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Read & Download Restoration Read & Download Restoration í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Rose Tremain Ò 6 Read & Download Bidden to break and is brutally cast out from his newfound paradise Thus begins Merivel’s journey to self knowledge which will take him down into the lowest depths of seventeenth century societ This is a story about Robert Merivel At the beginning of the story he is an aspiring physician The setting is Restoration England this being when the English Scottish and Irish monarchies were restored under the Stuart King Charles II in 1660 Merivel comes to be married to the king s mistress but the hitch is that he may not bed her He is certainly not to fall in love with her That s the deal made between the king and Merivel the fool Merivel gets an attractive young wife albeit just for show and the freedom to take as many other mistresses that may please him to his bed He and his wife are given the means to live in style and a splendid estate in Norfolk to decorate as they may so wish Norfolk is distant from the king s residence in London For the king this is simply a way to have access to than one woman without them getting in each other s hair The king has power and money but he cannot control hearts You think maybe I have given too much away I haven tWanton lascivious and a jovial fool Merivel is a man of his times Yet he has appeal to a reader because he is funny and without pretensions even if the humor is rather crude I was utterly amazed at the author s ability to pull this off I never thought I could like such a character but I did Right from the start his free spirit is contagious and then he grows on you Soon he has you laughing and then you begin to like the guy and and Merivel changes and it is Merivel that this book is about What we are given is a bit like a fable with a lesson to be learned What does Merivel s life sayThe setting being England in the 1660s alongside the characters story we see also the plague and the fire of London We observe not only the antics of the king but also the life of the poor and the insane The tale draws you in The atmosphere of the times is captured in the guise of an engaging story The book is not chock full of historical facts about the Restoration If you are looking for that look elsewhere Most is believable except for the end and a few other details for example a man view spoilerwith a visible heart that can be touched hide spoiler

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Read & Download Restoration Read & Download Restoration í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Rose Tremain Ò 6 Read & Download Robert Merivel son of a glove maker and an aspiring physician finds his fortunes transformed when he is given a position at the court of King Charles II Merivel slips easily into a life of luxury Steeped in the voices and eccentricities of the age of Charles the second Restoration A Novel of Seventeenth Century England is wonderful I felt like I had been transported back in time to all the disagreeable muck and smells and ribaldry of the 1660s At first I thought this was going to be a comic slice of life rendition of a young man s Robert Merivel rise as a sycophant of the king There is humour in this yes but also much sadness In part one it depicts the newly made physician Merivel s lucky break in being asked to treat the king s spaniel who is sick Merivel knows the only way to get ahead in England of this time is to please the king Inadvertently through no help from the doctor the dog does survive Merivel becomes the king s veterinarian While at court Merivel indulges himself with food drink and revelry and soon becomes a sort of court jester Merivel exults in the king s fondness for his fool and thinks he s been even pampered when the king gives him a house an income and a bride but soon the unraveling begins

review Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Rose Tremain

Read & Download Restoration Read & Download Restoration í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Rose Tremain Ò 6 Read & Download And idleness enthusiastically enjoying the women and wine of the vibrant Restoration age But when he’s called on to serve the king in an unusual role he transgresses the one law that he is for You may be familiar with the Restoration and Charles II Or maybe not Regardless Rose Tremain gives this historical period double meaning in her novel Restoration Restoration is a novel which can t be ignored as it is simply alive with sounds emotions and colors immediately jumping from Tremain s pages the second the reader opens the book Saying that Restoration has a heartbeat is putting it mildly This lively novel is supplemented by the main character of Robert Merivel who has disgusting flaws and yet is so relatable that he is an extremely likable character Tremain successfully turns a character which would be hated in any other novel into a lovable one Restoration is not a typical novel but is of a character study following Merivel At times the reader may think that there is no real plot and yet Restoration continues to be a page turner as it feels like one is actually living the story while reading it Further Merivel s character arc is perfect not too fast not too slow and yet subtle enough to be realistic Tremain s prose and literary language in Restoration is also top notch Restoration features all of the star ualities of classic literature along with historical accuracy and character dialogue which feels of the times The reader will have to be reminded that Tremain was not actually alive during Charles II s reignAll of the characters in Restoration have such magnetic chemistry with each other that the story becomes riveting and yet the ratio of coverage each character portrays in relation to others is never overdone Restoration also features uniue storytelling where Merivel speaks almost directly to the reader Although this can be perceived as cheesy it works in Restoration as everything seems to Tremain doesn t focus too much attention on describing the setting of the scenes and yet each creates a vivid picture Simply put Restoration has a uniue draw while being written exceptionally well Also noteworthy are the multi layered events Instead of merely being a part of the plot line each occurrence in the story signifies a deeper lessonmeaning adding substance to the novel and thought provoking philosophical ideas Additionally moving and compelling is Merivel being a protagonist and his own antagonist There is nothing relatable than being your own worst enemyThe second half of Restoration is much different from the first with Tremain focusing on the story than of the deeper character study of the first half Although this doesn t significantly decrease the merit of Restoration it does somewhat change the impact of the writingAlthough subjective I found the descriptions of Merivel s dreamsnightmares to be tedious and not necessary to the plot Not only do these not add depth but Tremain over utilizes the tactic Part two brings about a slackening of pace within the novel and a less inviting plot although Merivel is still likable However the views and angles of historical events such as the Plague and the Great Fire of London are notably different than other historical fiction novels in a good way The conclusion is weaker than expected but Restoration does come full circle and Tremain answers open ended uestions Restoration is uniue well written and incorporates a compelling story with a terrific literary character Tremain s work is suggested for those readers interested in historical fiction or specifically of seventeenth century England

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