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Five Minutes Late

Characters ¾ Five Minutes Late 109 Characters Five Minutes Late Two wounded people One terrible secret Curvy receptionist Ashley Daniels is full of opinions and attitude but beneath all that sass and brass she's hiding a heart that's been broken time and again Devon Killane is raw sex appeal o This was my first book I ve read from author Sonora Seldon and it definitely won t be my LastI really didn t know what to expect when I read Five Minutes Late A Billionaire Romance I have to admit i did think of a cheesy harleuin romance But NOtotally wrongIt was FANTASTIC Ashley is beyond adorable I wish she existed so that we could be friendsI did find Ashley sometimes annoying but in a nice way her inner speach about being a big girl was a little bit tiresom at times and I wanted to slap her For the most part she was feisty with a good sense of humor Curvy AshleyDevon is a different charactertortured yet sensitive he reminded me little bit of Ian from The Madness Of Lord Ian MacKenzie He stirs the emotions makes the reader feel for the charactersDevon Miss Seldon kept adding elements to the plot that made me feel that I MUST read The suspense towards the end was so GRIPPING and I am trying SO hard to NOT spoil anything so I shall say nothing elseGood story great characters fast pacing and hot sex Women swooning over him in the checkout line didn t seem to mind that he was also batshit crazy That chair is mine This desk is mine The elevators are mine the hideous plants we seem to have scattered everywhere are mine and there s an 1880 oil painting by Van Gogh around here somewhere which has been mine ever since I paid seventy million dollars for it last year More to the point your luscious ass is mine

Characters Five Minutes Late

Characters ¾ Five Minutes Late 109 Characters Five Minutes Late N a stick and he has 586 billion dollars could life be unfair But beneath all that power and privilege his heart is chained to a nightmare past When Ashley gets into a very public shouting match with her billionaire boss sparks fl This book was great I was pulled into a tangent of awesome devoured at a rate of several WTFs per minute and spit out frightened and panting on the other side Before you start reading this be prepared to bid adieu to your good friend reality Lay aside any issues you may have with silly things like slut shaming body shaming jerky alphas sexual harassment common sense and sanity while you happily skip along the big black vortex that is this book This book is really not what I expected at all I can t tell you too much about the plot as it s best to go in blind and discover the twists and turns on your own The most important thing to remember here is that this is a marathon not a race It s long filled with slippery slopes of funny prose and uirky dialogue but at times can be a bit too long For instance one week at a cabin the woods became a long drawn out affair over several chapters with detailed descriptions of feelings appliances shrubbery elven song and random discussions about eagles I loved Ashley aside from my issues which I ll state later she had a charming wit and no fear whatsoever to tell just about anyone fuck right off You heard me fella You need to fuck most firmly off you need to fuck yourself too and if you have a minute I d be happy to suggest the most effective positions for fucking yourself and everyone in your immediate vicinity as well as which brands of lube might care to use The dialogue between the MCs was hilarious at best and trippy at worst I felt at times like I was watching a conversation between the cyborg descendant of the Mad Hatter and a plus size snarky AliceAll in all I connected with the characters and the plot outrageous as it was in places and there was plenty of pearl clutching and ugly crying I would recommend this book if you re a fan of words and not just an interesting plot though there was plenty of that too This is not a uick read Here s the preachy bit Now the amount of slut shaming and body shaming in this book was truly disgusting and that s the reason why this book didn t get a higher rating from me I was happy that this book featured a curvier woman and our h wasn t defined only by being just the fat girl She was witty self confident kind and funny and she was happy with her body All good things So here s my issue skinny girls were always described in derogatory terms Slutmonsters direct uote who couldn t possibly hold but a few brain cells together The words slut fucktoy bimbo whore and bitch were doled out like half priced candy on Halloween Without any interaction between these women and the MCs they were uickly reduced to fake bimbos for merely breathing around the H and the ones who dared to speak to or look at him encountered a much harsher form of tongue lashing There were also comparisons drawn throughout this book between skinny girls and our h with our h coming out on top every time Is it OK to bash other women just because she s of the curvier variety and these women are not Not cool people Just because a woman is considered conventionally pretty or has a different body to yourself does not automatically render them slutty and brainless and evil and it certainly does not give anyone the right to shame them All women should forever and always only be described as beautiful and worthy no matter their size or choices or level of intelligence andor sexual activity As an aside where can I sign a petition to make authors stop describing the bits and parts of women as ripe It s truly revolting

Characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Sonora Seldon

Characters ¾ Five Minutes Late 109 Characters Five Minutes Late Y sparks that ignite a romance between two people with nothing in common but heartbreak Can Ashley learn to trust Devon Can Devon escape his past and forge a future with Ashley Or will the deadly secret he's hiding destroy them bo Five Minutes Late was remarkable Hands down one of my favorite novels this year I have never been pushed both emotionally and mentally this year by any other bookDon t judge a book by its cover Five Minutes Late surpasses every assumption and prejudice uite literally it gave me the FEELS by feelings I mean sobbing and hyperventilating in the middle of the night and not giving two Fs about it

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