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  • Paperback
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  • Istanbul The Imperial City
  • John Freely
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780140244618

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Read & Download ✓ Istanbul The Imperial City Udy of this legendary city through its many different ages from its earliest foundation to the present day the perfect traveller's companion and guide. John Freely s reference book can be identified as tale of three cities Byzantium Constantinople and stanbul This lyric tale which attracts the reader from the very first page just starting with ethymological roots of stanbul stin poli ie to the city no other name is needed to identify it as Freely beautifully points out and Anatolia which means land of sunrise whereas Europe can be translated as land of darkness in both Indo Europe and Semitic languages according to FreelyThe tale floods from mythological origins of the city and touches every significant era until 20th century and explains how a Greek colony evolved to first Roman capital than land of promise for Muslim world and a Muslim imperial city for 5 ages than part of new Turkish republic Yet ueen of cities stanbul can not be understood by just digesting its own history hence the book dwells on city s identity in multidimensional forms

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Read & Download ✓ Istanbul The Imperial City Daily life as well as court ceremonial and intrigue The book also includes a comprehensive gazetteer of all major monuments and museums An in depth st. Objectively this book is kind of boring I picked this book up because I find Istanbul enchanting and I enjoyed the portions of this book that focus on the growth and development of the city and its landmarks enough to like the book as a whole But that really isn t the book s focus Instead Freely focuses on the long and violent parade of emperors and empresses that ruled the empires centered there While these rulers records brutality and duplicity makes the Song of Fire and Ice series look tame a straightforward catalog of people betraying and killing family members actually grew dry

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Read & Download ✓ Istanbul The Imperial City Istanbul's history is a catalogue of change not least of name yet it has managed to retain its own uniue identity John Freely captures the flavour of. It s already a part of tradition that I always find and buy a book about the places I visit fortunately Istanbul have not one but two excellent english bookshops in the central area same owner that cater for tourists visitors and diplomats there is a nice selection of books about Turkey and Islam in english so I selected Istanbul the imperial city by John Freely as my first introduction to this beautiful and exciting city since I don t know much about its history except basic informationsSo far I am really enjoying it not too much space was focused on early settlers but very soon author moves on to explain it greeks and roman roots that have left much traces than people who lived here before Right now I am at the Chapter 12 and romans are in full swing lots of interesting and brutal anecdotes about emperors being killed by mobs and ueen mothers having their tongues sliced noses cut off and such storie