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Mr Bones Characters º 7 Paul Theroux Ø 7 Download Review Mr Bones A dark and bitingly humorous collection of short stories from the “brilliantly evocative” Time Paul Theroux A family watches in horror as their patriarch transforms into the singing wise cracking lead of an old timey minstrel show A renowned art collector relishes publicly destroying his most valuable pieces Two boys stand by helplessly as their father sta. A very enjoyable collection of short stories about broken people The characters range from mentally ill to filled with vengeance to spineless individuals who can t fight for their own lives Unless you re into this kind of literature you ll probably be very annoyed no story in here has a positive outcome or even implies positive things about humanity

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Mr Bones Characters º 7 Paul Theroux Ø 7 Download Review Mr Bones Ges an all consuming war on the raccoons living in the woods around their house A young artist devotes himself to a wealthy malicious gossip knowing that it’s just a matter of time before she turns on himIn this new collection of short stories acclaimed author Paul Theroux explores the tenuous leadership of the elite and the surprising revenge of the overlook. Theroux is a gifted writer this is my first time reading him and it s great to discover a new author He is capable of creating complex character and inspiring a range of emotions in the reader This is hard enough to do when writing a novel much less short stories no word is wasted and nothing is overwroughtheavy handed eitherA few stories were very brief and a bit outre they left a lot to interpretation which might frustrate some readers but I enjoyed this actually It s like looking at a painting each person who looks at it comes away with an entirely different perception of it s meaning And that s what happens with a well written short story My least favorite story was the first one Mr Bones A miserable hen pecked husband takes on a hobby vaudeville performing little shows His kids and wife see his descent into eccentric behavior as a betrayal and his persona veers from hapless and happy to sinister and erratic Voices of Love is series of first person vignettes Some of the stories examine lost love relationships of convenience unreuited love and whatever happened to so and so memories Poignant unvarnished and thought provoking these stories are very relatable and brutally honest It reminded me of that Humans of New York series with less corny sentiment Reading these reminds you that everyone not only has a story but their story can teach you something profound Long Story Short is another series of first hand accounts of life s wonderful stranger than fiction weirdness Heartache is the heart rending account of a lonely southern widow Miss Kitty dealing with the sudden alienation of her adult adopted son The son s wife a strange cold woman oddly refuses to see Miss Kitty For no reason Miss Kitty s son and daughter in law stop visiting and never allow her to see her grandchild Kitty starts to write gains some success but still she d trade it in to have her son back in her life Her faithful housekeeper Perta Mae remained her only confidante and true friend Kitty s sense of loss and alienation are raw then you realize this actually happens to some parents often than you realize Children bring us endless joy but the thing no one talks about when they re young is this what happens if they go their own way live their own lives and you re left behind No one wants to think about this of course But Theroux handles this taboo subject with great sensitivity The most entertaining story is Siamese Nights Osier a stalwart old school company man type is nearing retirement and on one last jaunt to Thailand to complete a job An accountant he oversees projects in a factory and then chastely returns to his hotel and calls his long time wife Except one night he accepts an invitation from two boorish co workers to just go out for one drink Osier becomes enad of an aloof but beautiful young woman at a seedy bar He returns to speak with her and they develop a friendship then become intimate But There s a catch she s not a lady She s a ladyboy and she s older than she looks still creepy white man in Thailand on a trip Will it end well and also has a rapier wit and Osier decides damn the torpedoes I m in LOVE Ignoring the admonitions of his wary coworkers he pursues Song the new love of his life One odd but heart breaking part of the story Song brings him to her little apartment to meet her mom who cooks endlessly for Osier and humbly asks for him to take care of her ie please look after my son er son that looks like a girl It makes you very sad to read this because it reminds you of all of the sex workers there living in penury waiting for a white knight aka creepy white man to gallop in to um sponsor them and the parents are often complicit they feel this is the only option for their children So it s deeply depressed me reading this bit especially Yet Osier becomes convinced he will love Son even if he didn t realize she was a ladyboy when they met and he decides to commit to her at some point He also decides he ll just tell his wife about this sooner than laterThe ending is insane As in you will laugh out loud nervously It s so damned funny and let s just say SONG DON T PLAY But such an odd little story it s a bit like the storyline for Lost In Translation but with a knife carrying lady boy who doesn t like to take no for an answer

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Mr Bones Characters º 7 Paul Theroux Ø 7 Download Review Mr Bones Ed He shows us humanity possessed consumed by its own desire and compulsion always with his carefully honed eye for detail and the subtle idiosyncrasies that bring his characters to life Searing dark and sure to unsettle Mr Bones is a stunning new display of Paul Theroux’s “fluent faintly sinister powers of vision and imagination” John Updike The New York. Mr Bones Paul Theroux s hand is deft and at times brilliant in this collection of stories I particularly like his brief fiction that is a page or two In the volume are one or two stinkers in the twenty stories but when he is good oh my he is good Of course he is the finest travel writer we have had in the English language He uses various locales to his advantage particularly Bangkok and Maine Theroux is a treasure

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