[When You Reach Me Summary] E-pub By Rebecca Stead

  • Paperback
  • 199
  • When You Reach Me
  • Rebecca Stead
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9781849392129

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Free read Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ Rebecca Stead Rebecca Stead ñ 8 Free read When You Reach Me Summary î 8 Lises that whoever is leaving them knows things no one should know Each message brings her closer to believing that only she can prevent a tragic death Until the final note makes her think she's too late Newbery Winner 2010 2 on Barnes Noble s Top Ten Children s Books of 2009Maine Student Book Award Nominee 2010 2011I feel like I m missing something because every other review seems to be five stars I liked the book How could I not when it references A Wrinkle in Time so often I personally found the mystery to be easily solved I like how the author weaved the clues in but I found it to be very obvious and knew from the beginning from the book who it was and how it would work I m not sure if kids will feel the same way But the ease with which I solved the mystery is why I don t think I can give this book as glowing a review as everyone else seems toReally why is this book getting so much praise I feel like this is the first time that I ve ever been so confused by a book that people praise as awesome that I found predictable and thought was just okay And the I hear people praise the I want to dig my heels in I ve talked to two people about it and neither of them like it WHY IS THIS BOOK BEING PRAISED SO MUCH

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Free read Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ Rebecca Stead Rebecca Stead ñ 8 Free read When You Reach Me Summary î 8 Miranda's life is starting to unravel Her best friend Sal gets punched by a kid on the street for what seems like no reason and he shuts Miranda out of his life The key that Miranda's mum keeps hidden fo One of the most impressive things to me about middle grade literature is how much power their books can punch with so little pages It still astounds me As older people I guess we tend to over explain and over analyze Thank goodness there are authors that can still capture the feel of being a kid growing up and how simultaneously painful and wonderful it can beMiranda is a sixth grader who lives in New York City Her life seems pretty normal She has a best friend named Sal but that all changes one day Miranda is feeling all muddled and confused but what she does know is that she lost her best friend and can t seem to piece together why This was not the best time to lose a friend because Miranda keeps on receiving these mystery notes The person writing the notes seems to know what is happening before it actually does But how can that be And why the urgency and why her The story s timeline at least for me was confusing at first It s told through flashbacks but the reader periodically comes back to the present where Miranda s mom has been selected to be on The 20000 Pyramid I loved how the parent figures were an important part to the story as a whole Miranda s mother and her boyfriend play vital roles in her life and though they might not know everything that is going on you can tell through the pages that they love her dearly Then there is the atmosphere of the school and Miranda s classmates I didn t grow up in 1978 or in New York but I felt the atmosphere and the tone of the relationships so well that I got caught up in Miranda s plight easily Throughout the story Miranda is reading her favorite book A Wrinkle in Time This book is a kind of homage to A Wrinkle in Time By the way if you haven t read that book yet you should it s excellent tooWhat makes the story so great is the little things Seeing Miranda help her mom prepare for the game show the description of Sal playing basketball every day Miranda talking about time travel with Marcus the boys who taunt people across the street the weird shapes on Miranda s bathroom floor Colin hiding the bread and I could go on and on It reflects real life right A lot of times the little things add up to be something big and meaningful I commend the author for not talking down to the reader I don t ever think authors do this on purpose but I can tell she respects the reader and knows that kids can surprise us with how much they can process and understand Most importantly even though I don t necessarily have Miranda s personality or history this book reminded me of how it felt like to be in sixth grade again

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Free read Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ Rebecca Stead Rebecca Stead ñ 8 Free read When You Reach Me Summary î 8 R emergencies is stolen And then a mysterious note arrives'I am coming to save your friend's life and my ownI ask two favours First you must write me a letter'The notes keep coming and Miranda slowly rea W H O ATo say those last couple of chapters caught me off guard is an understatement I m stunned and or because of I found myself getting really emotional towards the end Just so goodRead in one dayrating