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review ¼ The Hypnotist characters ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Laurence Anholt Laurence Anholt ✓ 3 free download South He has certain skills that he mostly keeps hidden Skills in hypnotism and mind controlPip and Jack’s lives become inextricably linked as the heat of racial tension builds to a terrifying storm”Part thriller part love story this extraordinary debut novel l. Set in the Deep South of the American 1960 s a black orphan boy a mute Native American servant girl and an Irish Neurology professor are an unlikely suad In a society overwhelmed by prejudice they must employ all of their courage cunning and wit to free themselves from their oppressorsThis book is amazing Here at Book Box Club we loved it so much we featured it in our Freedom Suad themed October box and we were thrilled to get the chance to chat to Laurence in our members only online book club with our members The Hypnotist is so brilliantly written it has been months and months since I read it but some of the scenes have really stuck with me and I still find myself daydreaming about the characters There is no getting around it the subject matter is tough reading in parts but that is one of the thing

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review ¼ The Hypnotist characters ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Laurence Anholt Laurence Anholt ✓ 3 free download In the dead of night Pip is plucked from an orphanage and hired as a farm hand But Pip is black The farmer and his wife are white And this is 1960’s America where race defines youJack Morrow has left his native Ireland dreaming of a new life in the American Deep. When Pip is bought and paid for at an orphanage he is worried for his future But the worn skinny old man called Mr Zachary who adopts him seems kind enough on the long drive back to his farm as he explains what he wants Pip to do Since Pip was the only boy who could read at the orphanage he was the perfect candidate to read to Zachary s bed ridden wife LillybellePip is shocked when he meets her but they soon build a positive relationship as he covers her every need and reads from his copy of Great Expectations a gift from his mother before his parents died in a car accident There is another young teen at the farm Beautiful mute Hannah an American Indian who Pip thinks is the most beautiful girl he s ever seenBut life on Dead River Farm isn t all sweet The Zachary s have a son called Erwin

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review ¼ The Hypnotist characters ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Laurence Anholt Laurence Anholt ✓ 3 free download Ooks at where life can take you when your expectations are greatOfficially endorsed by Amnesty International The Hypnotist was hailed by The Bookseller in their ‘Ones to Watch’ section as ‘gripping compelling storytelling with a powerful anti racist message?. A powerful book If I d had time to read it in one session I would have done so It was interesting to read that the author s family Jews from Persia who fled the country as refugees from racist policies in the 17th century came from the town of ShushanSusa where the story of Esther the heroine who saved her people from the racist vizier Haman is set Anyway this and his father s experiences as a member of British Intelligence during and just after WWII inspired this novel The author wanted to write about his ancestors but it was too close to home for the moment As historical fiction it works very well Perhaps a half star down because it s not really YA though marketed as such The main characters Pip and Hannah are teenagers yes but we also get plenty of viewpoint from the other protagonist Jack Morrow the

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