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Free read º The Memory of Sky Great Ship #4 ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Diamond is an odd little boy a seemingly fragile child who proves to be anything but An epic story begins when he steps into the. Imagine a vibrant noisy world in which trees hang from the sky and humans dwell in their trunks where sunlight and monsters drift up from the mysterious demon floor far below Into this chaotic order a child is born a child who has the ability to remember any fact to subtly alter his form to heal from any wound His very humanity is a gift a promise of a future where his descendants are a little closer to immortal and invincible The child is a precious invaluable terrifying prize for whatever district or whatever people can claim him But like any power that can be avariciously hoarded the child s very potential may be enough to tip the world into apocalyptic destructionI have to admit that I m one of those shallow readers who is seduced by cover art and between Memory of Sky s gorgeous artwork evocative title and appealing blurb on Netgalley I was sold The description made the story sound like a childhood adventure a romp in a beautiful and creative world a cozy fluffy readIt isn tIndependent of the nature of your preconceptions The Memory of Sky is not what you think it is While at times it seems to be the story of the adventures of a special boy or a coming of age tale or a war story the narrative undergoes abrupt and disconcerting shifts It is not exactly hard scifi or space opera or high fantasy The closest I can come is an incredibly creative story of speculative fiction marked by an unusual yet absorbing writing style and a world that is simultaneously uncomfortably close and disturbingly alien to our ownThe world is a vibrant noisy place where every movement follows some infinitely intricate ordered plan The enormous batlike leatherwings swoop between the enormous trees that hang from the sky ducking around the industrious treewalkers who scamper up the tree ramps and into the dwellings within the trunks Far away from the majestic bloodwood trees that house the palaces and universities and markets in the treewalkers District of Districts the stolid papio the landwalking cousins of the treewalkers toil amongst the vast coral beds Farther below even the papio some adventurous treewalkers ride the winds down towards the demon floor the bottom of the earth the mysterious hot place from which light and rain and the monstrous coronas emergeThe writing style is peculiar yet oddly vivid After an initial adjustment I found myself savouring it I loved how it tempered my perspective of the world I thought the style was as peculiar and unbalancing and vivid as the story itself I think the aspect that I loved most was the way that Reed was able to construct a definition of normality that deviated so sharply from our own As far as I can tell Diamond is human in appearance and the treewalkers are peculiarly simian from our perspective Reed manages to perfectly capture treewalker perspective to portray a world where trees hang from the sky and light comes from below where arms are longer and feet are nearly prehensile as utterly natural Even the tiny details the way that the people count in recitations and days rather than hours and years added a new dimension to the worldDiamond the main protagonist is aptly named Like the almost forgotten diamonds of the lost human world he is a precious object whose very presence has the potential to inspire terrible greed that in turn erupts into fierce conflict Yet Diamond s very peculiarities create a most likely intentional distance between the characters and the reader The story itself starts out bright and cozy yet abruptly drops into depressing tragedy Because of their pain and their sheer strangeness I had difficulty connecting with the characters However the worldbuilding was so creative so fascinating so simultaneously vividly detailed and mysterious that I kept reading If you re a hard scifi reader this might not be the best fit certain aspects of the worldbuilding seemed problematic to me and personally I d classify it as speculative fiction rather than scifi Also although I didn t realise it until later this is apparently the third book in a series so it is entirely possible that aspects of the story that I failed to understand would be comprehensible with sufficient background While the central mystery remained unresolved for me I still found it oddly satisfying even if I don t really understand everything I have the sense that the world is solidly constructed and that the answers are out there To tell the truth I was thoroughly enchanted by the disorienting changes in perspective the enigmatic events and even my sheer bewildermentThe best word I can use to describe The Memory of Sky is different While it is far darker than the books I usually read and while aspects of the plot feel both inevitable and tragic I loved the way that it kept me on edge always searching for the clues that would help me to unravel the worldExcerpted from my review on booklikesI received this ebook through NetGalley from the publisher Prime Books in exchange for my honest review

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Free read º The Memory of Sky Great Ship #4 ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Species the papio rule its far edges Does Diamond hold the promise to remake one species and perhaps change all of the Creation. This was a REALLY long and tedious book to read It was an arduous journey to get to where it was obviously going to go before I started reading it yet it explained practically nothing It took me almost 4 months of falling asleep reading this to finish itWhere was that last chapter that actually explained things I could have read 5 or 6 interesting books in the time I spend working on this one falling asleep too easily because I was never once enthralled to care about what was about to happen on the next pageI can only imagine that there is another book forthcoming in 10 years or so

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Free read º The Memory of Sky Great Ship #4 ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF World his parents have so carefully kept him from a world where gigantic trees each house thousands of humans and another human. I hesitate I ve read and been haunted in a good way by a growing number or Robert Reed s novels and shorter works It s not unusual for me to feel a bit disoriented at times by the often implicit nature of his story telling In The Memory of Sky the characters are unmistakably uniue and their struggles well described playing out over a world so rich and so richly different than anything almost anyone could imagine Yet yes yet the story that was so intricately woven seemed to loosen and toward the end The Four or the Twelve if the Eight in One is given its due had but a tentative mutual relationship at best by the end how could they create much of anything together when two or three and maybe four had acted or threatened to act to annihilate one or of the other self healers by spraying the brain in small pieces far and wide What did they have to do with what was implied as the new better world coming into existence A bridge was missing What did they think about or feel toward these children in this new world

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