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  • Dear World
  • Takayo Noda
  • English
  • 01 May 2017
  • 9780142402801

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Dear World Download ☆ 4 Takayo Noda À 4 Free read review Dear World Te cut paper collages This breathtaking collection celebrates our world and inspires us to observe every detail with imagination and deligh. From BooklistPreS Gr 1 Artist Noda s images are luminous indeed her collages made from handmade paper and watercolor have a wonderful three dimensional uality to them Layered and patterned almost like uilts her pictures marry dreamlike perspectives and juxtapositions with deep jewel colors Each nonrhymed verse is addressed like a letter dear stars dear tulips dear ocean as she relates to the natural world with a child s frank curiosity There is unfortunately an awkwardness and a sentimentality to the text it often sounds like a grown up pretending to be a child This is one example of the pictures pulling up a less than successful text a page covered with heart shaped flowers trees and even a heart shaped moon resonates with dear valentines as the speaker whose grandmother gave her a box of valentine chocolates says Before I went to bed I ate them all by mistake

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Dear World Download ☆ 4 Takayo Noda À 4 Free read review Dear World He world through a child's eye Each poem takes the form of a child's letter to the Earth and all its creatures and is accompanied by exuisi. This book is a collection of poetry The poems in this book are about different objects in the world A few examples from the book include snow valentines cars oceans stars the sky apples and the world The book seems to be written from a child s perspective and how they view different things The poems are written in a way that reads as a short letter For example dear tulips is one of the titles of a poem There is not rhyme theme at all in this collection There is no clear rhyme scheme or rhythm These poems create clear vivid images that would help children see what the writer was imagining when they wrote the words even if there was not a picture on the page For example the author writes dear sun I know when you are happy because you shine and bounce on everything I know when you are sad because you become hazy and fuzzy as if you had tears in your eyes The images that this brings to my mind are bright and colorful and these pictures pop into my head with every poem that I read This book of poems bring to light the idea of looking at the small things and seeing them in a complex way than what we normally do as a reader The positive stretch created through the poems by showing us how to view things differently and in a positive way This book can be appropriate to use in a lesson to teach students patience and taking the time to realize the simple things in life It would be appropriate also when talking about seasons and simple life pleasures like snow and apple treesWhile I enjoyed reading this book I did not like the fact that the poems had no rhyme scheme or rhythm I thought that the book seemed a little dry without order I really liked how it created such vivid images for the reader I was able to relate this to my life because in working at a camp I like to sit back and look at the simple things and reflect on how we take the simple things for granted I used to sit out by the lake at the camp and just look at the wind blowing across the water and I feel that this book focuses on small things like that I don t think that I would use this book as a teaching tool in the classroom but I would add it to my collection because even though I did not like reading it does not mean that my students would not enjoy it

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Dear World Download ☆ 4 Takayo Noda À 4 Free read review Dear World A child's world is full of beauty Each day offers new discoveries to celebrate This luminous compilation of poems gives readers a look at t. Loved the collage illustrations and the joyful childlike poetry