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Read The Second Coming í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ting journey through the main events that we have witnessed in recent yearsOne century after the Communist revolution the very idea that the world could be changed for the better seems dead once and for all Every time that a new change occurs nowadays it seems to be a change for the worse But the fact that nothing can save us any shouldn't be seen as a form of fatality or a reason for. Italian egghead Berardi claims the current apocalypse rebirth of nationalism ecological disaster wealth ineuality information overload etc will lead to the second coming ofcommunism OK he doesn t mean 1917 era Soviet communism he means a new communism What is this new communism Berardi s vision is pretty vague and clouded with philosophical mumbo jumbo but basically he forecasts a neurological reshuffling of the general intellect which will lead to a new system of semio production according to social needs OK Good luck with that This isn t nearly as thought provoking as his earlier And Phenomenology of the End This one seems pretty superficial in comparison The egghead does make a couple valid points First on the decline of critical thinking The sphere of objectified knowledge has been enormously enhanced while available time for conscious elaboration has inversely decreased This double dynamic has provoked an explosion of unawareness Second on the fact that most people couldn t care less about data mining The problem is most people don t give a damn about the protection of their privacy because they have nothing to hide and to protect The rest of it is just a fairly standard critiue of neoliberalism stuffed with hyper philosophical cant and bombast

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Read The Second Coming í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Surrender On the contrary if our world is dead then the space is open for another to appear a world where apocalypse can shake us out of our zombie like contemporary existence The second coming of Communism will have nothing to do with 1917 Apocalypse has to be conceived of as a metaphor and Communism is a metaphor too the metaphor of the possible deployment of the potentials of the mi. Some parts not altogether convincing but the closing chapter than makes up for it

Free download É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é Franco Bifo Berardi

Read The Second Coming í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB We have entered the gateway to the apocalypse This theological concept is the best metaphor to describe the world in which we are already living Chaos is all around us political folly economical delirium ecological catastrophe intellectual cynicism technological simulation of life This is what Franco 'Bifo' Berardi suggests in this wry dark disconcerting but also brilliant and invigora. I don t know if this is a masterwork but this is one of the most relevant books to our current struggle against mass violence Berardi already tackled mass killings in Heroes and The Second Coming offers a look at what is really behind these killings on an ideological level A triumph of unreason and idiocy in the form of white supremacy made possible and amplified by our usage of social networks Ultimately the only thing that stands in between our collective solution to this sort of apocalyptic scenario we find ourselves in is our greed conformism cynicism and ignorance Each one of these ualities subdues our willingness to do something about the wave of far right extremism we find ourselves engulfed by the shit storm

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