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  • Hardcover
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  • Butterflys Shadow
  • Lee Langley
  • English
  • 10 March 2018
  • 9780701184674

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Butterflys Shadow Read ↠ 100 E fille Naïvement elle tombe amoureuse de son premier client Pinkerton un marin américain Un petit garçon naît de cette relation blond comm. I really appreciated reading this book The way the writer describes the Japanese culture retained longer and kind of pushed me into research The words from the book The tradition remains when everything else falls away Looking into Tradition word I found The Tradition is the set of beliefs of a people which is followed conservatively with respect through generations Curious as european we may not really have much consideration for this word and since kindess many times is missinterpretated as weakness lack of attitude and lack of a strong voice that screams out what we are Meanwhile to the japanese culture been louder is exactly where its weakness lies However it is when the difficulty times approach that the strenght of one country and their traditions are revealed and make it propereI found the novel enlightining for the fact that again no matter how hard life can be one country can change its one destiny and redirect their forces to a new beginnig After Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombarded japan had no choice but re build its own country moving from poverty and under american domain to a modern a proper worldButterfly s Shadow is a modern way to continue Puccini s work Madame Butterfly A Japanese tragedy with many parallels throughout the book however it shows contemporary issues in which we may see ourself in the same skin Joe was born in Japan moving to America very young he did not follow the japanse traditions but also was not accepted by the american culture A constant dilema since he seems not fitting in any of both cultues

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Butterflys Shadow Read ↠ 100 E son père Mais uand la fiancée de Pinkerton l'apprend elle décide de ramener l'enfant aux États unis en lui expliuant ue sa mère est mort. 3 12 starsI kept wavering back and forthI love the opera MADAMA BUTTERFLY and have seen it I can remember being so shocked by the setting of One Fine Day as I watched and listened Langley takes this story fleshes it out from both points of viewboth young people completely unaware of the mess they ve gotten themselves into I ve never liked Pinkerton and for most of the book I still didn tBUTLangley changes the pivotal scene in the opera and then follows her characters both in Japan Nagasaki and Seattle Thru the Depression through the veterans march on DC Through Roosevelt s election through the loosening of traditions in Japan through Pearl Harbor the internment camps war in Europe war in Japanand the second atomic bombIn some ways I was ticking off the historical events on a checklistLangley does her homework and has added to my understanding of this worldbut at what costTo me the cost was the characters I liked them I watched them grow and change But the changes seemed forced somehow They seemed to be cutouts to be moved around in this huge global sagaAt heart BUTTERFLY is about intimate events about small families big decisions certainly but personal Sometimes I felt like this book with its richly layered title was a newsreel of the early 20th centuryGreat last line but not much closure

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Butterflys Shadow Read ↠ 100 Nagasaki années 1920 Cho Cho a 15 ans et se retrouve orpheline Pour subvenir à ses besoins son oncle décide de vendre les charmes de la jeun. Not really what I had expected The book is said to cover the development of a child until it s adolescence Well it didn t really do that The first half was about its parents of which the first part in Japan was interesting to read but the rest could have been skipped easily It described the all day life of the family and the depression in America like a history book that a novel involving character development The second half actually was about the boy itself of which I had no clue who he was personality wise This didn t improve a lot throughout the story There was a promising past which didn t last The ending seemed too engineered to be plausible I was touched one time though To conclude it was really clear what the author wanted to establish bit it didn t work out for me at all That doesn t mean I disliked it altogether There were nice chapters here and there but I just feel like half of what should have been said missed and now the book is finished but there should have been IDK xD