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characters Starstruck Starstruck #1 Rachel Shukert ì 5 Download Free download Starstruck Starstruck #1 105 微思作 一首男生唱的英文歌歌名 类似于DJ的节奏 高 潮 歌词好像是every steady goevery body is famousevery one you know codigos de club penguin What You Mean to Me with lyrics Sterling Knight StarStruc br br coolgurl videos Subscribe br br br views br coolgurl February I don't own anything everything goes to Disney and the photos go to JustJaredJr Beauty and Babbling beautybabbling noreplybloggercom Blogger tagbloggercomblog post wwwshow scorecom reviewshtmlcdiv class'show detail reviews container mt'ecdiv class'show detail member reviews'echrecdiv class'sho. Two second recap As the first book in the start of a three part series Starstruck is everything a historical fiction YA reader could want in a book It s well written romantic and brings the glamour of the golden age of Hollywood to life Full reviewI grew up on a steady diet of films from the golden age of Hollywood eg Audrey Hepburn s My Fairy Lady Jimmy Stewart s Mr Smith Goes to Washington and BergmanBogart s Casablanca These films taught me about romance took me to far off places and helped me dream big So when I learned that Rachel Shukert had written a YA book about the time period I knew that this was something I had to read immediately Because really awesome starlets the glamour of the old studios YA winwin am I right I m thrilled to say that after reading Starstruck it s everything that a fan of the era and a fan of YA could want in a book What worked The characterizations As the primary protagonist Margaret later to be reborn as Margo is no wilting flower Yes she s lived a very sheltered life in Pasadena something Shukert illustrates very well with small details eg Margaret s housekeeper Margaret s nervousness when faced with the opposite sex but she s also no wilting flower At one point Margaret has to make an incredibly difficult decision involving her future hopes and aspirations She makes that decision without batting an eye It s a testament to Shukert s writing and characterization that the reader is instantly able to understand why Margaret s made the difficult choice The multi perspectives Shukert makes the extremely clever decision of telling the book through three young women at very different points of their Hollywood career By diving the story between Margaret Margo Gabby and Amanda Shukert keeps the narrative moving and avoids a common pitfall for seeking stardom stories like these exclusively focusing on the newcomeryoung ingenue which almost always results in the audience actively hating her Smash on NBC I m looking at you Also considering Shukert writes Smash recaps for Daily Vulture I m guessing this is something she actively kept in mind when writing The plotting Shukert does an excellent job in developing Margaretevolution from innocent schoolgirl to the new Hollywood It Girl in a logical believable way She provides enough detail and explanation for why Margaret is able to ascend so uickly and at no point does it feel unbelievable or larger than life As part of the plotting the mystery There s an ongoing mystery in the book and it keeps the reader guessing until the very end The eventual reveal is very heartbreaking and completely not what I expected On that note Shukert also incorporates some of the downsides of living a life in the Hollywood spotlight in a thoughtful respectful manner In the hands of another writer some of the plotlines incorporated could have easily veered into melodrama Smash still looking at you In Shukert s hands these plotlines make you reflec and honestly leave you actually sort of saddened at the price that some people must and are willing to pay for fameWhat didn t workThings to considerHonestly nothing Even my usual critiue that a multiple perspective storyline can often take away from overall character development eg Breathe doesn t apply here The only thing I d want Shukert to explore is Olive Moore s interest in Margaret It seemed a little out of left field but I m guessing there s going to be to come in the seuelsFinal verdict Starstruck lives up to its title it s a glamorous sparkling addition to historical YA books I would recommend the book for slightly older YA readers simply due to the content in the book However if you re dealing with a very mature young adult than by all means go for it

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characters Starstruck Starstruck #1 Rachel Shukert ì 5 Download Free download Starstruck Starstruck #1 105 明星之恋StarStruck Familiefilm Danish 下载 StarStruck Familiefilm Danish 《明星之恋》由Sterling KnightChristopher WildeDanielle Campbell主演剧情令从小到大都普通到不能再普通的女生洁西卡(丹妮拉坎贝尔 Danielle Campbell 饰)难以想象的是,那个令诸 明星之恋StarStruck Intalnire cu un star DVDRip StarStruck Intalnire cu un star DVDRip dublat romana 《明星之恋》由Sterling KnightChristopher WildeDanielle Campbell主演剧情令从小到大都普通到不能再普通的女生洁西卡(丹妮拉坎贝尔 Danielle Campbell 饰. Margaret going to a finishing school in Pasadena in the 1930s and is obsessed with the Hollywood stars Hanging out at Schwab s she comes to the attention of a person at Olympus Pictures and he invites her to come for a screen test This doesn t go over well with her family and when she is offered a contract they tell her to never darken their door again Since the glamorous Diana Chesterfield has gone missing Olympus needs a new starlet for their historical epic and Margaret is it She is obsessed with fellow actor Dane even though the studio sets her up with Jimmy much to the dismay of her Judy Garland esue friend Gabby Many of the starlets in Hollywood have dark secrets and Margaret soon finds that the glitter of Hollywood is not always what it seems Strengths Anyone interested in the golden age of Hollywood will find the behind the scenes dealings in this interesting Styles types of actors studio policy all of this aligns with what I know of this eraWeaknesses More of a YA book due to content which includes a madame homosexuality and abortion It s all done delicately and would be okay for high school but there s so much that I will pass for middle school I can t say I have any students interested in classic films s the pity

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characters Starstruck Starstruck #1 Rachel Shukert ì 5 Download Free download Starstruck Starstruck #1 105 )难以想象的是,那个令诸 Top Movies Like 'Starstruck' Everyone Should Following the life of a pop star named Christopher Wilde the film deals with the negative effects of stardom namely the lack of privacy Two teen sisters try to meet the elusive pop star and only the younger one Jessica manages to gain an audience with him M FLO STARSTRUCK THE RETURN OF THE Download STARSTRUCK THE RETURN OF THE LUVBYTES SAKAI ASUKA SAVANNH REMIX by M FLO free rated music site Million songs Get lyrics ♫ music videos for your iPhone 一首男生唱的英文歌歌名 类似于DJ的节奏. A wonderful swell historical book set in pre ww2 hollywoodit is not overwhelmingly unpredictable but at the same time not cheesy nor very predictable the characters are interesting the setting great and some plot twist you do not see coming At least I did notHigly recomended

  • Hardcover
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  • Rachel Shukert
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  • 25 March 2017
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