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Dove in the Window Free read » PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Enni and about two hundred of her relatives and friends are gathered for the family’s annual barbecue and cattle roundup Among them is Shelby Johnson a young photography student from a wealthy Chicago family who is drawn to San Celina by her love of FM Benni Harper Ortiz who has lived on a California ranch all of her life is an organizer of her town s Heritage Festival combined with celebration of Western women artists Her second husband of 2 years is the chief of police of the town Her grandparents own a cattle ranch just outside of town and are hosting the town plus a family reunion for a barbue and calf branding a family tradition Her first husband s brother Wade from Tx and her step cousin Emoryfrom AR unexpectantly show up She regrets Wade s appearance since he is a immature recently divorce non relation yet for the sake of her dead husband whom Wade very much resembles in looks she tolerates him Emory on the other hand is someone that she had been close to since childhood That evening a young female artist Shelby asks for advice regarding what to do when you have a friend who is doing something illegal Benni is reluctant to give advice because of her husband s position but when pressed tells her that she would confront the friend before reporting it That night Shelby is found dead Wade is a prime suspect Benni has a history of being a sleuth and is committed to make sure that he is not railroaded The investigation is outside of her husband s jurisdiction Soon Shelby s adoptive grandparent a famous Western artist arrives on the scene Then Shelby s boyfriend Kip is found dead shortly after being in a drunken brawl with Wade The action is slow moving and tedious Another female artist a long time resident of the area is discovered via Shelby s photographs of being a cattle rustler in order to support her art work artwork by providing a much needed income When found out she kills herself

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Dove in the Window Free read » PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB The West and a passionate desire to catch it all on film In Benni she finds a favorite subject and a new friend But when Shelby’s body is discovered on the ranch the next morning Benni’s closest relatives suddenly develop into prime murder suspec This was the third book I ve read recently having to do with art the first two being Wash Fold and Die and The Gardner Heist The True Story of the World s Largest Unsolved Art Theft so that was an interesting coincidence Anyway this one took a while to get going the first chapter was well on 30 pages and introduced the Heritage Festival around which all the events take place but it was a well crafted story view spoilerShelby and her boyfriend Kip are ultimately killed by Greer another photographer She has been rustling cattle since her ranch is going under and Shelby captures it accidentally on photo Greer finds out and tells Kip hence why Greer kills them both But she s discovered by Benni who is working with Shelby s step grandfather Isaac Lyons a 79 year old photographer who seems sweet on Dove Benni s grandmotherI could do without Benni s and Gabe s fights but Fowler did temper that a bit in this installment I do want to know what happens with Elvia and Benni s smooth talking Southern cousin Emory At the end he has decided to stay in San Celina to continue to woo her Hopefully she sees that he s a good guy since I enjoyed his character hide spoiler

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Dove in the Window Free read » PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Meet Benni Harpera spirited ex cowgirl uilter and folk art expert who’s staking out her own corner of the contemporary American West She’s got an eye for murderous designs and a talent for piecing together the most complex and cold blooded crimesB Dove In the Window is a murder mystery set in the small western town of San Celina Benni Harper is married to the police chief and can t help but meddle in local mysteries despite the many criminals threats and dangers that come her way She s like a modern day rough on the edges cowgirl Miss Marple But it s no Agatha Christie masterpiece The plot of the book seems like it takes awhile to pick up and then feels a bit rushed towards the end but the colorful characters and intimate setting easily make up for it Dove in the Window is a puzzling murder mystery with a refreshing small Western town and big hearted cowgirls and good ol cowboys that you are bound to fall in love with by the end of the book

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