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  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Burnt Island
  • Alice Thompson
  • English
  • 19 January 2019
  • 9781907773488

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characters Burnt Island Read & Download Burnt Island 104 Struggling writer Max Long arrives on Burnt Island to work on his next novel There he encounters bestselling author James Fairfax whom Max suspects of not being the real author of the book that has mad. Hard slippery little sentences make up this satire of the writing life Read here

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Burnt Island

characters Burnt Island Read & Download Burnt Island 104 E his fortune Further Fairfax's wife has gone missing In a desperate bid for success Max decides to compromise his talent by writing a horror bestseller Recently divorced and increasingly mentally unst. An island as a holiday retreat a voluntary escape is a relatively new idea In old days you could find yourself on a faraway island most probably after a shipwreck If you managed to reach the land your fight for a survival had only began Books and movies love to fuse these ideas and for example in Danny Boyle s cult movie The Beach a dreamy paradise soon turns into a violent hell Long story short an island is the perfect setting for an erotic horror story Tempting yet claustrophobicIt has been a while since I had such a good laugh while reading a book The sixth novel by British writer Alice Thompson Burnt Island kicks the literary world wittily in the balls Struggling writer Max Long decides to write his next book with a completely different approach He will calculate each step to create an easy to read bestseller He gets a place in a writing residency and travels with a ferry to the Burnt Island soon to discover that he will live with one of the most successful writers of his time in his beautiful mansion overlooking the seaWill poor Faust so thirsty for a breakthrough sell his soul to MephistophelesThe thin line between the reality and imagination becomes even thinner Max continues to blame his over creative mind while the island secretly writes its own set of rules Is it the place that creates our thoughts or is it the other way round we see what we believeAlice Thompson had the idea for Burnt Island while being in a residency on Shetland islands She experienced the sense of an island so strongly that she wanted to bring it into a bookThe creeping claustrophobia where the infinite horizon all around the island ceases to inspire and starts to suffocate is described similar to what happens in the head of a writer where imaginary worlds line up like beads on an infinite string The painting on the cover of the book The Solitude by Salvador Dali is very fittingSea monsters deadly sexy sirens the horrible sheet of paper white as an Ahab s whale the book is full of sea references and it is a strange pleasure to stumble upon them while walking on the slippery underwater rocks Although the gothic story gives you shivers on a hot summer day most of the time the satiric prose makes you laugh out loudEspecially when Max hiding behind the dunes discovers that his literary agent is a blood sucking monster

characters Burnt Island

characters Burnt Island Read & Download Burnt Island 104 Able he witnesses disturbing visions that take the form of the horror he is attempting to write Is Max losing his mind or his soul What is the truth about Fairfax And what is the secret of Burnt Island. A chilling gothic novel set on Burnt Island itself where writer Max Long falls prey to the possibly supernatural forces of the island as well as other human forces The story is well written with a fast moving pace and interesting characters I found I got involved very uickly and it left me with a rather haunted feeling which remained long after finishing the book