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Read & Download Larenzos Christmas Baby ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free This night Emma That's all it can ever be But Larenzo Cavelli lied One blissful wintery night in his bed changed Emma Leighton's life forever By dawn she knew two things Larenzo would sp Larenzo s Christmas Baby by Kate Hewitt can be read as a standalone despite it being part of One Night With Conseuences Series Kate Hewitt always writes intense and incredibly emotional stories with strong and passionate characters and Emma Leighton and Larenzo Cavelli s book contains exactly all those elementsOne night pregnancy and secret baby tropes have been around for ages but the author adds something unusual and interesting to this storyThe 1st page totally pulled me in The sound of the car door slamming echoed through the still night Emma Leighton looked up from the book she d been reading in surprise as housekeeper of Larenzo Cavelli s isolated retreat in the mountains of Sicily she hadn t been expecting anyone Larenzo was in Rome on business and no one came to the villa perched high above Sicily s dusty hill towns and villages Her employer liked his privacy Emma has worked for Larenza for over two years and has never seen him behaving the way he does on this night She can sense that there is something worrying him and tries to offer her help In all the time she has known her boos she has never felt the attraction she begins to feel now She s worried for him and things take a turn that she had never expected After a night of passionate pleasure she discovers the next morning that there was something serious than she had even imaginedLarenzo is arrested taken to prison and found guilty of some very bad stuff he s supposedly have being doingdealings with the Mafia Released after 18 months after he had proved that he had been framed by his partner and mentor he travels to America to pay Emma the salary she had not received when he had been arrestedEmma had fled Italy the very next day after Larenzo s arrest and decides to go back home to America and stay with her sister And there she stayed after having found herself pregnant with Larenzo the criminal s babyThese two characters are beyond damaged and flawed Emma s childhood had been traumatized by her parent s divorce that resulted in her not wanting to put roots down or ever fall in loveLarenzo s past was so damn sad and tragic A street child in Palermo he had been rescued and saved by the very person he had grown to love and believed he was loved back It broke his heart when he realized that the person he had trusted and loved had never felt anything for him his mentor and savior had actually save Larenzo for nefarious purposes I so could understand his insecurities his lack of trust for anyone and his painbut at times I just wished he could have understood Emma a bit betterEmma had her own issues to deal with and I did enjoy seeing some sort of relationship growing between the two But what I loved is that Emma never gave up on Larenzo She made him feel that he needed to lay down his demons if he was ever to find happiness in his lifeThe reason I didn t give this book a 5 star rating was due to the story ending I wanted an EPILOGUE I would have loved to find out where Larenzo and Emma s life went nextAnother great book by Kate Hewitt

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Read & Download Larenzos Christmas Baby ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free End the rest of his life behind bars and he would never see the baby their union had made Two years later Larenzo's name is cleared and he will get his life backstarting with Emma It was On page 85 I gave up Lost complete interest in both hero and heroine The romance was bland The passion was bland The storytelling was bland Worse the hero was bland

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Read & Download Larenzos Christmas Baby ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Deception that imprisoned the self made Sicilian so what will he do when he discovers Emma has a Christmas secret he might never be able to forgive A passionate read for Christmas night Miniseries One Night With Conseuences

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