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  • 14 April 2019
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Free download Ink and Bone Download à Ink and Bone ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Rachel Caine » 9 Read & Download Jess Brightwell believes in the value of the Library but the majority of his knowledge comes from illegal books obtained by his family who are involved in the thriving black market Jess has been sent to be his family’s spy but his loyalties are tested in the final months of his tra. Dear bookworms of the world You need this book in your life If you don t buy read and love this as much as I did well I ain t gonna be your friend no With much love Faye Okay I kid I ll still be your friend nevertheless but do you think I m kidding about the awesomeness of this book Let me tell you something I don t always give books 5 stars But when I do there are two categories 5 stars and 5 fucking fantastic starsWhen you have a story with a male hero who fricking loves books in an alternate history fantasy setting who travels with a group of amazing friends and a sarcastic strict likeable mentor and who eventually goes against a LIBRARY CORPORATION that is keen on controlling how books are used and made well I m sorry but doesn t that just scream 5 fucking fantastic stars to youI really really really love this book I read it with an open mind a month ago not knowing of the premise or the author and was absolutely blown away by how amazing and original and refreshing it was1 It s about books A book about books That already sounds awesome doesn t it It s about a world torn by books by people who want to control how books are made and shelved and copied and stored and by people who d rather burn and eat books than have their lives compromised by an oppressing system where having original copies of books can be the death of you It s about a group of friends or okay enemies turned forced acuaintances turned friends who love books and seek to protect them in various ways going so far as to put their lives on the line in order to make sure they re safe from harm2 The library is the freaking villain Okay maybe not the library itself but the people behind it who are pulling the strings Yup They re so drunk with their power and how they control the books and the people with their system that they say OFF WITH THEIR HEADS uicker than the ueen of Hearts on crack And guys They re the ultimate book hoarders They re us except on steroids And by steroids I mean nasty nasty steroids You don t wanna mess with these guys unless you re Jess Brightwell of course3 Male hero who loves books as much as we do Jess comes from a book smuggling family They find original copies and then sell them to collectors and getting the books to these collectors is no easy feat as they have to evade the authorities and these automated stone lions that come to life when they sniff some black market mischief And then one day upon delivering a book to a collector Jess witnessed a man eat the only copy of an ancient historian s book like it was nothing and that was when he realized this book smuggling thing just wasn t his cup of teaI have nothing but love for this guy You can really tell how much he cares for books a lot and how much he s willing to go so so far just for them How far would we go for knowledge How far would we go in order to make sure that knowledge is easily accessible What would we do if we have to choose between books and the people who thirst for freedom Plus I just love his personality and I love his interactions with his friends who are all so very diverse guys heck there s even an interracial romance among them HOLY MOTHER OF EPICBALLS and with his mentor who is a bundle of complexity because you love and hate him at the same time4 The writing and the world building are amazing The writing reminded me so much of Brandon Sanderson s it s not purple prose and verbose and uses simple words than other fantasyAU novels and yet they still say so much and connect you to the story easily and efficiently The way they were weaved and connected felt so fricking lyrical and poetic and romantic despite the fact that the story contained themes of oppression bleakness and the need for freedom from an unfair system The book was so entertaining and so heartbreaking and so heartwarming all at the same time that it left me in tears and in joy and at the edge of my seatAll in all this book is the book of my dreams Its place is right there beside Brandon Sanderson and that s a big big BIG deal right there

