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Tim Burgess á 4 Read & Download Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Tim Burgess Summary Telling Stories E band survived the imprisonment of influential keyboardist Rob Collins on a charge of armed robbery then the death of Collins in a car accident; their accountant running off with all their money and leaving them with a tax bill of almost £2 million; and in recent years the rock 'n' roll life style of Burgess himself as he took himself off to LA for the music and. A step above the average rock star autobiography Telling Stories manages to sidestep the usual linear chronology of gigs played girls shagged and drugs taken Of course that sort of stuff is in there but it is mixed in with interesting tangents which give insight into the mind and personality of Tim Burgess Most pleasingly what really came across was Tim s genuine enthusiasm for music and his range of musical tastes something surprisingly lacking in some other music autobiographies Whilst I am not a mega fan of The Charlatans I like a good rock autobiography and I found Tim Burgess to be affable interesting and over the course of 233 pages good company

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Tim Burgess á 4 Read & Download Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Tim Burgess Summary Telling Stories Tim Burgess grew up in rural Cheshire but from his mid teens he spent as much time as he could at the legendary Hacienda in Manchester He was invited to be the vocalist in newly formed The Charlatans who went from supporting The Stone Roses to having three UK number one albums and seventeen Top Thirty singles They rode the waves of first Madchester then Britpop Th. Tim Burgess is clearly bonkers These loose limbed ramblings about his shambolic rocking and rolling are as close to full on stream of consciousness hokum as anything Joyce or Ms Woolf published Plus neither Ulysses nor To The Lighthouse include a page long digression on the logistics of rectal ingestion of class A drugs So that s nice It may be hard to follow at times with scant regard for chronology but it feels authentic Despite the addiction the deaths the break ups and the broken friendships it s all fairly light and jolly Fun

Summary Telling Stories

Tim Burgess á 4 Read & Download Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Tim Burgess Summary Telling Stories The drugsPacked with incredible stories this frank and vivid memoir describes the mad life of a rock star the dynamics of the band the creativity and the self destruction the sex and the drugs but also the rock 'n roll his obsession with music shines off the page as he writes about his influences and his encounters from Dylan to New Order from Paul Weller to Oasi. A totally frank and often unnerving dissection of the life and times of one Timothy Burgess frontman to the unluckiest band in the world The Charlatans who by Burgess own admission have experienced in their remarkable career as many highs as they have lows The book which is a reasonably slim volume given the timeframe it covers is as much an insightful and frank account of what it s like to front a band and have iconically coiffured hair as it is about the records loves cities and people that inspire such an endeavourBurgess voice is warm cheeky and full of spirit even when dealing with the controversial aspects of the bands existence such as the incarceration and subseuent death in a tragic car accident of one of the key band members earlier in their career However it is never anything less than engaging and often amusingly self deprecating the cringe worthy and often humorous recollection of an interview transcribed in full in the book whilst intoxicated at the hands of a bemused laconic journalist being an incredible low high point His later reformation as a proponent of transcendental meditation is all the surprising as a result All in all then a knowing and enjoyable rock and roll autobiography that is suitably redemptive and that doesn t outstay it s welcome