I was taught we were eual In every sense of theword Mates are always eual An Alpha is no exception and I am eual toyou Don t try to make me feel inferior she said and stood up Maybe you were right you re not fit to be a Luna This is the point from where Liam changes Arguably the best part of the book And you know what All this potential wasted There are words said that would have been unforgiveable and Liam for the first time shines as an interesting character a hateful one not likeable at all but a character is supposed to arouse interest compassion and sympathy are just the tools used for kindling interest Why isn t this fleshed out Why seems to be the pivotal uestion here Every writer published or not myself included knows that a good story is technically life with the dull moments cut out This one is kind of the opposite For example a vital turning point in the novel when Liam speaks to his council about the changes he wishes to implement in his pack is completely cut out We see nothing of it and there s no justification for not showing this pivotal moment To add on to this vital amateur exclusion there s the unnecessary inclusion of needless and often redundant scenes It almost seems like a strategy to extend the book s length because the author didn t find what else to work on no dedicated reader would like such lack of thoughtIn short underdeveloped and rushed Narration The narration is monotonous and drawn out Yes every writer s style is different and as such I cannot expect implementing sentence fragments for choppiness pace action and aesthetic beauty or say good metaphors and non clich similes in every novel I come across It s fine actually I have read good books that don t use these methods of flavouring the narrative Only here there is no flavour at all I am sorry to say Let s not speak of the spelling mistakes and errors Dialogues The dialogues are shabby even when genuinely interesting things are being discussed one may feel very bored due to the formal juvenile way the characters speech is shaped There are a few good lines like the one in the description You need to learn to notice when a door is closed If the door is open you go through it and if it s not you need to see if you can build a new door not just barge in whenever you want Kathryn It is sad that these don t abound Dedicated readers don t expect deep philosophy always of course but we do expect strong words that resound and make us think For example take this one that shows character personality and development I don t hate you but I don t approve of you either KathrynWorldbuilding Another thing that annoyed me immensely perhaps the most devaluing aspect of this book is the sheer lack of worldbuilding Werewolf is a sub genre of the fantasy genre and in a fantasy novel every single book has its own world You cannot expect the rules of the Harry Potter series in work in another book just because it s about wizardry or paranormal schools too This book expects readers to build its world in their own minds No uestions about structure are dealt with See if the author raises the uestion and then doesn t answer it it is acceptable and intriguing because readers should not be spoon fed However if the uestion itself is not raised and the readers find themselves wondering things like just a meagre example They spoke of money where does it come from Since money is a human invention do humans exist in this world Just an example I cannot completely blame it too since this was originally a Wattpad novel and over there there s a plethora of such books where there s a go to werewolf culture of sorts and the rules of this fantasy world are the same for every next book No I am obviously not asking the author to explain the rules of the world shown in the book that s spoon feeding But the thing is the world should be well established and it s not that difficult to do it through little mentions here and there an unknown flower here or a cultural dilemma there and so on It s hard to explain and good authors almost do it subconsciously How you ask Because it is clear to them what their world is like They have thought about it Pondered on the issue The lack of this very thought shows clear incompetence laziness and lack of true involvement Things any dedicated reader would find abhorring I am spending my time and money on a book that too one previously published on a platform where this was free the least a writer can do is extend some courtesy We don t expect the author to check every list perfection is a fantasy not a reality But the basics the fundamentals Oh yes we do ask for it Nowadays there are resources everywhere on writing thousands of articles podcasts videos it isn t that difficult to have strong base to churn out an above average novel with the amount of free help available these days Now it s a completely different issue if the author didn t see fit to get the base clear everyone is entitled to their choice especially in the creative world But that says a lot about the uality of the novel and the writer s abilities I will stop here There are so much issues I would like to talk about regarding this one but I don t want to waste my time on it nor do I wish to be overly critical If you think I have already been far too critical than needed then now this I merely touched the fundamentals I will even spell it out for you so that you can see how the basics have gone wrong with this one plot worldbuilding narration dialogues poorly written action almost non existent pace If you want a taste of the diamonds that have sprung up in Wattpad s murky waters see Rachelle Mills Wildflower Series Merry Ravenell IronMoon Series both Wattpadians both better than most published and non Wattpadian and traditional authors and be ready to be mind blown Don t waste your time here please Thank you Have a good daynight

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