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The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher free read ´ 106 Hilary Mantel ☆ 6 review read & download The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Rns into an ambiguous and potentially deadly waiting gameWhether set in a claustrophobic Saudi Arabian flat or on a precarious mountain road in Greece these stories share an insight into the darkest recesses of the spirit Displaying all of Mantel’s unmistakable style and wit they reveal a great writer at the peak of her powe. Hilary Mantel had written many books among them two long historical novels which both have won the Booker Prize Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies making her one of the few authors to win the Booker twice and the only woman to do so I can t speak about them as I haven t read them yet but when I saw this collection I thought that it was finally time to get acuainted The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher is Hilary Mantel s second collection of short stories in total and first in eleven years Most of these stories have been published before in various places the eponymous one being the most recent Though they all have female protagonists the stories themselves vary greatly in theme and setting The opening Sorry to Disturb which is set in Saudi Arabia and focuses on a female foreign narrator who tries to shun a persistent local man as she feels and encircled by him The Heart Fails Without Warningis the story of a continuous decline of a young anorectic as observed by her rude and unsympathetic sister How Shall I Know You is about a slightly neurotic English writer travelling across the country to a small town where she is to give a reading and the young woman that she meets at a local hotelThe titular story obviously attracted the most attention as it was chosen to give the volume its name understandably so as probably no other British politician has attracted such strong and divided reaction There were many people in Britain who wanted to off the Iron Lady during her reign and this story features one of them an IRA assassin and a wealthy woman connected by their loathing for the Prime Minister She not only allows him to use her house as a sniping post but also gives him advice as to how to properly stage it as a break in and not leave any trail and asks him to tie her up next to the window so she can see all the action in its gory detailI thought that the last title story would be my favorite but it wasn t my favorite turned to be included pretty early in the volume Comma the second story is about two young girls from different backgrounds who both from sort of a friendship as they spy on a neighboring family and their unusual baby Mantel invokes a perfect sense of nostalgia and youth and the only complaint it is way to short I could easily have read a whole novel about these girls and wanted to know much about them how they d grown up and how their lives would turn out to be Unfortunately this complaint can be extended to almost all of the stories in this collection the endings are way too sudden and unsatisfying and I was mostly left unaffected and in the case of Comma disappointed that they were already over Hilary Mantel can write very well but I don t think that these stories necessarily show her at her best form I think I would like to read her when she feels no constraint of form and can write and develop both characters and structure and plot as long as she wants Which I guess is the perfect motivation for me to finally get around to reading her novels and now I m interested in not only the historical ones

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The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher free read ´ 106 Hilary Mantel ☆ 6 review read & download The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher A brilliant – and rather transgressive – collection of short stories from the double Man Booker Prize winning author of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the BodiesIncluding a new story The School of EnglishHilary Mantel is one of Britain’s most accomplished and acclaimed writers In these ten bracingly subversive tales all her gift. In those days the doorbell didn t ring often and if it did I would draw back into the body of the house Only at a persistent ring would I creep over the carpets and make my way to the front door with its spy hole We were big on bolts and shutters deadlocks and mortises safety chains and windows that were high and barred Through the spy hole I saw a distraught man in a crumpled silver grey suit thirties Asian He had dropped back from the door and was looking about him at the closed and locked door opposite and up the dusty marble stairs He patted his pockets took out a balled up handkerchief and rubbed it across his face He looked so fraught that his sweat could have been tears I opened the doorA dark combination of delicious gloomy short stories by Hilary Mantel All stories feature women in the main role and these are not happy stories Every story immediately plunges into a rather disturbing gloomy sad or weird uncertain situation unclear how it is going to end Easy to read most stories fascinating Really enjoyed this one The stories were already published separately over the years first one from 1993 most stories in The Guardian and The London Review of Books For those who like a disturbing bewildering read of short stories recommended First story Sorry to Disturb features a woman in an apartment in Saudi Arabia her husband stationed there for work She takes medicine clearly is not really well and somewhat depressed and one day there s a distraught man in a crumpled silver grey suit Thirties Asian ringing the doorbell And it is the start of a stalking story I read Mantel lived in Saudi Arabia also so undoubtedly her experiences sound through in this story Loved this collection of stories

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The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher free read ´ 106 Hilary Mantel ☆ 6 review read & download The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher S of characterisation and observation are fully engaged summoning forth the horrors so often concealed behind everyday façades Childhood cruelty is played out behind the bushes in ‘Comma’; nurses clash in ‘Harley Street’ over something than professional differences; and in the title story staying in for the plumber tu. If you re into stuff like this you can read the full reviewReality behind the surface Literature The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher by Hilary MantelThis is my first Mantel I ve been postponing reading the first two volumes of the Cromwell trilogy waiting for the third volume to come out predictably in 2016 One does not tackle a twice awarded writer with the Man Booker Prize without having everything in one big bundle to make a proper assessmentNevertheless here goes my first take on Hilary Mantel for what it s worth One of my favourite things in life is reading that truly astounding book at the right juncture in time ie a book that mysteriously echoes and enriches my current thoughts I think this was one of those imperfectperfect books There is a peculiar comfort in reading a book whose structures and operations mimic what I think literature should be all about One of the things I like the most about literature is to read it and later on write about it Literature for me is all about a set of interlocking conventions a system and how we can read this so called system into something meaningfulYou can find the rest of this review elsewhere

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