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The Golden Couple

review The Golden Couple ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Elessly and irrevocably in love with. So can I just say HOLY CRAP I kind of started this book knowing that something like this was going to happen Being my stupid self I ignored this bad feeling and kept on reading not like I could have stopped I was hooked from the start It s rare that you come across a book that explains life imperfections this book however did just that It was full of unhappy endings rough times and the importance of family and friends I absolutely loved Sophie and Bryce their relationship was beautiful and also the importance of the annoying bestfriend Clayton throughout the bookWhen the book was coming to an end I knew what was going to happen but here I was being my stupid self again hoping I was wrong So not being a person that cries easily or often at all this genuinely surprised me I was sitting there and had tears in my eyes It struck so many emotions and hit home but I absolutely loved it

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review The Golden Couple ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Bryce Harrison And this is our stor. I hate this book in the best way possible The only reason why it s missing a star is because some of the information was wrong Sometimes Bryce had blue eyes and other times he had caramel brown eyes And then I guess Sophie had her 17th birthday but it was never mentioned or brought up She was all of a sudden 17 And then the way overused line of I crossed my right leg over my left I can t count how many times that damn line was in this book Either way this book is fucking heartbreaking and I hate it

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review The Golden Couple ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook My name is Sophie Allen And I am hop. I told you that I would fight as long as I could and that offer still stands But I need you to know that I am running out of fight Bryce said during this report you will find out that Bryce is insanely sweet and he has a really big struggle Cancer Bryce Harrison and Sophie Allen are the golden couple at their school During the time Bryce starts getting headaches and finds out that he has brain cancer Overall This book is really good When Bryce is sweet the reader has an awww moment and when reading about his struggle with cancer the reader begins to feel for him Whether he got good news from the doctor and the reader was happy or he got bad news from the doctor and the reader was sad Bryce Harrison is the sweetest guy ever When Bryce is sweet in the story the reader will go Oh that s cute Or awwwww Sophie Allen is his girlfriend and he will do anything to keep sophie happy Bryce is so sweet that one time Sophie was in a bad mood and she wasn t feeling good She didn t think that day would get any better that was until Bryce showed up With 12 dozen lilies This is really sweet because he showed up even though he could risk getting sick This was one of the best parts in the book because right away it shows that Bryce cares for her that even though he has cancer and it s really bad if he gets sick he doesn t care He just wants to make sure Sophie is okay Sophie and Bryce support each other in anyway possible Bryce loves sports and Sophie loves academics Understanding academics is hard for Bryce but he told Sophie I m attracted to you like a proton is attracted to an electron Sophie tries to engage herself with baseball She is at every game and has learned many things about baseball So when Bryce said this it showed that he supports her and is invested in what she does This part made the book good because Bryce is an athlete and how many athletes do you know would come and support anyone at an academic event Not very many It s like saying every football player at your school went to a band concert That s just some of the reason why I think Bryce being sweet and caring make the story great but even though Bryce is sweet and acts likes nothing s wrong he is actually undergoing a huge struggle Bryce undergoes a lot of struggles However he has a really big and hard struggle Cancer This makes the story great because it adds a lot of suspense to the book For example does he get good or bad news from the doctor Is his brain tumor actually cancerous or did they find it in time At the beginning of the story Bryce endures a lot of headaches He then goes on to find out he has a brain tumor Which him and Sophie call and brain alien This is a big struggle because imagine what it would be like when someone said you have cancer and couldn t play baseball for a whole year This makes the story interesting because you don t know how Bryce will react and when Sophie and Bryce came up with a nickname for the cancer it just made it that much cute During his fight for survival he finds out that the doctors can t do anything else for him and his survival is slim This makes the story interesting and this part especially adds a lot of suspense because the reader doesn t know if he is gonna die or if he makes it through Finding out this information would be horrible That s like saying the people that produce Mountain Dew aren t going to produce it any The golden couple is always there for each other Even when cancer is in the picture When someone important has cancer they will always need someone to help them and encourage them Also treating each other like a prince and princesses As stated above Bryce and Sophie look and treat each other like the world and cancer never stopped that In the end Bryce lost his fight with cancer So if someone important to you has cancer spend every minute with them as possible