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Betraying Beauty Vegas Titans #6

Summary ë Betraying Beauty Vegas Titans #6 Kiss one last goodbye But our last kiss turns out to be the biggest mistake I’ve ever madeI didn’t know my sociopath older brother would be early to pick me up He saw our kiss and now he’s literally about to kill Dominic the same way he used to kill my pets when we were younger Dominic ThorneTo her I was just a summer fling a safe way to slum it with a dangerous guy and escape all the repercussions There’s no other excuse why else would she leave me unconscious on the beach after her brother drowned me Well now 10 years lat. Great bookI was asked to read this book for a honest review and I enjoyed it so much that I can t wait to read of this serie

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Summary ë Betraying Beauty Vegas Titans #6 Harper SinclairI’m about to be ripped away from the love of my life a boy my family would never approve of our paths destined to never cross again He’s literally risked his life by even talking to me let alone all the other stuff I’ve let him do to me but he doesn’t understand that Now that summer’s over I have to go back to the closeted stuffy world I came from back to being an heiress and all the responsibility and expectations that come along with it I have to see him one time before we part ways forever just one last. Remember those old television site com shows like Batman or Family Ties with Michael J Fox or Adam West how those tender fee

Free read » PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Celia Loren

Summary ë Betraying Beauty Vegas Titans #6 Er the tables have turned As fate would have it the prissy rich girl has come back into my life and she’s in some real trouble I’m the president of the Sons of Lucifer Motorcycle Club and she’s been sleeping with the enemy I hope she doesn’t think those beautiful blue eyes those perky tits and the way she says my name with be enough to save her But I’ll make her try This contemporary romance novel contains adult themes violence and sexual content Sixth book in the Vegas Titans biker romance series Standalone No cliffhange. Another great book by this authorIt is very hard to find something wrong with Celia Lorens books As always another great stor

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