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  • Paperback
  • 400
  • The Predictions
  • Bianca Zander
  • English
  • 05 October 2017
  • 9780062108180

Bianca Zander ½ 4 characters

Bianca Zander ½ 4 characters The Predictions characters ✓ 104 E reality is complicated and sometimes fraught especially as its children reach adolescence Poppy is drawn to handsome sixteen year old Lukas who's increasingly skeptical of Gaialands and the adults who shape its rulesTo help 'heal' the commune's energy new arrival Shakti harnesses her divination powers in a Predictions ceremony All of Gaialands' teenagers receive a card outlining their futures Poppy predicted to find her true love overseas joins Lukas when he follows his dream of starting a punk ro. It s 1978 and teens Poppy and Lukas have grown up at Gaialands a commune in New Zealand This is not a smoke pot and groove commune this vegan community grows its own food lives without electricity lives in leaky mouse ridden shelters shares everything and works hard all day every day Even the kids have been brought up communally having their own group shelter rather than living with adults they didn t even know who their parents were until recently when circumstances forced the adult s hand Lukas can t wait to come of age and escape to the larger world He wants to form a punk rock band Poppy just wants to be with Lukas who she loves But when a new person enters the commune she begins to doubt that love Shakti arrives fancy Gypsy caravan and all She s a New Age chick ankle bells Indian clothing Tarot cards consciousness raising and beautiful and too good to do any actual work on the commune Manipulating others into doing things for her is as natural as breathing As a coming of age ritual for the kids she creates predictions for them Poppy s states that she ll find love in a land far away This is almost heartbreaking given her feelings for Lukas but when he leaves the commune she goes with him It s the only way she ll find her true love Things don t go as planned and life out in the world turns out to be harder than they thought They eventually end up in London where hair metal and drugs are the current hot things It s a rather harsh coming of age story but I think pretty realistic for the time and subculture Poppy and Lukas both take their time growing up I liked Poppy but found her frustrating and kept finding myself wondering what the heck she was thinking when she did things Lukas has no real depth to him sadly There is a side plot of a mystery that seems like it should have upset people than it did The story reads like the author hurried herself and she didn t have time to develop characters and refine the plot properly A good editor would have helped her immensely I can only say I liked the book I definitely can t say I loved it

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The Predictions

Bianca Zander ½ 4 characters The Predictions characters ✓ 104 From the author of the acclaimed The Girl Below comes a stunning novel of one woman's attempt to outrun the destiny that is predicted for her moving from a remote New Zealand commune in the waning days of 1970s free love experimentation to the heady music scene of 1980s LondonGaialands a bucolic vegan commune in the New Zealand wilderness is the only home fifteen year old Poppy has ever known It's the epitome of 1970s counterculture a place of free love hard work and high idealsat least in theory Th. In Zander s second novel following her flawed but extremely likeable debut The Girl Below Poppy and Lukas are teenagers raised on a commune Gaialands in New Zealand The story follows them from 1978 to 1989 as their relationship which could very accurately be described as star crossed is tested not only by a move halfway across the world poverty and later incipient stardom but by the predictions of the title visions of their future laid out by an eccentric and charismatic prophet the enigmatic seductive Shakti If The Predictions was going to be broadly categorised as a genre I suppose I d have to reluctantly say it s a romantic novel and in some ways consistent with stereotypes about that genre it stretches the limits of credulity view spoilerLukas remaining completely faithful to Poppy throughout all his years as an actual rock star is the stuff of fairytales especially since they are halfway to being broken up for at least two long ish periods of time within those years hide spoiler

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Bianca Zander ½ 4 characters The Predictions characters ✓ 104 Ck band first in Auckland and then on to London where punk has given way to 80s pop and hair metal Struggling simply to survive as they navigate the city's suats pubs and burgeoning clubs she and Lukas drift apart Poppy finds a life that looks very like the one her prediction promised but is it the one she truly wants And if not can she define her own happiness even if it takes her in unanticipated directions The Predictions is a mesmerizing magical novel of fate love mistakes and finding your place. A good fun read with a killer line about hippies right at the end