Stop Talking Start Influencing [Ebook / Kindle ePUB] AUTHOR Jared Cooney Horvath

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • Stop Talking Start Influencing
  • Jared Cooney Horvath
  • en
  • 17 February 2019
  • 9781925335903

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Review ¾ Stop Talking Start Influencing We are all teachers If you’ve ever walked a colleague through a new program you’re a teacher If you’ve ever coached anyone on how to kick a football you’re a teacher If you’ve ever been a parent enough said The problem however is that very few of us have ever been taught how to teachDrawing on Jared Cooney Horvath’s 15 years of experience conducting brain research at prominent universities teaching students from 10 to 80 years of age and working Wow I did not expect this This reminds me of those great pop sci books from the 90s before the genre became a bunch of 300 page books that could have b

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Review ¾ Stop Talking Start Influencing With organisations and schools across 4 continents Stop Talking Start Influencing outlines 12 scientific principles of how people learn The result is a book that shows readers how to impart their knowledge to others in a manner that truly influences them From the challenges of learning through a PowerPoint presentation to the debilitating ‘error alarm’ that can kick in when students make a mistake the common barriers to learning are explained and tackled We have to understand how people learn Stop Talking Start Influencing shares insights on how we can share knowledge in a way that others can truly list

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Review ¾ Stop Talking Start Influencing Nearly every day we work to disseminate wisdom to others so why not ensure that wisdom is retainedFor every business leader sick of repeating themselves ad nauseam to colleagues and clients for every coach tired of endlessly drilling athletes without seeing meaningful improvement for every entrepreneur who’s had enough of pouring their heart into presentations only to see no lasting impact among the audience it’s time to stop talking and start influenci A well written book on influencing The author backs up his claims with science and ends with a section on how to use the information from the perspecti