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His Captive Lover review à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook One flaw in Mia’s eyes he thought she was a murderer How could she have lost her heart to a man who didn’t trust her Her life had been so simple twenty four hours ago Now she was confused and lost in a sea of insanity that only got crazy by the minute And the only man who made sense who helped her wade through the complicated judicial system didn’t believe in herAsh had a thorny problem It wasn’t enough that he was trying to navigate the dangerous waters of a murder t. First let me say I am a big fan of Elizabeth Lennox Elizabeth has written many wonderful books Her latest book His Captive Lover is another of her intriguing stories that keeps you at the edge of your chair Her latest book begins a series about the Thorpe Brothers who are well respected lawyers in the community In this first book we meet Mia Paulson a sweet well loved and respected Kindergarten teacher Mia has been accused of murdering her former boyfriend and she finds herself in the middle of a media frenzy Much to Mia s amazement while being arraigned in front of a judge in walks the handsome enormous rich commanding lawyer Ash Thorpe ready to defend her Mia finds out that her best friend Autumn who works for Thorp s law firm begged Ash to take her friend s case because she knows with all of her heart her friend Mia is innocent and she cannot afford an attorney on her own Ash at first cannot decide if she has been falsely accused or is she just a remarkable liar Mia finds herself drawn to this powerful man but her instincts tell her he thinks you are a murderer and a thief and you need to keep your heart in check She believes there is no room in her heart or her life for a man who could believe such lies about her So begins their emotional struggle Ash finds himself physically and emotionally drawn to Mia but because of his ethical code he fights his feelings because he cannot become emotionally involved with a client whether she is a paying client for a pro bono client As Ash and his team struggle to prove Mia s innocence Ash and Mia struggle to keep their emotions in check and concentrate on proving her innocence Will Mia be acuitted of murdering her former boyfriend Will Ash give into his urges to own this woman body and soul Will Mia let her guard down and give herself to a man who does not trust her Well you will have to read His Captive Lover to find out I promise you will love each and every book written by Elizabeth Lennox

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His Captive Lover review à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rial he was falling in love with his client To give in to his urges would be an unforgivable breach of ethics but so would be giving less than his best Ash and his team were running a mile a minute trying to come up with a strong defense but his concentration was suffering from the emotional and physical responses that Mia’s presence created He might be able to save her in court but would he lose her from his lifeEnjoy His Captive Lover book one in The Thorpe Brothers Series. His Captive LoverI enjoyed this book The characters were interesting and the story line was good I couldn t put this book down until I finished it

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His Captive Lover review à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook She’d been arrested Mia couldn’t believe what was happening to her How could the police accuse her of killing her ex fiancé She was a kindergarten teacher But here she was standing in front of the judge her eyes wide with fear and confusion Into this chaos strode the largest most handsome man she’d ever seen in her life Ash Thorpe stepped into the courtroom and took charge not just of her defense but of Mia’s heart He was funny kind intelligent and charming He had but. I like this story it was cute audible reviewThis was a short fun story I liked Ash a lot He was strong sexy smart and handsome I liked Mia too but she was a little to naive and soooo sweet that it did sort of make her seem a bit ditsy at timesThe chemistry between the two was good not forced or fake It was genuine and the there was a nicely written sex scene tooThe story line and plot were entertaining and it was easy to follow along There was a lot of dialogue and I like lots of dialogue As for the narration It was okay I do wish the narrator did the male voices a bit deeper or something If she did that she would make a very good narrator She needs to work on her voices Giving everyone one their own voice Her reading voice is very nice

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