Free download Ink and Bone

Ink and Bone

Free download Ink and Bone Download à Ink and Bone ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Rachel Caine » 9 Read & Download Ining to enter the Library’s service When his friend inadvertently commits heresy by creating a device that could change the world Jess discovers that those who control the Great Library believe that knowledge is valuable than any human life and soon both heretics and books will bur. So I d just like to point out that I was a weird child growing up I adored mythology than any other type of bedtime story and I began reading both The Iliad and The Odyssey at age 10 I know weird Having said that I was heartbroken when I later discovered that these were the only two Ancient Greek epics surviving out of the eight that were written now known as the Epic Cycle The thought of destroyed books makes me despair in agony Now I m certain that I m not the only person who still gets emotional over the destruction of the Library of Alexandria ALL OF THOSE BOOKSGONE GONE FOREVER NEVER TO BE SEEN OR READ EVER AGAIN Luckily Ink Bone brings into uestionwhat if the Library of Alexandria had never been destroyedWell according to Rachel Caine had the Library of Alexandria survived the world would be Fahrenheit 451 on steroids Finally I ve come across a dystopian novel that I ve genuinely enjoyed This was sooo original and I loved every second of it Thus I am awarding this novel 45 stars They ve all got stories Jess thought I need to know them Best of all he could know them He could learn anything here It felt like limitless possibilities I m not going to lie I considered putting this on hold for a second time whilst I struggled to get through the Prologue and Chapter One But once Chapter Two began the plot was so well paced for the remainder of the novel that it completely made up for it Despite this being a very short book only 350 ish pages it feels much longer but it s completely worth itFirst of all I d like to address everyone who compared this novel to Harry PotterEvery book that reuires training at a school does not need to be compared to Harry Potter Don t get me wrong I love Harry Potter as much as the next person In fact it s even 2 on my Favourite Books of All Time list but 1 JK Rowling did not patent books about schools 2 Books about schools existed long before Harry Potter cough Enid Blyton cough and 3 Books about schools will exist long after Harry Potter Comparisons to Harry Potter as marketing ploys really get on my nerves If there were magic being taught at this school I d understandbut they re being taught to be scholars and how the Library functions There is absolutely no magic in this book Well there is alchemy which isn t being taught but no spells or potions UghPSA As this is a dystopian novel it might interest you to know that there is also uite a bit of death in this novel which I found to be uite unexpected There are also a number of surprising twists and turnsInk Bone is centred around Jess who comes from a family of smugglers They smuggle books because the ownership of physical books is now illegal and punishable by death because when you steal a book you steal from the world in the year 2025 Everyone is given blanks which very much resembles eBooks on a tablet or a codex which is a expensive version of blanks and the books that are loaded onto there are strictly controlled The world is run in a dictatorship type manner by the Great Library who control the world s knowledge because as everyone knows knowledge is power The Library s motto is actually tota est scientia or knowledge is all The Library would rather the world go up in flames around them than let any harm come to the books People who work for the library would even die to protect the books from harm They also use automaton lions sphinxes and soldiers which are awfully scary There are many who protest the Library s control including the smugglers who profit from selling valuable books to those who can afford it and the Burners who set fires to the books and even themselves in protest with Greek Fire We also have the perverted ink lickers who eat the books in order to completely possess its knowledge One of the best aspects of this novel however is its diversity All of the characters are from around world practice various religions and have different sexual orientations Scholar Christopher Wolfe and High Garda Captain Niccolo Santi are not only the children s mentors but also a wonderful gay couple Wolfe was actually my favourite character Jess Brightwell and Morgan Hault are both English and so bloody cute Glain Wathen is Welsh yet also the bad arse muscle out of them all Thomas Schreiber is a German inventor and a giant teddy bear 3 Dario Santiago is a pompous Spaniard LOL And finally Khalila Seif is a Saudi Arabian Muslim genius And I absolutely love every single one of them yes even Dario haha All of these characters meet at the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt in order to fight for their places within the Library s workforce Some will end up as Scholars archivists others will end up as part of the Garda soldiers and in rare instances others will end up as Obscurists alchemistsIf you haven t tried this book yet I highly recommend it Amongst the plethora of YA dystopia this is definitely a hidden gem D

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Free download Ink and Bone Download à Ink and Bone ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Rachel Caine » 9 Read & Download Ruthless and supremely powerful the Great Library is now a presence in every major city governing the flow of knowledge to the masses Alchemy allows the Library to deliver the content of the greatest works of history instantly but the personal ownership of books is expressly forbidden. I am on book tour currently and now appreciate every author who ever lived because this stuff is CRAY It s like doing a convention for 3 weeks straight but you re flying to different cities every day and since i m a REALLY picky sleeper I m starting to feel like someone s trying to murder me if the bed has a low thread count Anyway I loaded my Kindle up with reads in anticipation of traveling a lot and this book was 1 on my list to get to first And I loved itI m a big fan of Rachel Caine from her romance novels and I know her in real life because I fanned out when I met her over her books several years ago haha She wrote a few series we ve read in my Vaginal Fantasy book club so imagine my surprise when I read this and it s not a girlie romance at all it s a YA novel with a boy protagonist And it s SO GOOD This series is a fantasy love letter to books When I was reading it all I could think about was how much I loved going into a library as a kid and flipping through the books and finding new worlds How it was forbidden to draw in a book and how terrible it was to mess one up in the slightest Books were special This series is set in an alt world where printing presses don t exist the Library in Alexandria never was burnt and knowledge is controlled by an all powerful Library capital letter Our hero is a member of a family who smuggles actual books so you re dropped immediately into a fantasy world that s rich with conflict Anyway I don t want to give away but there are amazing themes about freedom and the average person s right to knowledge as well as the permeating feeling of REVERENCE towards books I felt very guilty that I was reading it on a kindle lol and wanted to run out and buy a real live book immediately after reading Anyway if you love books this is a great read It s YA in tone but not too kiddie there s some dramatic stuff that happens but it sets up for some great twists in the next book which I ll be sure to pick up A uick fun read