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Stephen King º 9 Free read Summary Ð E-book, or Kindle E-pub º Stephen King The Green Mile Free download ☆ 9 When it first appeared one volume per month Stephen King's THE GREEN MILE was an unprecedented publishing triumph all six volumes ended up on the New York Times bestseller lists simultaneously and delighted millions of fans the world overWelcome to Cold Mountain Penitentiary home to the Depressi. The Green Mile Stephen KingThe Green Mile is a 1996 serial novel by American writer Stephen King It tells the story of death row supervisor Paul Edgecombe s encounter with John Coffey an unusual inmate who displays inexplicable healing and empathetic abilities The serial novel was originally released in six volumes before being republished as a single volume work The book is an example of magical realismCharacters John Coffey Paul Edgecombe Percy Wet Brutus Brutal Howell American Law Enforcement 2002 1380 525 9646104509 20 1386 624 9789647640527 1388 1932 26061399

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Stephen King º 9 Free read Summary Ð E-book, or Kindle E-pub º Stephen King The Green Mile Free download ☆ 9 On worn men of E Block Convicted killers all each awaits his turn to walk the Green Mile keeping a date with Old Sparky Cold Mountain's electric chair Prison guard Paul Edgecombe has seen his share of oddities in his years working the Mile But he's never seen anyone like John Coffey a man with t. I can now clarify not only with myself but with every other King fan that this particular book gave me rather noticeable palpitations and for a moment or two it made me feel uite faint Now I ve seen The Green Mile Tom Hanks film adaptation and although that was also amazing and it makes for edge of the seat viewing at times when all is said and done it has nothing on this bookThis book is up there with my list I like to call King mind fucks and in that group are books like The Shining and Pet Sematary and right there just on the outside looking in is Cujo who didn t uite make that group but still it s a book I consider a classic King There are elements of horror within these pages but it is done in a subtle way and I think King gets of a result with subtle and not with in your face blood and gore It just works better especially for me and it admittedly makes my toes curl The story is lead by Paul Edgecombe who is a guard in charge of The Green Mile which is a block that houses purely death row inmates While Paul was there his block housed some wild and mostly unforgettable characters one being John Coffey a larger than life man who was afraid of the dark and had been accused of a absolutely horrific crime John Coffey changes the lives of the inmates and the guards who work on the mile and we feel human compassion and emotion at it s finest The characters are finely drawn with such care and I felt as if I knew some of those personally I completely loathed the little dick Percy Whet and I haven t hated a character as much as I did Percy Whet at poor Del s execution It made for horrendously uncomfortable reading and that was mainly due to Percy Whet He is a despicable excuse for a human being that literally thrived on watching other people suffer I admire the way King writes about how Paul Edgecombe and his men attempt to give the men on death row respect and dignity until the day when they have to sit on the Old Sparky I think King captures these tender but also powerful moments with ease and with a skilful level that is pretty rare to me I finished this book this morning and I still don t feel uite over it yet I can report that my heart is somewhat calmer but I very much doubt that I ll be able to forget this book for the years ahead of me But let s be honest here why the fuck would I want to

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Stephen King º 9 Free read Summary Ð E-book, or Kindle E-pub º Stephen King The Green Mile Free download ☆ 9 He body of a giant and the mind of a child condemned for a crime terrifying in its violence and shocking in its depravity In this place of ultimate retribution Edgecombe is about to discover the terrible wondrous truth about Coffey a truth that will challenge his most cherished beliefes and your. I have just finished this book and wow what a read I m not at all into horror either in books or in films and even though my boyfriend has for years tried to get me to read Steven King I ve avoided him like the plague I did know that he wrote other types of books namely through the re makes of these books into Hollywood films ie The Shawshank Redemption Stand By Me and of course The Green Mile but still I was weary of approaching himIt was only after my boyfriend read this and nagged me into doing the same that I picked it up and I m so glad that I did The characters are just so beautifully written and I m not ashamed to say that I cried many a tear even though I knew exactly what was coming up having seen the movie numerous times If you are a fan of the movie then you can not fail to fall in love with the book as the movie is one of those rare exceptions in that it is very true to its original source The delight with the book as is often the case with books is that it goes into much detail in particular with the character of Mr JinglesThis book just illustrates how versatile King is as a writer and that in years to come will probably be considered one of the great literary genius of the Twentieth century

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