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Read & Download Summer of '69 Summer of '69 review ï 100 Elin Hilderbrand é 0 Free read Rica nothing is the same Blair the oldest sister is marooned in Boston pregnant with twins and unable to travel Middle sister Kirby caught up in the thrilling vortex of civil rights protests and determined to be independent takes a summer job on Martha's Vineyard Only son Tiger is an infantry soldier recently deployed to Vietnam And thirteen year old Jessie suddenly feels like an only child marooned in the house with her out of touch grandmother. I think I have a like hate relationship with Elin Hilderbrand s novelsTo put it bluntly I like Hilderbrand s stories But I don t like Hilderbrand s writingA year ago I read her Winter Street series and found the entire experience to be similar to that of watching a B movie not that great not totally satisfying but just engaging enough to lead me to read all four books in the series I cut Hilderbrand some slack however as I have often found that a holiday series is not necessarily an accurate depiction of an author s true writing chops I thought it best to give one of her summery novels a try before forming a definitive opinion about her work seeing as those seem to be what her devoted readers love best And it was with all this in mind that I approached Summer of 69 I happily selected it as my next Hilderbrand novel both mildly excited and optimistically hopeful that I would find it to be a substantially better read than the Winter Street series Alas Sigh Sigh SighThe novel follows the members of the Levin family as they individually prepare for what is for them a different type of summer The year is 1969 one of the most politically charged chaotic years in the history of the United States The Levin children typically look forward to spending the summer together in Nantucket living in their grandmother s historic home But their lives are in as much a state of upheaval as is the nationIn Boston is Blair the eldest sister pregnant with twins and unable to travel to Nantucket Kirby the middle sister and civil rights activist accepts a summer job in Martha s Vineyard to distance herself from the family The only son Tiger is a soldier away fighting in the Vietnam War And thirteen year old Jessie is left facing a dismal summer alone in the house with her set in her ways grandmother Exalta and anxious mother Kate No Life is certainly not the same for the Levins and little do they know the extent it will continue to change over the course of the summer of 1969To swing back around to the opening line of my review I will begin by saying that overall I like Summer of 69 Really Truly The story is compelling from the start The characters are appealing The historical backdrop of 1969 is intriguing and adds an extra layer of interest to the narrativeButThe novel is just so simplistic So superficial So light and by this I mean without any sort of depth or weight to it In no way does Hilderbrand dig deeply into the story the narrative the characters the historical setting and the political climate are all flat and touched only on the surfaceHistory lovers know that Summer of 69 is at best lite historical fiction At its core the novel is of a family drama and the story is not at all beholden to the year 1969 Plus it s almost as if Hilderbrand attempts to up the historical authenticity factor by tossing into the narrative every single bit of research she uncovered along with every single notable public event of 1969 The history feels forced and manipulated rather than naturally threaded into the dramaAnd Hilderbrand s writing is just gulp cringeworthy Excuse me while I duck and cover Swinging baseball bats are incoming It s nails on chalkboard awful Her prose is pedestrian and clunky her sentences are elementary and almost child like in nature She tells everything and shows the reader nothingMy biggest pet peeve She uses the exclamation point almost as often as she uses the period It s mind boggling It must be her favorite form of punctuation Please stop Oh how I wish she instead loved the period Or the uestion mark Heck I would even settle for a semicolon now and thenSee what I did thereToo much All snarky criticism aside Summer of 69 is enjoyable and makes for a great beach read But if you re looking for anything than that I recommend you look elsewhereAnd don t get me wrong I still see many many Hilderbrand novels in my future Some things in life are so good because they are so bad

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Summer of '69

Read & Download Summer of '69 Summer of '69 review ï 100 Elin Hilderbrand é 0 Free read Four siblings experience the drama intrigue and upheaval of the '60s summer when everything changed in Elin Hilderbrand's #1 New York Times bestselling historical novelWelcome to the most tumultuous summer of the twentieth century It's 1969 and for the Levin family the times they are a changing Every year the children have looked forward to spending the summer at their grandmother's historic home in downtown Nantucket But like so much else in Ame. 4 full family drama sisterhood entertaining amazing journey to the end of sixties while listening Man on the moon and singing those were the best days of my life as like Bryan Adams sang starsYou don t have to be Marty McFly by driving a special car is invented by your Dr Brown for time travelling Elin Hilderbrand already takes us back to the end of sixties a remarkable memorable time for American and also human history 1969This is the time of Beatles Abbey Road album releasingTime of the most memorable