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review Touchstone Touchstone Summary µ 8 Laurie R. King ã 8 Free read Hailed for her rich and powerful works of psychological suspense as well as her New York Times bestselling mysteries Laurie R King now takes us to a remote cottage in Cornwall where a gripping tale of intrigue terrorism and explosive passions begins with a visit to a recluse upon whom the fate of an entire nation may rest a man code named TouchstoneIt’s eight years after the Great War shattered Bennett Grey’s life leaving him with an excruciating sensitivity to the potential of human violence and making social contact all but impossible Once studied by British intelligenc. I usually like Laurie King s booksshe s on my author alert at the library but I took this out TWICE from the library and couldn t finish it either time The second time I didn t even want to pick it up there were just too many other interesting things to do or readThe first time I got about halfway through before I had to return the book The subject matter wasn t terribly interesting to me it takes place in the 1920s and involves espionage and one man who was left with psychic abilities from his injuries in WWI So perhaps this is a better book for someone who is interested in period pieces and warfare

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review Touchstone Touchstone Summary µ 8 Laurie R. King ã 8 Free read E for his uniue abilities Grey has withdrawn from a rapidly changing world until an American Bureau of Investigation agent comes to investigate for himself Grey’s potential as a weapon in a vicious new kind of warfare Agent Harris Stuyvesant desperately needs Grey’s help entering a world where the rich and the radical exist side by side a heady mix of the powerful and the celebrated among whom lurks an enemy ready to strike a deadly blow at democracy on both sides of the AtlanticHere among a titled family whose servants dress in whimsical costumes and whose daughter condu. When you d rather fold laundry than read a bookit s time to put the book aside and move on to something else

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review Touchstone Touchstone Summary µ 8 Laurie R. King ã 8 Free read Cts an open affair with a man who wants to bring down the government Stuyvesant finds himself dangerously seduced by one woman and even dangerously falling in love with another And as he sifts through secrets divulged and kept he uncovers the target of a horrifying conspiracy and wonders if he can trust his touchstone Grey to reveal the most dangerous player of all Building to an astounding climax on an ancient English estate Touchstone is both a harrowing thriller by a master of the genre and a thought provoking exploration of the forces that drive history and human destinie. I ve been a Laurie King fan since I read her first book in the HolmesRussell series The Beekeeper s Apprentice Before Touchstone I d never really been able to get into what I think of as her stand alone titles rather than those that build into a series but this one really sucked me inI admit I m always intrigued by novels set during and around World War I perahps because it was such an awful landmark for modern warfare and its affect on both the world and individuals dealing with mechanized warfare and biological agents for the first time The trenches always chill me to the bone and this book uses echoes of that to discuss a lot of things heroism shell shock the aftereffects of being involved in that kind of way Of course as the book is set in 1926 there s also a lot of investigating the environment and politics that led to the beginnings of World War II Aside from all of that which has many connections to the distressing state of the world today this book is all about the characters and I loved them all As a mystery it isn t really much of one in that I pretty much guessed who the culprit was from almost the beginning of the book Then again I don t think the mystery was at all the point the point was how people got to that point and that is the far interesting storyI do hope she writes with these characters the novel ends in such a way that she very well could as I d love to see them go forward

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