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The Harmony Silk Factory

The Harmony Silk Factory review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook H century Johnny's factory is the most impressive structure in the region and to the inhabitants of the Kinta Valley Johnny is a hero a Communist who fought the Japanese when they invaded ready to sacrifice his life for the welfare of his people But to his son Jasper Johnny is a crook and a collaborator who betrayed the very peo. The Harmony Silk Factory is a very good book It is a very light book as well supple and nuanced elegantly concealing and yielding its gems in the same movement It is not however a simple book though it may appear as such to the simple reader who is unable to comprehend unreliable narration or distinguish between a narratorial voice and the author function Much of Aw s concerns here revolve around the act of narrativizing itself how history is a palimpsest how perception and personal bias skew our reconstruction of the past To that extent a huge portion of the book s emotional power flows out of the subtle misalignment and dislocation of perspective and memory The sadness of the reader is the sadness of solipsism of seeing minds hopelessly adrift and disconnected from each other only briefly touching every now and then upon the current This emotion is heightened by Aw s Brechtian tendency to withhold catharsis deliberately leaving the threads of this text frayed For all of its ambiguity however I would hardly call this novel a condescending one because it often gives the attentive reader the keys by which it may be decoded Tash s tightly written prose features repeated images of machinery architecture and textiles all of which may be seen as fractals and symbols for the novel s own design Despite all I wrote in the previous paragraph for instance the machinery of this novel is hardly a visible one and the effects produced by its workings appear effortless and well lubricated Every now and then the author offers a visible indicator of his intentions like when he takes events explored in great detail in prior sections and repositions them as buried but conspicuous Flaubertian detail in later passages or when a famous Modernist opening is subversively uoted to illuminate deftly sketched parallels in character and plot These moments are rare flashes of complexity in the text serving to remind us that this novel is one that actively engages in intertextual dialogue with its forebears viz Hemingway and Conrad Nonetheless they are prominent precisely for their rarity Aw is otherwise economical almost to the point of frailty weaving together different portions of the plot in the confidence that sinuous delicate connections will suffice For all of its complicated architecture the building which ultimately emerges is organic in appearance graceful and fluent not phallic and brutalist The text is a tower of silk standing despite itself a miracle by existence Be patient with it Offer up a long obedience to Aw Let the work envelop you and you will receive its beauty

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The Harmony Silk Factory review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ple he pretended to serve and the Harmony Silk Factory is merely a front for his father's illegal businesses This debut novel from Tash Aw gives us an exuisitely written look into another culture at a moment of crisis The Harmony Silk Factory won the 2005 Whitbread First Novel Award and also made it to the 2005 Man Booker longli. Though Aw won the Whitbread First Novel Award for this book in 2005 I wasn t overly impressed Interesting for its references to Malay culture and society I thought the novel very constructed The central character of the book Johnny Lim is discussed by his son his wife and an old friend all highlighting very different aspects of the man and all seeing him in very different lights Although the concept is intriguing and the conclusion valid that the way you see the people around you depends on what information you have at your disposal too often did parts of the individual stories feel unreal For example the middle part of the book excerpts from the diary of Johnny Lim s wife leave too many uestions which the wife herself would most likely feel unhappy left unanswered Similarly too many details in the story told by Johnny Lim s son can only clearly be nothing but conjecture though he claims the story to be true using history s hindsight as well as supposed uncovered sources he s found over the years However him ualifying aspects of scenes to which no one but dead men were part of takes away from the credibility of his story and therefore from the uality of the book

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The Harmony Silk Factory review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Joseph Conrad W Somerset Maugham and Anthony Burgess have shaped our perceptions of Malaysia In Tash Aw we now have an authentic Malaysian voice that remaps this literary landscape The Harmony Silk Factory traces the story of textile merchant Johnny Lim a Chinese peasant living in British Malaya in the first half of the twentiet. People who enter our worlds from the outside are always fascinating than the ones close to us but in the end we always see senseFrom THE HARMONY SILK FACTORY by Tash Aw 2005 ReadTheWorld21 MalaysiaThe setting British Malaya modern Malaysia months before Japanese occupation in WWII Later scenes in modern day MalaysiaThe characters a Malaysian of Chinese descent Johnny Lim his wife Snow their son Jasper his friend expatriate Brit Peter secondary cast of in laws business partners and a Japanese professorAw s debut novel received high marks award nominations and all sorts of accolades back in the mid 2000s After reading I can see why The composition is fantastic as is his engaging writing styleThree people tell stories about a singular man and their relationship to him over time But through these stories where is the thread of truth The many faces of a person through time Father husband friend employer confidant informantParts 2 and 3 are where this story truly takes shape and sheds some light on Part 1 I so enjoy when a story takes on multiple viewpoints and re lives certain scenes again through different eyes and context Keen observations and puzzle like precision in storytelling That happens several times here and Aw writes it wellMy second piece by Tash Aw read his THE FACE Strangers on a Pier essay years ago It was great to get back to his work with this earlier novel

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