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Read Ñ The Devil's ueen Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free To win Henri's love and enhance her fertility for which she would pay a price Against the lavish and decadent backdrop of the French court and Catherine's blood soaked visions of the future Kalogridis reveals the great love and desire Catherine bore for her husband Henri and her stark determination to keep her sons on the throne. Historical novels written from the perspective of an actual historical figure can be a hit and miss Depending on how much is known about that person s life the author may have a lot or very little to go on As with any historical fiction depicting a real life figure there may be some assumptions andor embellishments about events in said figure s lifeThis novel is written from the first person perspective which can be very interesting when done right Even with letters from that person or firsthand accounts of said person it is next to impossible to know what a person really thought or felt about any situation it takes a careful hand to present a realistic portrayal of how a historical figure may have felt about what was happening around them or how they viewed themselvesI think the author did a good job of presenting a realistic POV for Catherine de Medici and her reactions to certain events of her life such as her husband s infidelities or what happened with her children The magic aspect when it came to her children certainly was an intriguing bit of fantasy from the author but one that could fit in real life I was not sure how to feel about the revelation of the Prince of Navarre as there is nothing to support that However I will say that within the other fantasy the author put in the book it was an intriguing plot point I can only say that while you can enjoy this book make yourself aware of what is pure fictionThe author s notes at the back of the book give a good bit of historical context and actually led me to do research on my own Though with the death of all four of Catherine s sons the fourth son not mentioned in this novel predeceased his older brother so Edouard s death really did end the Valois dynasty the House of Valois may have come to an end but Catherine de Medici s descendants continued through her daughters so she is still the ancestor of many notable figures including royalty or their spouses of various countries

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Read Ñ The Devil's ueen Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Confidante of Nostradamus scheming mother in law to Mary ueen of Scots and architect of the bloody St Bartholomew's Day Massacre Catherine de Medici is brought to life by Jeanne Kalogridis the bestselling author of I Mona Lisa and The Borgia BrideBorn into one of Florence's most powerful families Catherine was soon left a fabulou. Author Jeanne Kalogridis puts her own spin on the life of the infamous Catherine de Medici in The Devil s ueen Left orphaned and extremely wealthy Catherine s early life was marred by revolts among the Florentines against the de Medicis Once the revolts are over her hopes to rule Florence are forever dashed when her uncle the Pope marries her off to Henri the second son of the French King Disenchanted with Catherine Henri soon turns to the older Diane de Poitiers for comfort and the childless Catherine becomes increasingly desperate to conceive a child before she is cast aside and that includes resorting to charting the stars and casting spells Henri s older brother dies leaving him heir to the crown and Catherine destined to be ueen although de Poitiers is the one who will remain the power behind the throne Despite success at finally conceiving thanks to the black arts the predictions of Nostradamus and Ruggieri of the fate that awaits Henri and her children continue to haunt her dreams and she will take any steps to protect them no matter what cost and the story finally culminates with her daughter Margot s marriage to Henry of Navarre and the St Bartholomew s Day massacre Alrighty that storyline should have enough meat on it s bones to keep a reader riveted don t you think Not but then it s probably just me again it usually is My problems start with the use of the first person narrative effectively hemming the author into a very limited point of view To witness certain private events the author had to invent situations wherein Catherine could observe them and worse yet when Catherine is not involved in the action she is recounting history to the reader so that we re being told and not shown and I found myself nodding off on a few occasions A genealogy chart andor cast of characters is sadly missing how many average readers are truly familiar with the period and it s players Something to refer back to would have been very helpful and I thought it a bit presumptuous not to include it As for the sex it s not over the top but at times I felt it a bit too gratuitous and there were way too many instances of it being done from the back side Less is Also and anyone correct me if I m wrong but according to other books I ve read and Wik there were four sons who ruled where in the hell was Henri the third son Did I read a different book again For the most part Kalogridis appears to stick to known history although there are two plot twists which I will not divulge that are rather far fetched IMHO and unfortunately the author does not address them in her meager 1 12 page author notes as to what historical basis she has for including those in her story Get it from the library if you must I m glad I did A very very generous three stars Honestly I think you re better off with Dumas try The Two Dianas and La Reine Margot

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Read Ñ The Devil's ueen Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Sly rich orphan Violent conflict tore apart the city state and she found herself imprisoned before finally being released and married off to the handsome Prince Henri of France Overshadowed by her husband's mistress the gorgeous conniving Diane de Poitiers and unable to bear children Catherine resorted to the dark arts of sorcery. Madame he said gently You and I understand each other well I think better than the rest of the world understands us You and I see things others do not Too much for our comfort The words of Monsieur de Nostredame to Madame la Reine Catherine de Medicis ueen Consort of Henry II King of France 1519 1589 to Catherine during one of his visits before being removed for an astrologerThe Devil s ueen was fond of astrology and much of her life Catherine De Medici practiced the art whenever possible Her childhood friend Cosimo Ruggieri was the son of Bernozzo a physician and psychic His date of birth is unknown but appears to be about the same as Catherine and both are from Florence Cosimo the magician would play a deep and abiding role in Cathrine s entire life From amulets to spells Cosimo watched over and loved Catherine from afar for most of his lifeThis version of Catherine s life is uniuely different from any other I could find And the reviews for the most part failed to give Author Kalogridis credit for her uniue approach to a much written subjectCosimo gave Catherine a black stone with a bit of greenery the Wing of Corvus Resing held the power of the raven s star and the wing would shelter her from harm Although she died before Cosimo Catherine depended on Cosimo for comfort guidance and the necessary spells to provide heirs escape harm and keep her family in power Was the Saint Bartholemew massacre fate or a result of Catherine s actions Read The Devil s ueen and decide for yourself

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