Woodstock performances with the attendance of than 35 singers including Janis Joplin The Who Grateful Dead Jefferson Airplane Joe Cocker and Jimi Hendrix Yes than 350 thousand rock n roll fans had their time of my their livesTime of Chappauiddick Affair yes Senator Kennedy drove into ta pound and Mary Joe Kopechne is deadTime of MOON LANDING Yesss Because of Mr Chazelle I can only imagine Gosling s one small step one giant leap for mankind If you believed they put a man on the moon lyrics capture your mind Thanks to REM and Andy Kauffman Time of ponchos moccasins love beads peace signs medallion necklaces chain belts polka dot printed fabrics and long puffed bubble sleeves Time of watching Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid Midnight Cowboy Easy Rider on big screen Time of student protests rising inflation Stonewall Riot and draft lottery to determine drafts into US forces of Vietnam WarSo the author cannot choose any better time frame for telling her dysfunctional family story As you lie down on our blanket at the seaside Because this is a great summer reading when you re feeling the sea breeze on your skin watching the kids play on the sand surfers struggle against the powerful waves and start turning the pages you can actually hear some favorite Crosby Stills and Nash Rolling Stones Steppenwolf songs keep playing on your head This book gives these vibes and incredible feelings A conservative compelling dominant grandma who carries her own secret relationship48 years old mother of 4 children Kate suffering from past regrets burden of a big secret and alcoholismOlder child of the family Blair married with an astronaut that s her definition her husband Angus is not an astronaut and his name a little irritated me expecting twins resigned from her teaching job thinking her husband cheating on her with a prostitute named Trixy okay I think these names are a little awkward For backfiring him she kisses her brother in law and her husband catches them on the action Middle sister Kirby a nursing student feminist civil rights protestor having an interracial relationship but her lover s mother doesn t approve her because she knows her secret that she hides from everyone at the familyTiger is the only boy and favorite of Kate follows the footsteps of his soldier father and fights at Nam only connects with his little sister Jessie by letters and tells the ugly truths about war And little Jessie Kate s youngest daughter from another man struggling with her puberty problems and her first heartbreak She is the secret glue of their family She knows everyone s secret and she s a perfect listener and so mature for her age I rooted for her maybe the resemblance of being the youngest at the family having a better and objective point of view about everyone s problems and her close relationship with her brother as his confidante made me love her I love perfectly combined and developed characters stories and I enjoyed the spirit sensation and smartly depicted parts of the era It can be told a little shorter but still all the historical events matched impeccably with the family historyI think this is the best book of this author that I ve ever readbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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Read & Download Summer of '69 Summer of '69 review ï 100 Elin Hilderbrand é 0 Free read And her worried mother while each of them hides a troubling secretAs the summer heats up Ted Kennedy sinks a car in Chappauiddick man flies to the moon and Jessie and her family experience their own dramatic upheavals along with the rest of the country In her first historical novel rich with the details of an era that shaped both a nation and an island thirty miles out to sea Elin Hilderbrand once again earns her title as ueen of the summer novel. There s a lot going on in Summer of 69 The three sisters in the FoleyLevin family are each embroiled in their own worries The eldest sister is pregnant while her husband is emotionally unavailable and potentially unfaithful the middle sister is striking out on her own but running into trouble and the youngest is stuck in Nantucket with her unyieldingly conservative grandmother and her increasingly tipsy mother Their brother is overseas fighting the war in Vietnam and their mother is increasingly distraught over this driving herself to oblivion with alcohol to ease the painBut all these issues are treated rather superficially in the book They feel somewhat contrived and a tad boring if I m honest and their resolutions are all standard stuff One of the hooks for this book is that people are keeping secrets but I didn t feel any surprise or shock when those are revealed They all feel rather pedestrian For a book about females during the feminist revolution I had hoped that there would be strong female characters for me to cheer for but that was disappointing too All the women in here mostly just took what life and men handed to them Sure that probably is true to the times of the 1960s but it didn t make for a very compelling read at least to meOne of Elin Hilderbrand s strength is her writing and in that respect she remains in top form This story is easy to get into and I found myself flipping the pages even though the story itself wasn t as riveting I went into Summer of 69 thinking it would be the perfect beachy blend of family drama and secrets summertime in Nantucket and growing up during the awakening of the feminist movement But coming out of the book I feel only lukewarm about it While it wasn t a bad story it just wasn t as exciting or as insightful as I wanted it to be