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characters Asking For It Free read ´ Asking For It 109 Paul Allen ✓ 9 review Ed Greene a National Guardsman returns from Ira with a troubled conscience and stolen artifacts discovers his wife is being unfaithful and is haunted by a ghost in the antiue village where he has his cabin He finds hi. Whether author Paul Allen was describing snowy rustic pine treed backwoods country a young lieutenant s courageous military service and opposition to war a fierce blast of war battle or the scorch and sizzle of his love life there was never a dull moment in this terrific enthralling new novel Asking For ItNational Guardsman Lieutenant Ed Greene returned to his rural farming community a war hero He immediately sensed something wasn t right in his marriage when he and his wife returned to live in his remote New England cabin near Cape Cod MA It wasn t long before she left him for another man who she had an affair with while he was stationed in Ira Greene wasn t alone long when he reconnected with Beatrice Vary

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characters Asking For It Free read ´ Asking For It 109 Paul Allen ✓ 9 review S true love but fearing for her safety with the apparition drives her away into the arms of another Coming to his senses he begs her to return only to have the other man unwilling to let her go When she is kidnapped f. This novel has everything romance beauty danger a ghost that haunts the story A setting and atmosphere as real as the characters There are timeless themes of love and war that will stay with me

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characters Asking For It Free read ´ Asking For It 109 Paul Allen ✓ 9 review Rom his cabin Ed goes outside the law to find and save her before it is too late A love story and a story of the aftermath of war in the end when called up for another tour Ed must make the gravest decision of his lif. Asking For It Is a Great RideIt would have been so easy for Paul Allen s Asking For It to turn into just another melodramatic potboiler as it has all of the elements to do so but it is not Yes it does have the right ingredients but under his deft hand the story that he tells is much At its core it is a story of a man shattered by war who comes home to pick up the pieces of his life and move on It seems easy at first but 1st Lt Ed Greene of the Rhode Island National Guard who has served two tours in Ira has his doubts Was his wife Brenda as faithful to him as he was to her If she wasn t who was it with Greene really doesn t want to know the truth it is obvious as he and Brenda live their lie together

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