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Disfigured Love

Georgia Le Carre ´ 5 Download review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Georgia Le Carre Summary Disfigured Love Whispers that I am beautiful and we have wild torrid sex When I awaken he is always goneHe and his castle hold dark secrets that I must unravel but what he fears most being unmasked is my deepest desireWill either of us survive the conseuences of my desire. 5 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST starsthis was a modern fairytale based on my fave classic fairytales ever Beauty and the Beastyes i am sappy yes I am lame and cheesy right nowand it was so fuckin beautiful and romantic I even shared a tear Fuck me i criedLena Seagull and Guy Hawke couldn t be opposite people and yet they were the sametwo souls shattered by the circumstances of life and were miraculously or destinly brought togetherLena was prepared for hardship was brought up that way was supposude to be broken and demolished by her own kin and yet her spirit was so strong and free as a bird I guess and she kept her inner freedomshe was beyond the horror she went through and when her life was sold to the highest bidder for sexual pleasure she didn t falter she took it all inshe was brave and inner strong even if she wasn t aware of ither bidderhmmmMr Guy Hawke he was disfigured physically but he has let the horrid tissue to spread inside and the superficial ugliness took over his soul his mind his whole lifeHe was eaten by his personal tragedy and was going through everyday helluntil his eyes saw the connectionthe hopethe innocence that died in him long time agoand he cling to it like a drowning man onto a straw You belong to me From the moment I saw your photo I knew Lena was his salvationhis distraction his empathyhis second chanceBUT he was still bond to the horrid pastand was affraid to let goto LIVE againso when his secret was out Lena was sent away from himBUT only to be protected and taken care offrom himfrom the shadows I never abandoned you Lena Though it might have seemed to you I had You were always mine There was not one moment when you ceased to be mine Not one stray moment when I was not there with you watching you protecting you guiding you back to me and that is not where the story endsit really ends with the FIRST true love s KISSmy God I really enjoyed this storyyes it is an old one as would Celine Dion lovely put it in words Tale as old as timeTrue as it can beBarely even friendsThen somebody bendsUnexpectedlyJust a little changeSmall to say the leastBoth a little scaredNeither one preparedBeauty and the BeastTale as old as timeTune as old as songBittersweet and strangeFinding you can changeLearning you were wrong the transformation was less physical amd emotional one which is the whole pointwe all slip from time to time in this supeficial society that gloryfies the external beauty even Lena is subdued to it BUT she used it only as a means to an endshe never changed insidebut not all of us are THAT strong or sure of ourselves many think that they would be regarded as better or smart or whatever if they are beautiful by society s standardsand that always pisses me off cause we are NOTthe same we don t look the same we don t think or act the sameor at least we shouldn t we are uniue different colorful sacred and unspoiled in out inner beauty besides the beauty of another is in the eyes of a beholder You re too beautiful to be realFunny I was thinking the exact same thing about youAn expression of sadness crossed his face You re the Beauty here I am the Beast I brought you to my castle Kept you against your willYou were never the Beast You were always my heroI love you All of you Dont ever change LenaPlease don t ever fall out of love with meNothing can change the way I feel about youI love you Lena Seagull free as a bird

Summary Disfigured Love

Georgia Le Carre ´ 5 Download review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Georgia Le Carre Summary Disfigured Love Remote castle And the man who owns me I have never seen himGuy Hawke keeps his face hidden under a mask At first I knew only fear but now his voice and touch make me unashamedly want him Each night his hired help blindfolds me and takes me to his room He. 45 starsI loved this book Once again Georgia Le Carre has blown me away again with her fabulous writing and her passionate sex scenes with a little kink thrown in LOL I went into Disfigured Love knowing that it was a Beauty and the Beast themed story and what I hadn t realized was there was uite a gothic feeling to this book In fact this is on the gothic dark side if there is such a label and I think that if readers know that going into this story they will enjoy it a lot It is far from a flowery romantic storybelieve mebut the characters reach in and grab your heart regardless of the darkness within We get a front row seat to Lena Seagull s traumatic and sad childhood Her and her siblings have been dealt a crappy hand and they live with very little in Russia with their mom and dad Their a hole father ends up selling each sibling by the time they are of age and as each one goes the mom gets and depressed When it comes time for Lena to be soldher life will never be the same and she thought she was given a crappy hand before YIKESEventually Lena ends up being bought by her new master Guy Hawke At first Guy is very soulless empty and makes Lena wear a mask anytime they are near one another What she is unaware of is Guy has major destruction that was done to his face and hand We eventually find out all of his secretsand believe methere are many and some will have you covering your eyes There is so much to uncover but through all the grimness and betrayals Lena is able to keep a bright out look on life She has a goal of her own that she won t give up onWill Guy ever be able to let Lena go Or will she stay his pet foreverI have always had a weak spot for gothic themes in storiesadd a fairytale like atmosphere and I m hooked I did love this one and really I have loved everything that I have read of this author so far I am very eager to keep reading her back list and also discovering her new books as well She definitely has a new fan in me I kick myself in the rear that I waited so long to give her a chanceI highly recommend this book to lovers of the darker side of love it is a great read

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Georgia Le Carre ´ 5 Download review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Georgia Le Carre Summary Disfigured Love Once unmasked can beauty love the beast My name is Lena Seagull I should still be in school hanging out with friends meeting boys falling in love just like you But on my eighteenth birthday my father sold me Now those are yesterday's dreamsMy home is now a. While I love a great dark story Disfigured Love ended up being a disappointment for me It definitely had plenty of dark content but it failed to trigger much of an emotional response I never felt a strong connection to the main characters and the heroine s reactions seemed forcedLena Seagull grows up in an extremely abusive household in Russia Her father is a real bastard and her mother is the embodiment of Battered Wife Syndrome For years he abuses everyone in the household until he decides to begin selling off his children one by one Meanwhile the mother is paralyzed with fear and does absolutely nothing to prevent thisWhen Lena s father sells her to the human traffickers she is sold in an online auction Guy Hawke is the wealthy man that purchases Lena Although he struggles internally with the idea of buying a girl his conscience is not powerful enough to make him do the right thing He knows that what he s doing is horrible but he doesn t care He wants Lena and he will force her to submit to himGuy wastes no time in abusing his new toy He viciously and repeatedly rapes her Lena surprisingly seems to take it all in stride Honestly it was so unbelievable that it was laughableAll the while he wears a mask or blindfolds her when they are together so that she cannot see his disfigured face Of course Guy has a tragic past that has left him emotionally scarred and is supposed to somehow excuse his behavior Again it was just too convenient and felt contrived I didn t buy itFollowing the classic Beauty and the Beast storyline the two end up falling in love No big shocker there When Lena discovers his big secret this results in a big misunderstanding Guy sets her free but really he just tosses her out like a piece of trashIn the end they find their way back to each other The misunderstanding is cleared up They go on to live out the HEA Cue the eye rollOverall I give it 2 12 stars It wasn t the worst I ve read but it left a LOT to be desired Mostly it was just underwhelming As a huge fan of darker reads I actually liked the fact that the author wasn t afraid to write about controversial topics like abuse in graphic detail However the appeal in a dark read is in the emotional response that it elicits This book failed to do that