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Free read Winner Takes All Lucky Numbers #1 Cheryl Harper È 9 Free read Read · E-book, or Kindle E-pub È Cheryl Harper R on her way And her first stop is a village in the breathtaking mountains of Peru where Daniel Lincoln her lifelong crush is setting up medical clinics Stephanie thought she could hide her feelings for the Travel the world and get the true love feeling all over againIf you are looking for a heartwarming romance that reminds of you of falling in love for the first time then this is your story Not a spicy read but sometimes I just need the basics the romanceCheryl Harper takes you from Texas to Peru to give the heroine Stephanie a second shot at claiming her teenage crush Daniel He just happens to also be the older brother of one of her best friends I like the older brotherbest friend younger sister etc troupe and this story deliversWithout giving too much of the plot away Stephanie gets a chance to show Daniel that she is all grown up and not the little girl he remembers Daniel has than just Stephanie to contend with though and that gives this book an extra layer that keeps it from becoming a blah romance Daniel is a doctor who after having left a prestigious position at a hospital from home travels to Peru with a Doctors Without Borders type of organization He is struggling with his own perception of himself battling major ego and control issues and Stephanie s arrival throws him for a loopStephanie helps Daniel to see himself and who he wants to become she also does a little self actualization too Stephanie is an endearing character and I enjoyed reading about her interactions with people she met in PeruI did receive an ARC of this book for reviewThis romance between the couple is not super easy making it a little realistic yet still fun I also love the way the author ends the story You ll get your HEA but it s not a uick thrown together wrap up rather an ending that makes you glad you took the time to read the story I had to sigh at the end and then look forward to hopefully follow up stories for Stephanie s best friends

Free read Winner Takes All Lucky Numbers #1Winner Takes All Lucky Numbers #1

Free read Winner Takes All Lucky Numbers #1 Cheryl Harper È 9 Free read Read · E-book, or Kindle E-pub È Cheryl Harper Winning the lottery means finally living her dreams Stephanie Yates isn't really sure she's ready to leave her hometown and see the world but there's not much she can do about it now her friends have sent he Stephanie Yates had been in love with her best friend s brother since she was sixteen She was one of the three best friends who had been together since they were sixteen and now several years later they were contemplating the summer and playing the lottery Amazing as it was they won and somehow Stephanie was on her way to Peru and to see the man she shouldn t be in love with anyDaniel Lincoln was a doctor Just a doctor with very little self control which cost him a humiliating job loss in his hometown so now he was working with a nonprofit practicing medicine in Peru However he was getting and homesick and wasn t sure how to handle it but he knew he was a doctor and a good one so he was going to make it work When Daniel realizes that Stephanie has come to see him with her newly fattened checkbook and has grown up he isn t sure how he is going to handle her without going into big brother mode Stephanie wasn t sure what she planned when she planned on coming but somewhere along the line she realized where she was with herself wasn t where she wanted to be Could these two ever find a middle ground This was a hard book to get into The plot was unusual from winning the lottery traveling across the world and the best friend s brother trope There are parts of this book that are so well written you can imagine yourself there and really involved in the characters and there are parts that just fall flat Overall this book didn t speak out one way or another but it did leave me wondering if the other girls were going to get their own stories or if there would be any extension to Stephanie and Daniel s story

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Free read Winner Takes All Lucky Numbers #1 Cheryl Harper È 9 Free read Read · E-book, or Kindle E-pub È Cheryl Harper Hotshot doctor no problem but Daniel has changed And spending time with this strong caring man helps her imagine a new life for herself and for Daniel That is if he can start seeing her as than just a friend An inspirational story about finding your place in the world Very eye opening of how different the amenities are and what s needed in other countries I enjoyed the characters and loved seeing them connect and grow as the story evolvedWhen Stephanie Yates and her two best friends win the lottery they push her out the door for the trip to some place exotic that she s always talked about only she was thinking something along the lines of Paris not Peru where the one she compares all other men to is setting up medical clinicsDaniel Lincoln is the brother of one of her best friends and is the man she s had a crush on for like forever She sets out thinking she ll be fine to just pass through and get in and get out without showing her feelings for him but once she s there and spending time working with him she realizes how much he s changed He s an even better guy that he ever was before and she falls even deeper for him And worse she finds she s fulfilled in this foreign country than she is at home