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The Soft Machine Download ð 104 Ureaucracy and addiction in all its forms Burroughs gives us a surreal space odyssey through the wounded galaxies in a book only he could creat. Burroughs has the power to make almost anyone s skin crawl His works are clusters of unfocused creative genius complete with hoards of vulgarities and absurd gags Naked Lunch was a transcendent reading experience for me it was like nothing I d ever read before It was something uniue and edgy totally off the walls crazy to a point of extreme difficulty but also extreme entertainment The Soft Machine is uite similar in these regards but it is also even less focused and experimental It s really just a bunch of words jammed together to form sentences that are hilarious original satirical disgusting and above all absolutely bewildering in every way imaginable I assume this entire thing was written by Burroughs while he was on some heavy drugs which is pretty much the case with most of his work but this one especially There s no plot here although there are scenes and reoccurring characters but they are likely to disappear a time any moment In the middle of a sentence everything can change over the course of a single page excrement can turn into metal and the phrase rectal mucus may even be used several goddamn times The faint of heart might want to stay away from this one for sure as it does get pretty damn nasty at times which is actually an understatement Seriously this book can get really fucking gross and disturbing as it is filled with violently sexual and sexually violent content as well as some of the most repulsive descriptions of obscene to say the least acts in literary history However it s also pretty funny and is not afraid to be both enjoyable and disgusting simultaneously which is a trick few authors can pull off nearly as well as Burroughs So dive into this insane discomforting oddity at your own risk but be warned it may be the most confusing and gross thing you ve ever read even if you re used to transgressive and experimental lit

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The Soft Machine Download ð 104 In Naked Lunch William S Burroughs revealed his genius In The Soft Machine he begins an adventure that will take us even further into the dark. In order to accomplish the purpose I prostituted myself to one of the priests Most distasteful thing I ever stood still for During the sex act he metamorphosed himself into a green crab from the waist up retaining human legs and genitals that secreted a caustic erogenous slime while a horrible stench filled the hut I was able to endure these horrible encounters by promising myself the pleasure of killing this disgusting monster when the time came And my reputation as an idiot was by now so well established that I escaped all but the most routine control measures So the paragraph above that I shared with you is strange but easily understood Now check out this paragraph Larval people whispering flesh Eyes ejaculated spine mud Black gum in member Old junky coughing limestone in the obsidian morning the sale mirror to red sky Manipulated spasms puppets vestigial meat Pulsing pink shell Red pagodas and crystal accounts Wet dream eyes hanging in lust of dead flesh patios Boy chrysalis in streets of postcard Eating birds patrol black lichen Catatonic sports sear lungs of dream clay Lust of mud bubble coal gas the insect street Flesh ejaculation Penis in the broken mirror rocks of Marwan Serving the crystal dawn photo of sex On the Brass and Copper Street This book was originally composed using the cut up techniue inspired by the artist Brion Gysin Let me define cut up for you Cut up is performed by taking a finished and fully linear text and cutting it in pieces with a few or single words on each piece The resulting pieces are then rearranged into a new text So William S Burroughs wrote a traditional novel and then cut those sentences up into pieces and rearranged them randomly Maybe less of a creative process than just a random throw of the dice Burroughs was not happy with the 1961 edition and in several editions after the original he continued to make radical changes It is the type of novel that possibly because of the randomness of design can never be finished He added standard prose to each new edition to make the book readable There is this moment when he writes But then who am I to be critical I chuckled because it was as if he were talking to the reader There is a lot of homosexual sex described but a lot of it is fairly repetitive He likes the words jissom jism and rectum and the phrase ragged pants to the ankles Did I say there was a lot of sex description I meant there is oceans mountains oodles gobs and forgive my French aloads Yes I m being tongue in cheek of sexual situations There is a linear prose chapter titled The Mayan Caper which gives the reader some idea of what they are actually reading about If you do decide to take on the task of reading this novel and you become bogged down frustrated discombobulated or start screaming uncontrollably please skip ahead to this chapter and soothe your ruffled reader s soul with at least something you can wrap your mind around I made notes of some cool passages that I really liked An evil old character with sugary eyes that stuck to you They were ripe for the plucking forgot way back yonder in the corn hole Lost in little scraps of delight and burning scrolls The man opposite me didn t look like much A thin grey man in a long coat that flickered like old film in these times when practically anybody is subject to wander in from the desert with a uit claim deed and snatch a girl s snatch right out from under her assets When the boy peeled off the dry goods he gives off a slow stink like a thawing mummy Crab men peer out of abandoned uarries and shag heaps some sort of vestigial eye growing cheek bone and a look about them as if they could take root and grow on anybody Even the linear prose is sometimes as confusing as the cut up techniue sections Most people probably do not need to read this trilogy but if you are someone who enjoys looking at words used in unusual ways or if you are someone who wants to write innovative songs or progressive novels or if you are someone who thinks that you understand what edgy writing is all about you probably do need to at least dip a toe into the murky waters of Soft Machine What will I do Well I will read the rest of the series and probably over time everything that Burroughs wrote I save his books for a time when I feel I am becoming stale or too comfortable Sometimes I just reach these crustaceous moments when I start to feel like a barnacle attached to the underside of a boat permanently moored in port Human faces tentative flicker in and out of focus We waded into the warm mud water Hair and ape flesh off in screaming strips Stood naked human bodies covered with phosphorescent green jelly Soft tentative flesh cut with ape wounds Peeling other genitals Fingers and tongues rubbing off the jelly cover Body melting pleasure sounds in the warm mud Till the sun went and a blue wind of silence touched human faces and hair When we came out of the mud we had names If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews 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The Soft Machine Download ð 104 Recesses of his imagination a region where nothing is sacred nothing taboo Continuing his ferocious verbal assault on hatred hype poverty war b. The Soft Machine is like a travelogue concocted by a perverted and drugged space travelerI had this special Green Boy I was making it with who knew the ropes you might say and he told me we have to tune the heat wave out with music So we get all the Indians and all the Green Boys with drums and flutes and copper plates and stayed just out of the heat blast beating the drums and slowly closed in lam had rigged up a catapult to throw limestone boulders and shattered the cubicle so we move in with spears and clubs and finish them off and smashed the heat sending set that was a living radio with insect parts We turn the Green Boys loose and on our way rejoicingIt is an acid trip in which atrocities and scatology are special delicacies and tidbits on offerI pushed into a Turkish Bath and surprised a faggot brandishing a deformed erection in the steam room and strangled him straightaway with a soapy towel I had to check in I was thin now barely strength in my receding flesh to finish off that tired faggot I got into my clothes shivering and gaping and walked into the terminal drugstore Five minutes to twelve Five minutes to score I walked over to the night clerk and threw a piece of tin on himAnd William S Burroughs surely is a revolutionary but I don t know exactly of what sort however probably sexual or maybe chemical or perhaps even linguistic During the sex act he metamorphosed himself into a green crab from the waist up retaining human legs and genitals that secreted a caustic erogenous slime while a horrible stench filled the hut I was able to endure these horrible encounters by promising myself the pleasure of killing this disgusting monster when the time came And my reputation as an idiot was by now so well established that I escaped all but the most routine control measuresIt takes all kinds to make the world so even a depiction of despicable vices can be hustled at a profit

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