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Free download Color A Natural History of the Palette Victoria Finlay É 5 Download Read å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Victoria Finlay In this vivid and captivating journey through the colors of an artist’s palette Victoria Finlay takes us on an enthralling adventure around the world and through the ages illuminating how the colors we choose to value have determined the history of culture itselfHow did the most precious color blue travel all the way from remote lapis mines in Afghanistan to Michelangelo’s brush What is the connection between brown paint and ancient Egyptian mummies Why did Robin Hood wear Lincoln green In Color Finlay explores the physical materials that color our world such as precious minerals and insect blood as well as the social and political meanings that color has carried through timeRoman emper. The disclaimers I imagine perhaps possibly it could be that appear in this NON FICTION book far times than they should While I liked the content of about three uarters of the book it infuriated me at times when the author would suddenly start presenting the material through the eyes of a character imagining their experiences travels and accomplishments This first rears its head around page 81 when the tone of her book changes to speculate about an imaginary Corinthian artist I uoteBut what if she became tired of using just one variety of paint material Perhaps I thought she may have tried out new blacks and browns Would she given the chance to try out charcoal s successors have preferred lead pencils or India ink Would she have dyed her clothes deepest black or was it only in the palest of classical robes that she wanted to be seen And if her boyfriend ever returned to Greece between voyages would she have used her new knowledge of pigments to decorate her own face for the occasion I imagined our heroine experimenting idly with mascaras and linersAt this point I threw the book across the roomWHAT THE HELL It s mean to be a scholarly book about color and I m reading a bullshit paragraph leading me into speculation about this Corinthian woman s dating and make upI felt the same way about her handling of the character of Martinengo in the Orange chapter On one two page spread I think I counted I imagine perhaps possibly if about ten or twelve timesThis is an irresponsibly stupid way to write nonfiction Two stars and I never want to read anything else by her

Read å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Victoria FinlayColor A Natural History of the Palette

Free download Color A Natural History of the Palette Victoria Finlay É 5 Download Read å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Victoria Finlay Thrilling adventure with this intrepid journalist as she travels on a donkey along ancient silk trade routes; with the Phoenicians sailing the Mediterranean in search of a special purple shell that garners wealth sustenance and prestige; with modern Chilean farmers breeding and bleeding insects for their viscous red blood The colors that craft our world have never looked so bright Colour was first published by Hodder Stoughton in 2002 The text of this edition follows that of the first edition with minor emendations Endpaper map by Yoco Typographic design by Andrew Barker Printed on Furioso paper at Firmengruppe Appl Wemding Germany Bound by them in cloth printed with a design by Jörn Kaspu. Oh this book had so much promise And yet it fell flat I was expecting to read of a history book but it turned out to be a traveloguememoir and a tad too self involved for my tastes Moreover the author does a lot of imagining for a work of non fiction Damn

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Free download Color A Natural History of the Palette Victoria Finlay É 5 Download Read å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Victoria Finlay Ors used to wear togas dyed with a purple color that was made from an odorous Lebanese shellfish–which probably meant their scent preceded them In the eighteenth century black dye was called logwood and grew along the Spanish Main Some of the first indigo plantations were started in America amazingly enough by a seventeen year old girl named Eliza And the popular van Gogh painting White Roses at Washington’s National Gallery had to be renamed after a researcher discovered that the flowers were originally done in a pink paint that had faded nearly a century ago Color is full of extraordinary people events and anecdotes–painted all the dazzling by Finlay’s engaging styleEmbark upon a. I remember when I was a child getting a box of paints in small tubes I was fascinated by the names of the colours words I had never heard of before vermillion magenta auamarine cochineal carmine They might have been only shades of orange purple blue and red but those exotic names gave those paints just a little magic Didn t do much for my art work but never mind Victoria Finlay would appear to have had a similar early interest in colour when her father took her to Chartres Cathedral She noticed the beauty of the stained glass window crafted some 800 years ago only to be gob smacked when her father told her that no one actually knows how to make that beautiful blue in the window any And so began her interest in discovering where colours come from and ultimately this book Part travelogue part science text part art history part general history the author has brought together a huge number and variety of facts and experiences and people into this rather large book of 440 pages not including bibliography notes and index which together run to another 60 pages It could be very easy to have complete confusion in amalgamating all this material into a readable book Probably the only way to do it with a subject such is colour is to organise it by colour So she starts at the beginning with the colour of the earth ochre the first colour used for art and decoration She goes to Australia to an Aborigine community where ochre has been used continuously for 40000 years Imagine She then moves onto black and brown made from soot coal fish excretions graphite rock wasps as well as giving us snippets about mummification and the history of printing The next chapter white is mostly about lead which was used to make white paint and especially make up resulting in the early and painful deaths of many fashionable ladies Following the colours of the rainbow the next seven chapters take us all over the world From cochineal bugs on cactus plants in Chile red to Stradivarius violins in Cremona orange to urine gathering in India and wars over saffron yellow to exploring caves in China green visiting the Bamiyan Buddhas not long before they were blown up blue harvesting indigo plants in India and Mexico indigo and going to Lebanon to search for the source of the power of purple in ancient Rome and Egypt violet And these are only a few of the stories that the author crams into her bookIf there is any criticism of the book it is perhaps that there is too much information too many stories and adventures making it hard to catagorise exactly what type of book it is I would say uite simply it is a personal journey of a subject close to her heart that she wants to share with as many people as possible It is an absolute treasure trove of action and inuiry and I learnt so much about all sorts of stuff So glad I picked this book up from the shelf of a second hand book shop

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